Private pilots who may want to fly near Chicago on the weekend of May 19-20 have been warned they could be shot down, and a Red Cross memo suggests there could be mass evacuations of the city in the event of riots by left-leaning activists protesting the NATO summit.

Less than a day’s drive away, however, near Jefferson City, Mo., at the same time there will be an event for Americans who also are worried about the nation. But instead of protests and riots, participants will focus on how to build up America, repair it and stabilize it for future generations.

The “Rally for Common Sense” will be held Saturday, May 19, at the “Patriot Field of Dreams” at Holts Summit. It will be more of a “Woodstock” as it’s on private property in the rolling hills of Missouri, where there will be camping, a nondenominational church service and vendors along with the rally.

A key organizer, Kim Paris, who was the Missouri grass roots director for Herman Cain’s presidential campaign, told WND that people who have been described as tea party folks need to make their presence, and their choices, be known.

“We need to be visible on this in a grassroots way, and what that does is it wakes up other people,” she said.

The event website highlights the freedoms that Americans traditionally have enjoyed: “We may not have agreed on who the Republican president candidate should be. We may not share precisely the same social views. We DO agree on the constitutional principles of smaller government, a balanced budget, lower taxes and less federal interference in our lives.

“We the people are comin’ and want our power back! It’s Common Sense.”

The speakers expected to be on hand include WND CEO Joseph Farah, Cain, Alan Keyes, Michelle Moore, Selena Owens, K. Carl Smith, Dave Roland, Stacy Swimp, Darin Chappell, William Temple, Dee Rock, Alfonzo Rachel, Mark Block, Gina Loudon and CL Bryant.

Paris told WND that the goal is to energize concerned Americans, “not just to vote.”

See what needs to happen, in “Taking America Back.”

“It is incumbent on those of us who have the heart of an activist to help these folks feel confident in their vote,” she said. “There are patriots who were patriots before being patriots was cool.”

She noted that tens of thousands of people have checked out the website and plans are in place for many of those to be accommodated for the event.

Paris said the constituency appears to be a whole new generation of activists who are coming on the scene after the tea party movement’s major victory in the 2010 congressional elections.

“My own awakening didn’t happen until the Herman Cain campaign,” she explained.

But when his campaign stopped, she said, she felt the need to continue work.

“Now I’m awake, and anxious to learn more, become more engaged. What can I do?” she said.

“What we’re doing represents the constitutional folks [across America],” she said. “That makes us different; representative of the true grass roots.”

Cain, in a video on the organization’s website, expressed his pleasure at participating.

“What comes after a tea party?” Cain asked. “A revolution. Not with bombs and bullets, but with brains and ballots. That’s how we’re going to take back our nation.”

He said the message will include several major points: sound money and a balanced federal government budget, “no more bowing to foreign leaders,” and peace through strength and clarity.

“The Obama administration not only failed to secure the borders; they’ve given guns to the enemy,” Cain said.

His message:

The rally’s “Call to Action” includes a plea from William Temple, “Wanted. Concerned Citizens. To join thousands of your fellow neighbors from the four-state area for the most exciting, colorful, outdoor, event in recent Missouri history.

“Eight-one-percent of the American public has said the government no longer listens to ‘We the People.’ Four out of five of you have given Congress approval ratings below cancer and the bubonic plague. Where there is no consent of the governed – that’s you – there is no government … you and you alone are in charge of this nation’s future.”

His comments about the family, day-long event:

In contrast, a number of left-leaning groups have planned to protest the NATO summit.

CBS has reported that there will be a no-fly zone with a “shoot-to-kill mandate for those who break the ban.”

The network also reported a Red Cross memo from Milwaukee suggests plans for a mass evacuation of downtown Chicago in the events of riots.

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