“We Shall Overcome!”

Various groups of Americans say it, shout it, sing it and, when they score a victory, they think they’ve “overcome.” No harm done, but it’s often incorrect. A more precise slogan than “We Shall Overcome!” is “They Shall Overreach!” Enemy overreaching has done as much or more to rescue America than our own overcoming. If Adolf Hitler had not insisted on invading the Soviet Union in June, 1941 but, as his generals pleaded, waited until March of 1942 – virtually assuring the taking of Moscow before the Russian winter set in – the Germans could have conquered the Soviet Union and harvested vast armies of volunteers who hated Stalin and Communism, not to mention staggering stockpiles of natural resources including oil. Hitler was impatient and self-impressed. Look how easy Poland was! And France! He bawled out his “cowardly” generals and gave the attack order. The Russian winter, not the Red Army, stopped Hitler at the Moscow city limits. The German troops had only summer clothing.

Meanwhile, Japan, handily having its way with a hapless Chinese giant, was ready to swallow Thailand, Burma, Malaya. Adm. Yamamoto wisely said after the successful Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant!”

Exactly! Two mushroom clouds later the Japanese officers who’d counseled less-ambitious aggression appeared less-cowardly and more wise.

Overreaching is understandable. If you’re achieving your goals without major exertion, why not go for higher, greater, grander, more? And there’s no flashing yellow light suggesting “This may be a good place to stop.”

It will be fascinating to see if the gay community can discipline its present overreaching and, if not, how much the gay agenda will suffer.

We’re all familiar with the rockslide that destroys anybody who lets out a 1940s-type anti-homosexual insult. Suppose the accused “homophobe” is not really homophobic at all but, totally respectfully, happens to oppose, for example, gay marriage. Sorry. No excuses. You’re not going to fare much better at the hands of the gay enforcers than if you were a vintage, vulgar gay-basher.

Suppose you believe that gays have been unfortunate victims of disgusting and primitive treatment and you wish them every protection under the law, but you maintain that marriage is between a man and a woman and you oppose propagation of the gay agenda in the schools. Suppose you want to “flatten out the bulge” – teach children bigotry is wrong. That’s it! All racial, religious, ethnic and anti-gay bigotry is wrong! End the thunderous emphasis on sexual-preference bigotry. If it’s bigotry, it’s wrong. All of it is wrong. End of sermon.

Suppose you never have and never would bring hurt to a gay person. Is that galaxy of attributes going to make you OK with the gay high-command?

Go ahead. You’re entitled to your raucous laughter. That same rockslide is headed for you.

If you want to do something nice for freedom without going to Syria and trying to dislodge Assad, support homeschooling in America. Remember how Obama explained his “evolution” in favor of gay marriage as a result of having gotten to know so many gay couples who work so hard in the White House and do such a great job raising children? And Gee! He never had that perspective before! That’s the way I evolved about homeschooling. Downright freaky, I concluded. All those cool girls and guys in the public school and so much fun. Football, Halloween, Christmas. I didn’t learn much algebra, but I had the best seat in the class from which to admire Mary Lou’s legs. Too bad they were not included on the test!

Homeschooling per se is poison to dictators. Hitler and Stalin may have killed millions of each other, but they would have agreed totally on the “stupidity” of allowing so many children to escape the clutches of “government education.” All those thousands of young people absorbing the values of their parents! It’s enough to make a tyrant double over with gas.

Now, however, I’ve gotten to know some of those homeschooling parents and their “students,” and they turn my tired blood into sparkling burgundy.

A highly disturbing report from those who watch closely is that gays are now seeking nationwide legislation that would forbid homeschooling parents to impart a negative view of homosexuality inside their own homes.

And have you heard of California’s S.B. 1172, coming up for a vote, that would make it illegal for a “change” therapist to try to help minors discard same-sex attractions, even with the consent of parents?

Hello, gays. North Carolina to me is a sweet homeland. To you it’s a bitter warning. The lopsided vote to define marriage as between a man and a woman shows that underneath all the political correctness and media whoopee and flawed polls broils a thirst for push-back, not just among those who always hated gays, but among those who always wished gays well while resisting parts of the gay agenda.

If I were in the Gay High-Command, I’d add something to “Remember the Alamo – the Maine – Pearl Harbor.” I’d add “Remember North Carolina.”

There are North Carolinas all over America, and they aren’t about to forget you!

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