Rich Buhler

Christian talk radio pioneer Rich Buhler has died at the age of 65.

Fellow Christian broadcaster and occasional fill-in host Warren Duffy praised his colleague and acknowledged the debt so many others in the industry owe to Buhler’s efforts, saying: “All of us who are Christian broadcasters have walked into the field of talk radio through the door that Rich Buhler opened up for us when he launched his ‘Talk from the Heart’ program on KBRT decades ago.”

Rush Limbaugh

“Anti-Rush heads will explode,” one blogger joked, while another quipped that Limbaugh had “busted” into the Missouri State House.

It was no laughing matter this week, however, when Rush Limbaugh was inducted into the “Hall of Famous Missourians.” The honor includes the placement of a bronze bust of the veteran broadcaster on permanent display in the Capitol Rotunda.

With CNN announcing its worst ratings in years, Limbaugh opined that he could turn the troubled cable news outlet around overnight if given the opportunity.

CNN has lost ground, Rush declared, because it is clinging to old fashioned notions about “objectivity,” which is really nothing more than hypocrisy (FREE audio).

“The problem is they won’t own up to their opinions, they won’t admit to it,” Limbaugh explained. “You’ve got to be competitive in the arena in which you choose to battle. And it’s very clear what cable news has become. It’s become personality-oriented opinion. Unabashed, fearless personality opinion. Anything else is pretense. And if you’re going to do personality-oriented opinion and then deny that’s what you’re doing, then you’re never gonna pull it off, because people are going to realize you’re not even being honest with yourself.”

Michael Savage

Savage may not be Mitt Romney’s most vocal cheerleader, but he does have a strong opinion about who the presumed GOP nominee should select as his running mate.

He advised listeners to look closely at Romney’s choice when the time comes.

“If he picks a weakling as opposed to a conservative, it’s all over,” explained Savage, adding, “the only way Romney can win is by picking a true tea party conservative.

“And you know who he has to pick?” Savage asked. “If it’s a Romney/Allen West ticket, they win” (FREE audio).

Savage believes that selecting a distinguished African-American like Allen West would immediately render the left’s twisted obsession with skin color and “racism” null and void, at least for the duration of the campaign.

WND’s own Chelsea Schilling sat down with Michael Savage this week to discuss her exhaustive undercover investigation of Facebook’s child-porn ring.

Schilling says pedophiles freely swap pornographic images using the social network (FREE audio).

Furthermore, Schilling says Facebook seems intent on ignoring the problem rather than cracking down on abusers, for fears of how this horrific discovery might impact its multi-billion dollar IPO.

Sean Hannity

On June 7, Sean Hannity will deliver the keynote address at the prestigious New Media Seminar in New York City.

Hannity says his speech will address the challenges facing the broadcasting industry today, from technical innovations to “attempts to silence opposition speech.”

Hannity told TALKERS magazine, “My speeches in the past have focused on the theme, ‘The best is yet to come,’ which I still fully believe – but we face a number of present-day obstacles that have popped up along the way that we as an industry must address and overcome.”

Mark Levin

Levin took a classic call this week, from a confused young progressive whose complete ignorance of American history and economic realities didn’t prevent him from voicing his leftwing opinions.

Levin clearly had fun eviscerating the ignorant young man, who seemed more naive than malicious (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

The so-called Occupy movement claims to be back and ready to battle “the 1 percent” for another year, but Klein was unimpressed by the half-hearted global protests against capitalism that went on over the weekend.

Now that the Washington Post has run an “expose” of Mitt Romney’s high school days – claiming the presumed Republican presidential candidate was a “bully” – Klein says looking into Obama’s school days is fair game as well. The radio host had a lot to say about what he calls “Obama’s Little Red Sunday School,” for instance!

Klein also talked with John Batchelor about the situation in the Middle East and looked into the return of a “lost tribe” to Israel (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

In a break from political topics, former “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers came on to promote her new book, “Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging.” She and Ingraham debated the performer’s controversial views on chemotherapy and other features of Western medicine.

Michelle Dennedy of McAfee offered expert advice about how to protect children from identity theft and other Internet hazards.

Then, Pat Buchanan came on to bash Newsweek’s controversial cover declaring Obama “the first gay president,” complete with a rainbow halo! (FREE audio)

Glenn Beck

Pundits predicted that Glenn Beck’s influence would decline after he left Fox News, but that’s not what has happened, at least according to Forbes.

The magazine published its annual “Celebrity 100” list this week, and Beck’s position actually rose this year over last. Beck placed No. 23 overall on a list that’s determined by an algorithm of wealth, media reach and social impact.

And now, from the left side of the dial …

This is rich: Fake “Reverend” Al Sharpton took to the airwaves to slam real black pastors who object to Obama’s endorsement of gay “marriage”!

Weirdly, Sharpton scolded these men of the cloth for standing by Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, but now taking the moral high road with Obama is in the White House (FREE audio).

This position won’t endear Sharpton to many of his African-American listeners, who likely don’t support gay “marriage,” either.

Will blacks finally abandon their self-appointed spokesman Al Sharpton over this obviously partisan stance? One can only hope.

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