Meteorologist: Gore going insane with ‘bullsh–‘

By Joe Kovacs

Al Gore’s now infamous “Bullsh–” speech is evidence the former U.S. vice president is becoming a raving lunatic, charges a meteorologist who exposes the prime disciple of so-called global warming in a brand-new book.

“He’s clearly becoming mentally unstable,” says Brian Sussman, author of “Eco-Tyranny.”

Sussman, a weather expert turned journalist, cites an August 2011 speech Gore gave in Colorado to a gathering of elites at the Aspen Institute, an address that turned into a wild rant filled with repeated obscenities.

During his address, Gore claimed special interest groups “pay pseudo-scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message: ‘This climate thing, it’s nonsense. Man-made CO2 doesn’t trap heat. It may be volcanoes.’


‘It may be sun spots.’


‘It’s not getting warmer.’


“It was a gorebasm in which Al totally lost it,” Sussman said, explaining that gorebasms are Al’s pejorative statements directed toward deniers and skeptics of climate change.

“Listening to audiotape of the speech makes it abundantly evident even the Aspen audience was uncomfortable witnessing the ravings of a madman.”

In case someone had been present with a view contrary to his, Gore then intimidated the crowd, blustering:

“When you go and talk to any audience about climate, you hear them washing back at you the same crap over and over and over again. They have polluted the sh–. There’s no longer a shared reality on an issue like climate even though the very existence of our civilization is threatened. People have no idea!”

Gore continued: “It’s no longer acceptable in mixed company, meaning bipartisan company, to use the G– damn word ‘climate!'”

Based on Al’s unhinged behavior, Sussman offered some condolences for Gore’s ex-wife, saying, “My heart goes out to you, Tipper. You certainly deserve better than this buffoon. I hope you’ve received a big cut from the divorce. And there is a lot of green – as in cash – to be divided.”

An audio clip of Gore’s obscenity-packed address can be heard here: (WARNING: Profane and obscene language is used).

Gore’s antics are not the only target in “Eco-Tyranny.” President Obama and his agenda are also of top concern.

Sussman claims the environmentalist movement isn’t about protecting the environment at all. He says it’s about destroying private property, controlling behavior, and expanding government – and the Obama administration has a secret plan to further all of it.

Sussman is now blowing the whistle on the real nature of environmentalism. He reveals secret memos from inside Obama’s Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, outlining a covert plan “to pursue a program of land consolidation” for the federal government to secure tens of millions of acres of land that will be permanently out of reach for entrepreneurs, businessmen and private citizens.

The plan, entitled “Our Vision, Our Values,” notes that 130-140 million acres under BLM management are worthy of consideration as “treasured lands.” Because ecosystems defy “jurisdictional boundaries,” the memo outlines strategies by which the federal government can “rationalize and consolidate” its fragmented landholdings in order to properly “manage-at-scale.” While an ecosystem can simply refer to a single pond or small area, it can also refer to entire geographic regions, thus giving the government an almost unlimited justification to seize private property adjacent to “treasured lands.”

Sussman exposes this is not just theoretical discussion within the White House. The Obama administration is already moving to implement this as policy without consulting Congress by issuing an executive order entitled “America’s Great Outdoors Initiative.”

The unilateral order explicitly sets as a goal “reconnecting” huge swaths of land under federal ownership, creating large “corridors” compromising millions of acres that will be unavailable for use by private citizens.

Learn about Obama’s diabolical plan to control your life by controlling your environment. Get a personally autographed copy of “Eco-Tyranny” today!

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