Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., has been on the front lines of the climate debate since his days in the House of Representatives and he has been one of the most prominent opponents of efforts ranging from the Kyoto Protocol to Cap and Trade and now to the Law of the Sea treaty.

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Inhofe says the treaty, known by the acronym LOST, is often pitched as an innocuous effort to clarify maritime boundaries and even enhance U.S. access to vital resources. But in reality, he says the treaty is a giveaway to the United Nations, which would then charge the U.S. and American energy companies a fortune to explore for energy underneath our own waters.

“It’s just another way the far-left is trying to stop us from supplying the necessary fossil fuels needed to run this machine called America,” Inhofe told WND.

Inhofe is leading an effort to stop the treaty from receiving the two-thirds vote necessary to be ratified – but he admits he doesn’t have the votes yet. He also explains how the Obama administration is moving forward on the Cap and Trade agenda.

“The Obama administration is trying to do through regulations what it couldn’t do through legislation,” said Inhofe.

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