You may have missed it, but we are now at the end of National Small Business Week.

But as the economy continues to struggle and the jobless rate is still influenced more by people leaving the labor market than the number of hires, what hindrances remain to sustained growth?

Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Calif., has talked with many small-business owners in recent days and says the hurdles are clear. The congressman says uncertainty is keeping expansion plans on the sidelines for many small businesses – uncertainty fueled by greater government regulation and a tax code that could be bad news for entrepreneurs in the months ahead.

“When I speak to these men and women who want to keep their doors open … they’re telling me the government has to change its attitude or we have to change the government,” Lungren told WND.

Furthermore, Lungren says already tight revenues are now threatened by much higher fuel costs – which hikes prices throughout the economy. He openly wonders whether most Americans find the current economic conditions unacceptable or whether they see the current conditions as the new normal.

Lungren also highlights some of the House Republican bills designed to removed red tape and make life a bit easier for America’s small business owners.

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