The TSA’s Trayvon Martin revenge

By Ilana Mercer

Had a rare video surfaced in which a black toddler was being brutalized by agents of the Transportation Security Administration, President Barack Obama would have enough solidarity, and some to spare. “If I had a son,” he’d say, “he’d look like the boy whose breeches were breached by adults who should know better.”

I don’t wish the homegrown terrorists of the TSA to become equal-opportunity offenders; I want Congress to call off these attack dogs, now.

Still, I am unconvinced that when they travel, black women, tots and geriatrics are subjected to the same invasive searches as are whites.

My own experience this month was uneventful. I was spared the rogering I’ve endured in the past, thanks, I believe, to the advice of WND’s commentary editor: “Wear loose clothing.” A young TSA agent waved me by.

I did see a tall and handsome TSA worker working-over a little old man (aged 80, perhaps). The agent was black; his victim Caucasian. It looked as though the former was examining the hunched old man’s colostomy bag. It took the agent forever. He appeared to be enjoying himself.

I lingered as long as I could, to bear witness. The cruel ordeal was still under way when I left the scene, some 15 minutes later.

Dare I say it? The girl who – no doubt by fluke – did not violate my constitutional, Fourth Amendment rights to be free of “unreasonable searches and seizures” was Caucasian.

A previous flying experience saw me subjected to – what are the odds? – the ministrations of a large African-American woman, who summoned me with a crooked finger for a pat down. In no time at all, her giant digits were on my chest and between my legs.

Amassed online is a critical mass of images in which TSA workers, often minorities, are feeling up and humiliating the most vulnerable members of white America – kids, old men and women, often infirm and incapacitated.

Twenty one and a half percent of TSA employees are black, and 13.1 percent Latino. At 10.5 percent and 10 percent, respectively, the equivalent representation of aggrieved groups in the private sector merely mirrors their numbers in the larger population (serving, no doubt, to keep litigation at bay).

Moreover, like most federal agencies, the TSA is known to provide sheltered employment to a segment of the population Sibel Edmonds, a courageous whistleblower, has described as “low-level, incompetent, scandalous, molesting, abusive, and in some cases criminal people who have been creating one scandal after another.”

TSA action is immortalized in countless YouTube clips.

In one, a self-important Asian or Hispanic agent terrorizes a toddler in a cast. The sadist rubs the child’s small thighs and chest, and makes a big commotion of swabbing his victim’s wheelchair (for Semtex, presumably). The child is in tears, terrified. Why would a uniformed figure of authority feel him up to the “attaboys” of his parents, the people who’re supposed to protect him from such things?

Another video, image below, shows a female member of the maligned majority, palms up, enduring a head massage, or a TSA laying of the hands.

A Catholic nun has her habit rudely disturbed by one of the TSA’s Muslim handmaidens, who is similarly clad. Notoriously liberal – having recently been admonished by the Vatican for infidelity to the Church’s teachings – perhaps the nun didn’t much mind.

Parents deliver a gorgeous little girl into the arms of a “minority” molester, who shamelessly smooches her skinny frame, head to toe. Instead of walking off, Selena and Dr. Todd Drexel look on – and later tell all in an ABC interview.

Where is Bill O’Reilly? Why is he not “looking out for The Kids”?

The latest famous invertebrate to subject himself to this ritual is actor George Clooney. Here is an image of the actor and his co-star, a corpulent woman of color.

“Ha you Americans are pathetic,” sneered a foreigner at YouTube’s comments section. “You allow these fat degenerate scum bags to touch you like this every time you wanna enter the airport. My mom went to the Middle East and said the airports there were a thousand times better. You people are f—ed.”

A sentiment seconded by my daughter, who has experienced nothing but courtesy touring Turkey and states in the Persian Gulf.

Manifestly false assurances abound on the TSA’s website. “We use careful analysis of intelligence to determine where best to deploy our technology resources at airports.” America’s homegrown terrorists even claim to deploy the suspicious-behavior detection approach, developed and perfected by the Israelis.

The Israelis, alas, are an imperiled and intelligent people. Duly, they have successfully entrusted the security of their countrymen to private companies, who hire by merit. Their method, behavior-detection security screening, cannot be adapted to a bureaucracy with quotas for incompetence and criminality to fill.

We understand probabilities. At 72.4 percent of the population, whites represent a much larger subset of travelers than blacks and Latinos. Obscene overrepresentation of minorities in the federal workforce guarantees the ubiquity of the disturbing visuals described.

However, if the Trayvon Martin affair has taught us anything, it is that the racial hostility at the nation’s airport is likely for real.

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