Thank you so very much for the article about Groupon – “Groupon? More like ‘grope on.'”

I had NO idea whatsoever about this! My husband and I use Groupon, and we had absolutely no clue that they are linked to promoting porn!

We will immediately unsubscribe, and not only that but will forward this information to our extensive lists of contacts, including the fact that we have unsubscribed and encouraging others to refuse to use Groupon.

The article made sense to me, as I found it very odd that this week I had two Groupon advertisements come in my inbox that were advertising boudoir shots at local photographers. The links included explicit photos of women, and I was shocked!

After that, along with the information provided in your article, it is quite apparent that the truth has been revealed about Groupon, and I refuse to support such exploitation. It’s the very thing we go out of our way and to extensive lengths to protect our children from.

Thank you, WND and Bob Unruh!

Andraya & Michael Price

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