Stuck with a RINO? Try the 90% solution

By Judson Phillips

We conservatives face a crisis. Despite what we did in 2010 and what we are doing in 2012, the Republican establishment worked overtime to force Mitt Romney down our throats.

We face a crisis because we now have the most liberal Republican nominee in the history of the party.

We face a crisis because the Party of Reagan is now the Party of RINOs.

But there is good news. The Chinese symbol for crisis is the same symbol for opportunity. We conservatives have a great opportunity, but we must act.

The upside of this crisis is that Romney is not a leader. He has the “solve for x” mentality. To him, everything is a business or a math problem. Apply the correct formula and everything should work out.

For Romney, there is no vision, passion or innovation. There is no leadership. He does not go outside the box. He is simply a soulless technocrat.

Conservatives can lead Romney, if we act now.

We have the 90 percent solution.

What is the 90 percent solution?

It is simple. There are certain issues for which we can gather support, and 90 percent of Americans or even more will support us.

WND recently did a story about how illegal aliens are using tax loopholes to get thousands of dollars from the American treasury by claiming children or nieces and nephews for the “Additional Child Tax Credit,” even though the children live in Mexico.

That outrages 90 percent of Americans. Actually, it is close to 99 percent.

Conservatives running for both the House and the Senate need to pick some 90 percent issues and form a platform that all conservative House and Senate candidates adopt, much as the Contract with America was adopted by Newt Gingrich and the class of 1994.

Conservatives should pick out five 90 percent items and promise America that if conservatives are put in power, those things will be passed.

Eliminating this abused tax loophole would be one 90 percent item.

There is another great choice for a 90 percent item few people have ever heard of. It is a shame and an outrage that the Republicans have not picked up on this earlier.

H.R. 2680 is a bill that has been introduced by John Fleming, a Republican congressman from Louisiana. The title of the bill is the Federal Realignment and Closure Commission Act.

In the ’90s, Bill Clinton and the Democrats wanted to shrink the defense budget so they could blow the money on social programs. One of the biggest savings could come from the closing of military bases, but congressmen and senators were very protective of bases in their districts, so the Base Realignment and Closure Commission was born. The idea was simple. BRAC would review all of the bases and put together a list for bases to be closed or realigned. The list would then go to Congress for a straight up or down vote, without amendments, and then to the president.

Congressman Fleming has the same idea, except for the federal government.

Over a year ago, the General Accountability Office released a report that identified hundreds of billions of dollars in waste, fraud and duplicated services in the government. Nothing has been done to cut that spending.

There is a 90 percent issue right there. No American likes to see government money wasted, especially if fraud is involved.

Ninety percent of Americans would agree we could and should eliminate programs that are wasteful, fraudulent or duplicates.

There is another 90 percent issue: the tax code.

Americans hate April 15, and they hate the IRS. Ninety percent of Americans agree our tax code is insane. When the IRS cannot even figure out the code, there is a problem. The current system could be replaced with Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan or Rick Perry’s postcard tax system.

Either way, that one is a winner.

If conservatives will unite behind the 90 percent issues, we can sweep conservatives into the House and the Senate this year, and we can start cutting spending. We can drag Romney kicking and screaming to the right.

We have a great opportunity, if we act now.

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