Barack Obama, the man elected president

THE BIG LIST of eligibility ‘proofers’
See those who have raised questions about legitimacy of Obama presidency


Unexpected turn in eligibility case: ‘Put it on record!’
‘This judge can’t get out; if he screws around, he’s violating law’

Elections chief: Obama ‘fibbing’ about Kenya birth
Arizona official says he suspects story made up for college admission

Investigator: Foreigners bought Hawaii birth certificates
‘A Mafia operation was run in the early infancy of the state’

Monckton tells Lords: Obama presidency at risk
‘A dislocation more severe than the fall of Watergate may be anticipated’

Rubio autobiography proves he’s not eligible for VP?
Senator provides evidence, according to lawyers challenging Obama

Now we learn Obama raised in Singapore?
1990 Vanity Fair article contradicts Indonesia narrative

Was communist mentor intimate with Obama’s mother?
Filmmaker reveals new evidence Frank Marshall Davis was president’s real father


CNN ‘birther buster’ report ‘perpetrates fraud’
Network misrepresents microfilm birth record as Obama’s


Birth-certificate ‘surprise’ in October?
Hawaii source claims forgery of ‘original’ with 1961 materials


Sheriff Joe’s posse: ‘Hawaii duped Arizona’
Letter on Obama eligibility ‘doesn’t verify anything of significance’


Sheriff Joe: ‘I’m not going to call it quits’
Arizona lawman responds to decision to put Obama on state ballot


Arizona official to Hawaii: Show birth verification
Eligibility dispute elevated to formal inquiry from state elections office


Sheriff Joe demands Obama draft registration
Selective Service regulation changed days after probe announced


Film: President’s father not Barack Obama
2 years of research, rare photos support compelling case


Sheriff Joe releasing more on Obama
‘I have no intention of resigning’


Tea party to Arizona: Check Obama’s eligibility
Little-known provision may force hand of secretary of state


Hollywood producer heard Bill Clinton say Obama ineligible
Insider in Hillary’s 2008 campaign points to ‘original birthers’


State lawmakers revive eligibility requirement
Arizona considering plan to have candidates affirm qualifications


Immigration records missing for week of Obama’s birth
Arpaio’s team probing possibility president born abroad


Sheriff Joe wants Obama’s original draft card
Asks feds: What steps will be taken to investigate possible forgery?


Postman: Ayers family put ‘foreigner’ Obama through school
Claims he met young Barack who boasted he’d someday be president


Sheriff Joe sets D-Day on Obama’s eligibility
Arpaio won’t release any of Cold-Case Posse’s conclusions in advance


Obama backer arrested for death threats against Sheriff Joe
Internet postings prompted by Arpaio’s investigation into Obama’s eligibility


Mitt Romney not a natural-born citizen?
Some point to his father’s birth in Mexico, grandparents’ citizenship


Sheriff Joe to Eric Holder: ‘Prove it!’
Arpaio willing to go to federal court to vindicate his department


Hawaii goes radioactive on Obama’s eligibility
Reporter smacked down for asking about issue governor raised


How long can Supremes avoid eligibility?
Newest challenge set for conference in days


Corsi schools Gov. Paterson on Constitution
‘Threshold question is whether or not you’re eligible’


Trump seeks ‘good, solid proof’ on Obama birth
Gives Romney advice on jobs: ‘We don’t talk about’ eligibility dispute


Arpaio reacts to latest Obama-Kenya connection
Sheriff Joe says literary brochure ‘another little element’ of investigation


Democrat argues now is time to resolve eligibility
Says decision later would deprive him of opportunity to vote for president


Amazing number want to know candidates’ eligibility
Interest in issue surges as Obama campaigns


Obama-eligibility doubts cost paper’s endorsement
‘We have lost faith in him, and urge voters to consider’ others


Law prof: Fox anchor wrong on eligibility
Network host makes ‘common error’ about ‘natural born citizenship’


Judge wants definition of ‘natural born citizen’
‘Resolution of this federal issue will resolve the case’


Tony Perkins: Eligibility ‘legitimate issue’
Says Constitution has requirements for president


Eligibility invades U.S. town-hall meetings
‘When will there be a congressional investigation?’


Poll: U.S. faces constitutional crisis on Obama
Americans finally getting message about possibly ineligible president


Stunning percentage agrees with Sheriff Joe
Poll: Americans unconvinced Obama birth certificate is authentic


O’Reilly: My probe better than Sheriff Joe’s
Here’s why Bill says he won’t report Arpaio’s findings


Georgia Supremes asked to halt primary certification
Filing says ‘right to live in constitutional republic’ at stake


Did threats silence media on Obama probe?
Stunner! Sources say warnings were to not report on Sheriff Joe’s results


‘Honor fails’ for Obama’s eligibility
Legal team says court protecting president from challenge


Majority in 3 key states doubt Obama eligibility
More than 1/3 say Democrat not born in USA


Obama camp to Arpaio: Here’s birth certificate (mug)!
Campaign raising money off of criminal investigation


Investigators now in hunt for forger
Cold Case Posse briefs county law enforcement on birth certificate case


Indiana warns Obama of eligibility ‘default’
Election commission set to hear complaint


State warned Obama fails ballot requirements
‘Both of candidates’ parents must be U.S. citizens at time of candidate’s birth’


Indiana next state for Obama eligibility protest
Secretary of state already has been removed over qualifications


Superior Court asked to boot Obama from ballot
‘At issue is nothing less than the enforcement or loss of constitutional rule of law’


Cite Obama with contempt, lawyers urge
Refusal to follow subpoena ‘no less than declaration of total dictatorial authority’


‘Green light’ to see Obama’s Hawaii files
‘When somebody submits a copy … the other party has a right to examine the original’


Obama eligibility challenges spread to 6 states
Decision in Georgia case expected soon, but ballot concerns going viral


Georgia judge considered ‘default’ against Obama
Ruling could have brought immediate recommendation to remove name from ballot


Obama boycotting Georgia eligibility hearing
Lawyer urges secretary of state to cancel inquiry


Will Obama show up at eligibility hearing?
Judge wants president in Atlanta courtroom Thursday


Court: Obama must be ‘constitutionally’ eligible
Judge denies president’s motion to dismiss challenge to 2012 candidacy


Music legend faces boot over Obama’s eligibility
College faculty can’t stomach what American icon stands for


The Selective Service System's response to Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Eligibility investigation petition gaining ground
Web references to WND petition campaign on rise


Obama lawyer: Birth certificate irrelevant to eligibility
You won’t believe judge’s opinion of disputed document


Obama attorney: ‘Mickey Mouse’ could be on ballot
Argues in court that N.J. law does not require proof of eligibility


Huffpo finds Obama questions looming
Press ‘has never properly vetted’ Democrat candidate


GOP ‘superstar’ for VP faces eligibility questions
National Archives document casts doubt on ‘natural-born’ status


Fox News host urges Obama to release transcript
Wants to see Harvard records ‘he spent $200,000 trying to keep away from us’


Would Schwarzenegger be eligible for Oval Office?
Appeal of long-running Obama case advances to Supreme Court


Congress flooded with calls to probe Obama
Thousands demanding answers about president’s eligibility


Your turn: Tell Congress to probe eligibility
‘Not to resolve this monumental, unprecedented constitutional issue intolerable’


Eligibility vanishes from conservative website
What was real reason for disappearance?


House GOP: Don’t bother me with eligibility
But ‘wait until November’ strategy draws voter ire


Arpaio: GOP candidates ‘hiding’ from eligibility
‘I’ve talked to every one of the them; I don’t see anybody talking about this


If Arpaio’s right, where’s ‘The REAL Birth Certificate’?
Billboard campaign ramps up after sheriff’s investigation of Obama document


New sheriff calls for roundup of Obama records
Corsi wins over officials in New Jersey on eligibility


Fox News smacks anchor for tweeting WND video
Network reacted to criticism from left-wing Media Matters


Obama aide blasts Romney’s son for eligibility comment
Democrat campaign levels accusation of ‘pandering to dead-enders’


Sheriff Joe ‘suspicious’ of Obama’s real motive
Is lawman’s probe of president creating panic at White House?


Factcheck’s non-profit status challenged over Obama certificate
Non-partisan group published images researcher contends are forgeries


State Supreme Court deciding if politician ‘ineligible’ for office
Ruling to determine whether elected secretary of state properly registered


Election fraud? Sorry, vote’s over … too bad … you lose
Court rules inauguration cancels ‘standing’ in Obama case


GOP, where are you on eligibility?
Man with camera confronts officials to demand congressional investigation

Stunning! GOP poll reveals Iowa distrusts 1 candidate
8 months after document released, large numbers still have questions


Obama’s legacy of broken promises – in Kenya
School in family village named after him remains unfunded despite pledge


Democrat firm advising Obama’s communist Kenyan pal
Odinga running for president 4 years after supporters sparked deadly riots


Anderson Cooper ‘promotes’ Obama eligibility question
Suggests listeners go to WND Superstore for yard signs


Sheriff Joe to Obama: I’ll keep doing my job
Immigration enforcement, eligibility probe will continue despite federal investigation


Trump to tap his wallet for probe of ‘forged’ document?
Billionaire gets asked to help Sheriff Joe …


Santorum’s mom: I can document Rick’s eligibility
Testimony affirms Republican’s qualifications under Constitution


NFL fans wonder where Obama’s REAL birth certificate is
Nationally televised football game features surprise for Obama


Constitutional expert: What ‘natural born citizen’ means
Those who wonder about Obama need to watch this explanation


Arpaio gets death threats over Obama investigation
Warned he ‘will be filled with thousand bullet holes’


Donald now casts even more doubt on Obama
‘How come there are no records his mother ever was in hospital?’


Congressional staff gives Constitution new meaning
Researchers target ‘eligibility,’ say ‘native born’ really is ‘natural born’


3rd state facing challenge over Obama eligibility
Alabama complaint alleges, ‘We’re now talking of fraud’


‘PolitiChicks’ doubt Obama’s eligibility
‘It’s like 1984 George Orwell, they’re rewriting history’


Ballots with Obama’s name facing more legal challenges
Georgia complaints call on officials to investigate, ‘defend Constitution’


Pressure rises in challenge to ballot listing for Obama
Attorney files demand for rehearing, cites ‘fraud’ in putting name to voters


Now it’s time to answer ‘Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?’
New e-book shows why Barack Obama still has not proved he’s eligible


New Hampshire board decides Obama eligibility
Attorney planning appeal based on fraud suspicions


New Hampshire wakes up to Obama’s alleged Social Security fraud …
Hearing Friday as state lawmakers also probe president’s eligibility


Nighttime in Vegas and this is what people see
Billboard raises issue that Supreme Court avoiding


Sheriff Joe on Obama eligibility probe: ‘Where there’s smoke … ‘
Amid probe, Maverick lawman’s endorsement sought by top GOP candidates


Sheriff Joe threatened for probing eligibility
Says intimidation comes from drug lords, Obama fans: ‘I’m not sure which are worse’


Boston Globe reporter withholds Obama file
President’s official birth narrative doesn’t match up with INS reports


Obama eligibility hits the bigtime
‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ not applicable here


Sheriff Joe: ‘Show me the microfilm!’
‘Not the 3 different versions the White House released …’


Sheriff Joe’s posse delivers promised Obama surprise
Panel probing eligibility for 2012 ballot wants to see this infamous document


Obamacare challenge to cite eligibility doubts
‘Mr. Obama has not yet verified whether he is a natural-born citizen’


Say it is so, Sheriff Joe
Possible ‘shock’ coming from probe into Obama’s presidential eligibility


Donald Trump: Obama’s birth certificate not settled
Greta Van Susteren: ‘I’m convinced it’s the real deal’


Rick Perry: Have I seen Obama’s real birth certificate?
Republican presidential candidate says he has ‘no idea’ if it’s legitimate


Eligibility rulings vanish from Net
Online Supreme Court opinions scrubbed in 2008 election runup


Expert: ‘Forger’ of Obama birth record left red herring
Researcher painstakingly remanufactured White House release to back fraud charge


Judge says Obama Social Security data secret
‘Plaintiff’s allegations lack any basis in fact’


Forged creation matches Obama’s birth certificate
Computer generated file duplicates document released by White House


Debate chief raises issue of McCain’s eligibility – again!
But organization refuses comment on questions over Obama qualifications


Savage blasts Obama as ‘foreigner’
‘A man who refuses to show a valid birth certificate’


Dems want door slammed on more of Obama’s records
Proposing new plan to keep documents secret after term


Birth-certificate fracas hits popular network TV show
NBC episode alludes to Obama eligibility dispute


Obama blasts sheriff investigating eligibility
Arpaio turns criticism into campaign ad about law enforcement record


Supremes keep record of rejecting eligibility cases perfect
Justices have refused to hear every challenge so far, but more still to come


Sheriff Joe ‘knows what he’s doing’ in Obama probe
‘3 years into the presidency, we really don’t know who this guy is’


Sheriff Joe goes on TV to defend Cold Case Posse
‘It’s free, doesn’t cost a penny to the taxpayers’


Nation ‘tearing itself apart’ over presidential eligibility
Supremes need to ‘do their job,’ make ruling on constitutional question


Again! Supremes asked to look into eligibility
Dispute over Obama’s background moving well into 2012 campaign


Washington reinterprets constitutional eligibility
FEC rules naturalized citizens are same as ‘natural born’ in presidential votes


2 more sheriffs to be asked to review Obama eligibility
Tea party organizations arranging for delivery of evidence of ‘fraud’


Sheriff’s eligibility ‘posse’ sparks media whirlwind
Could this be the momentum changer that settles questions on Obama’s birth?


Another source claims Obama forgery planted in Hawaii DOH
Report comes as Sheriff Joe’s posse probes birth record released by White


Elite team of 5 assigned to seek truth on Obama
Sheriff Joe picks ‘Cold Case Posse’ to investigate president’s eligibility


Rick Santorum: Obama’s eligibility is ‘solved’
Presidential candidates differ on constitutional conundrum


Posse certificatus: Sheriff probes Obama birth document
Famous Arizona lawman responds to tea-party pressure to investigate


Obama spies watch WND
Newest ‘fight smears’ campaign office following news agency, others


Obama campaign attacks author probing eligibility
‘The White House is in panic mode. The White House knows the truth’


MSNBC gets cold feet about eligibility questions
Cancels interview with driving force behind ‘Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?’ banner


E-Verify ‘flags’ Obama’s Social Security Number
System crunches prez’s data, determines ‘likely fraudulent’


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the … eligibility question!
Campaign puts dispute over constitutional requirement in front of GOP’s top tier


How does Obama’s document stack up against genuine BC?
Volunteer produces Kapiolani form from same time period as president’s


Congressional e-mail: Eligibility has ‘obvious issues’
‘I really think that he is laughing at us’


Look who else has made Obama’s eligibility front-page news
Headline suggests ‘phony birth certificate,’ asks if president will be impeached


Letterman’s Top Ten hits Obama eligibility
‘Number 9. A backyard barbeque with the guy who forged his birth certificate’


Judge rules on Obama’s Social Security Number
Tells attorney: ‘Today is not your lucky day’


Anti-birther bragged of ties to Lakin’s commander
General rapidly rose in ranks during trial of officer who challenged eligibility


Air Force vet dedicates future to exposing Obama
‘My personal goal is to see Obama removed before the next election’


Abracadabra! ‘Obama’s alias’ vanishing quickly from Web
Analyst confirms ‘Harrison J. Bounel’ identity getting scrubbed from databases


Congressman won’t say Obama’s eligibility is settled
Michigan Republican responds to question raised at town meeting


Arizona sheriff promises Obama-eligibility probe
Lawman responds to request from local tea-party leaders


Staff sergeant discharged after questioning Obama
Air Force officials say Moran on his way out of the ranks


Tea party exploring Obama’s eligibility
Arizona event focuses on evidence behind dispute


Rush Limbaugh: Where are Obama’s former girlfriends?
Radio host says viral email raising valid questions for unvetted president


Air Force sergeant AWOL over ‘forged’ Obama document
Declares: ‘Arrest B. Obama or arrest me’ in dispute about presidential eligibility


Obama Social Security Number to become issue in 2012 race?
‘You better probe a little harder to make sure identity you’re dealing with is a real identity’


State court case launched to retrieve birth records
Could require Hawaii to turn over Obama documentation


‘I created Obama’s certification of birth’
White House links to deliberate forgery from, thinking it was real


‘OBOTs’ admit lying in scheme to punk WND
Now deny ex-Fannie Mae chief James Johnson is their White House contact


Court tells Hawaii officials to explain Obama’s birth records
‘Show cause’ hearing will determine why subpoena rejected


Iowa Republicans can’t miss this message
New eligibility campaign debuts as GOP prepares for presidential straw poll


Colin Powell offered reward to hear eligibility evidence
$15,000 suggested for sit-down meeting on ‘usurper in the White House’


Esquire seeks more time to answer WND lawsuit
Plaintiffs OK delay in $250 million legal dispute over faked report


Experts say Obama certificate not scan of original document
2 new reports cast further doubt on image White House released


Top anti-‘birther’ confirmed to be ex-Fannie Mae chief
Learn the sordid details of another ‘Obama Robot’


Subpoena plans hit airwaves
Will Hawaii comply and produce Obama document?


The birth certificate please! Subpoena to be delivered
Attorney, doc experts to show up at Hawaii Department of Health with court document


Just why is Obama constitutionally eligible?
Meeting State Department requirements updated to being born on American soil


Experts: Registrar stamps confirm Obama forgery
Evidence points to cut-and-paste sham, not actual copy of 1961 birth document


White House operative heading ‘birther’ smear campaign?
Ex-Fannie Mae chief allegedly manages 100-strong attack team from Pennsylvania Ave


Video story explains proof of Obama forgery
Characters purportedly from same machine vary


‘Irrefutable’ proof of Obama forgery
Document details show typewriter had variable type way back in 1961?


Surprise! Obama can’t remember his birthday
President may need to check birth certificate to know date


Leaders, media ‘hiding what they know’ about Obama eligibility
Investigator says, ‘I can’t wait to see Nancy Pelosi in an orange jumpsuit’


McClintock: Obama passed eligibility requirements
Congressman says voters, Congress, courts all vet candidates


State programmer identifies template for Obama ‘forgery’
High-level engineer demonstrates how Nordyke birth certificates used


Deception evidence reaches Oval Office?
Analysis says everything president, lawyers said ‘was carefully orchestrated and scripted’


See evidence of ‘scandal’ over Obama’s birth documentation
‘FBI investigation necessary to get the whole truth’


Another graphics expert questions birth certificate
‘Without a doubt … the document has been altered from its original state’


Obama questions surge at Amazon
Dispute over eligibility book rated No. 1 forum 2 months after release


Send a blast to Congress about eligibility
Campaign lets your representative know what you think of dispute


Dems’ ‘fundraiser’ may have side effects
Mailing of ‘Obama’s birth certificate’ called ‘solicitation based on forgery’


Congresswoman: ‘Citizen’ same as ‘natural born citizen’
Comment suggests Founders didn’t want special eligibility demand for presidents


Mathematical ‘proof’ Obama birth certificate a forgery
Prominent software engineer presents ‘self-evident’ analysis


What did Congress know about ‘natural-born citizen’?
8 tries at eliminating requirement suggests organized strategy in place


Feinstein defines ‘natural-born citizen’
Eligibility inquiry prompts unorthodox interpretation of presidential requirement


Statements suggest doubt about Obama growing
Representative says questions could lead to investigation


Hey, Mr. Obama, where’s the real birth certificate
Prez ‘painted himself into corner with an issue he can never escape’


Bogus Obama document ‘bigger than Watergate’
‘Not just a crime of some plumbers breaking into an opponent’s office’


Eligibility takes center stage at National Press Club
Even portions of ‘establishment media’ take note of heating dispute


Computer expert calls Obama document ‘obvious fake’
Here’s Part 2 of Washington news conference


Esquire: Corsi ‘execrable piece of s—‘
Here’s Part 3 of Washington news conference


‘Damage will be determined by the jury’
Here’s Part 4 of Washington news conference


‘The news media appears not to have asked a single question’
Here’s Part 5 of Washington news conference


Adobe book editor positive: Obama certificate is phony
‘Altered document is manufactured, or in everyday parlance – a forgery’


WND sues Esquire for faked report
‘You can’t just make up words and put them in people’s mouths’


Senator joins chorus claiming Obama eligible
‘Independent and official investigations have validated president’


Here’s how the Obama birth certificate was born
Expert: ‘My guess is that the creator of this document was inexperienced’


Feinstein defines ‘natural-born citizen’
Eligibility inquiry prompts unorthodox interpretation of presidential requirement


Stunning numbers want Congress to probe Obama’s eligibility
Analyst says ‘birthers’ can’t be marginalized, as 28% of Democrats agree


Eligibility returns to Supremes’ conference agenda
Meeting this fall to consider – again – Obama’s status


Adobe expert doubts Obama birth certificate
Concludes ‘something digital came between the paper and the glass’


Whatever happened to the ‘birther’ bills?
Committee chairs, even governors work to make sure no one questions Obama


‘Rathergate’ expert doubts Obama’s birth certificate
Typography pro played key role in ending career of CBS News anchor


Fox News expert denies he claimed birth certificate legit
Angry at network for refusing to retract its story on Obama document


Will states actually block Obama from ballot access?
Committee chairs, even governors work to make sure no one questions president


Stunning precedent would let al-Qaida chief be president
Argument cites representatives’ statements on Obama eligibility suspicions


Another senator dishes out Obama background story
‘Congress has chosen political expediency over honesty and rule of law’


Sidekick duties: Causing trouble for Obama critics
Claims interference with Taitz cases, shutting down Fox News host’s site


Old media has jokes, puns and lies for Obama book
But 1 month after release of ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’ where are the answers?


Meet ‘PJ Foggy,’ birth certificate fraudster
Disbarred attorney organized ‘birther punking’ scheme


Ex-CIA: ‘Forged document’ released as birth certificate
Gen. Paul Vallely: Congress afraid to probe ‘possible felony’ over fears of ‘black backlash’


FBI covering ‘felony offense’ for Obama
Gen. Paul Vallely: Congress fears ‘treasonous’ outcome of birth-certificate probe


Hawaii claims Obama ‘birth certificate’ is ‘confidential’
Refuses subpoena because it requires disclosure of ‘privileged’ matter


Obama forgers admit they produced phony documents
Radical supporters of president ‘punked birthers’


Expert: Obama doc is ‘proof’ – of fraud
Typeface analysis shows images come from different machines


Documents show marriage of Obama’s parents a sham
Newly released files reveal ‘couple’ didn’t live together


Trump’s back! Casting doubt on birth certificate
Donald’s latest statement suggests Obama’s document may be fake


Corsi hashes it out with Lt. Col. Lakin
Best-selling author talks with Army officer who went to jail over birth certificate


Criminal complaint details birth-certificate ‘forgery’
Document-imaging expert outlines his case in 22-page filing with FBI


Corsi makes newspaper circuit in eligibility probe
Listen right now as best-selling author interviewed by Jack Minor of Greeley Gazette


Obama critic coming closer to Social Security records?
Judge advances FOIA dispute over application for Connecticut number


Corsi best-seller on Obama at No. 14
Birth-certificate book continues high flight on New York Times list


Is Amazon diverting buyers from Corsi hit?
Published, selling same ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’ title by ‘Skylar Blue’


Why is Obama’s name different on passport?
It doesn’t match the birth records released with president’s authority


Did Obama’s father forget when he was born?
Questions rise from date indicated on president’s birth certificate


Author: ‘Birth Certificate’ prompts departure of White House counsel
Corsi says move ‘marks beginning’ of end of Obama eligibility cover-up


Hottest topic at Amazon not about global warming
Americans inundate book page with arguments over Constitution, right and wrong


Criminal complaint charges Obama birth record ‘forged’
22-page brief filed with FBI claims ‘irrefutable proof’ document a fraud


Obama doubts surge, ‘back on national stage’
CNN credits Corsi book for pushing birth certificate back into headlines


Intelligence report: Kenyans honor Obama’s ‘birthplace’
Look what’s been commissioned in African village of prez’s family


Kenya probed claim Obama born in Africa
Internal intelligence reports indicate government investigation


You’re flustered! Trump can’t get his story straight
Issues statement distancing self from suspicion about birth-certificate fraud


Birth certificate book a New York Times best-seller!
Also makes USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publisher’s Weekly lists


WND warned Obama would release forged birth doc
Reliable source in Hawaii was in contact with state officials


So where’s the real birth certificate?
A new national eligibility billboard campaign is born


Dem leader blames racism for eligibility questions
‘I don’t know why anybody didn’t ask for John McCain’s birth certificate’


Trump declares Obama’s birth certificate fake
‘I always said I wanted to know if it was real’


Trump pumps Corsi for latest on Obama
Requests information from author of ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’


Store clerk: Best-selling book probing Obama ‘withdrawn’
Borders representative bases answer on fake Esquire article


Obama camp pushes to sell birth-certificate images
‘Don’t miss out on this chance to get yours’


‘Criminal’ Obama secret gets no media attention
‘Hawaiian’ president has mysterious Connecticut Social Security Number


Corsi interview scrubbed by Clear Channel Radio
Listen now to what Obama and crew are trying to hide


Now popular Republicans ‘not natural-born citizens’
Rising stars of GOP in doubt because parents from overseas


‘The Obama code’: Hidden messages in birth document?
Computer experts find anomalies embedded in White House release


Corsi: White House commits fraud, challenges O’Reilly
‘I don’t care if Fox never has me to their Christmas party’


Farah vows to sue Esquire, ‘take ownership’
WND editor says he will aggressively pursue lawsuit for ‘libelous smear’


Dems join Obama panic attack on book
Concede they were wrong that Trump finished eligibility issue


Where’s the birth certificate book?
It’s rising high at No. 15 on Amazon, No. 4 in non-fiction


White House panic: Corsi book targeted
‘Fight the Smears’ 2.0 launched, mocks No. 1 best-seller as delusional ‘joke’


Esquire publishes fabricated report attacking Corsi book
Mag claims best-seller being disavowed by publisher, ‘pulled from shelves’


The dead infant and the Obama birth-certificate mystery
Researcher who suspects forgery finds possible reason for Obama registration number


Nordyke numbers expose Obama document fraud?
Newly found details about birth registration show president’s certificate out of sequence


Eligibility hits New York airwaves
Listen as talk-radio host fields questions for Jerome Corsi


Video ‘proves’ Obama birth certificate is fake
Simple examination of lettering leaves little doubt Barack’s long-form fraudulent


It’s out! The book that proves Obama’s ineligible
Today’s the day Corsi is unleashed to tell all about that ‘birth certificate’


Adoption changes Hawaii birth record
Report from medical executive prompts more Obama questions


Birth certificate doesn’t meet Hawaii standards
Image White House released ‘may not be a certified copy’


Lakin freed to focus on family and career
Says nation lost track of links to Christianity


Students find evidence of Obama fraud?
Satirical piece taking jab at ‘birthers’ circulates on Internet


Gallup: Most still question Obama’s birth
Less than 1/2 of Americans say prez ‘definitely’ born in U.S.


New ‘birth certificate’ anomalies inexplicable
Growing question list feeds worries document is crude computer forgery


From A to Z: What’s wrong with Obama’s birth certificate?
Examine for yourself mounting evidence that president’s document isn’t genuine


Supremes put another Obama case on docket
Challenges officials’ refusal to check presidential qualifications


Obama mama broke promise to U.S. immigration officials
Instead of homeschooling, Dunham’s son enrolled as ‘Muslim,’ ‘Indonesian citizen’


Kenya investigated Obama ‘African birth’
Leaked document shows official urged probe of possible criminal ‘tampering’


Hawaii shuts out WND probe of Obama birth
Reporter barred from Honolulu hospital, Department of Health


Bombshell: U.S. government questioned Obama citizenship
Said it lacked documents to determine birth country


Was Obama an Indonesian citizen?
Evidence raises concerns over presidential qualification


Forgery allegations become YouTube video
Problems with Obama’s alleged birth certificate spark online debate


Farah: It’s not a valid birth certificate
Listen as WND editor explains how Obama not qualified to be prez


Startling new questions about ‘birth certificate’
Experts, analysts – even top Hawaii official – reveal problems, contradictions


Hawaii detective charges: ‘Birth certificate’ a fraud
Claims phonies created by state in order to ‘screw with birthers’


Obama birth certificate linked to previous ‘forgery’?
Marks on White House image align with document claiming African birth


Web expert: Obama certificate falls short in authenticity
Cites images sharing space, anomalous for typed pages


Scrubbed again! Obama’s hospital doctor changed
Reference to Rodney West edited out of hoaxbusting


Is Barack Obama illegally occupying the Oval Office?
Corsi’s much-anticipated, much-feared, No. 1 bestseller now in stock!


Why does Obama have 2 different birth doctors?
Buffalo News, Snopes, Hawaii disagree on attending physician


Supremes asked to affirm removal of ineligible candidates
Attorney’s brief argues high court already has allowed process


Hunting Obama’s life story
Book author seeking witnesses to president’s life in Hawaii


Poll: 16% still think Obama not born in America
Even after release of president’s long-form birth certificate


‘Natural-born citizen’ targeted in more Web sanitizing
Deleted segment referenced requirement Obama can’t meet


Online ‘birth certificate’ document ‘was changed’
Analysis raises possibility content of text was altered


Fox News document expert in tank for Obama?
Man claims birth certificate real, but look how he’s championed president previously


‘Natural-born citizen’ info vanishes off Wikipedia
In wake of Obama’s release of his long-form birth certificate


Birth certificate conflicts with father’s real birthday?
Newly released immigration documents indicate Obama Sr. was 2 years older


Obama’s half-sister raises birth-certificate doubts
Claims despite ‘adoption’ by Indonesian stepfather, it is U.S. ‘law’ that matters


A tale of two birth certificates
‘Rosetta Stone’ documents provide comparison


Graphics pros challenge Obama birth certificate
Layers of images found in released computer document raise doubts


Is name of Obama’s birth hospital somehow phony?
Rumors swirl about entry in latest certificate issued by White House


Obama challengers: Doc proves president ineligible
‘They are going to have to face the music on this at some point’


Hawaii elections clerk rips ‘overall filth’
‘These people must be held accountable, must be punished, removed from power’


Eligibility bill gets OK in Oklahoma
‘The U.S. Constitution says you must be a U.S. citizen to run for president’


Obama document still doesn’t answer all questions
Critic notes: ‘He has raised disturbing questions about his character, judgment’


Guess what prompted Obama to release birth certificate!
Request to Hawaii came day after Corsi book hit No. 1


‘Obama blinked. Now game begins’
Author suggests disputed presidency won’t survive publication of book


Widow of Obama ‘birth doctor’ advises Hawaii Health Dept.
Deceased physician’s name appears on document released today


TV meltdown over Obama’s Social Security ‘fraud’
Birther thrown off MSNBC for discussing president’s mysterious Connecticut number


Farah fireworks on national TV
Watch as WND’s editor takes on leftists at MSNBC about natural-born citizenship


Authors: Even Hawaii birth won’t make Obama eligible
President still has major legal issues following release of ‘birth certificate’


Rush Limbaugh: I’m shocked Obama ‘was actually born’
Radio host on messiah types: ‘They just descend from the heavens’


White House releases Obama ‘birth certificate’
Cites Kapiolani as location, father’s race as ‘African’


Hawaii slams door on birth certificates, except for Obama
State gets tough on those seeking documentation in wake of Trump questions


Lt. Col. Lakin free in less than 3 weeks
Join welcome home for Army doc jailed over Obama’s hidden birth certificate


Shock poll: Only 38% believe Obama’s birth story
USA Today/Gallup says 1 in 4 Americans suspect overseas nativity


Oklahoma to take swing at eligibility
House to vote this week on plan that took 3-1 victory in Senate


Hawaii senator questions Obama’s true birth father
‘There is information, for reasons known only to him, he doesn’t want released’


79% believe Jesus is Savior, 26% say Obama born in U.S.
2 polls show faith strong, but not in president’s personal story


Can’t wait for Corsi’s ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’
Neither can we. But here’s some reading to pass the time


‘Winning’ issue: Charlie Sheen’s a birther
‘Nothing photoshopped about my birth certificate’


Pat Buchanan: Show the birth certificate!
Former presidential candidate says Obama exhibiting ‘arrogance’


Breitbart: Obama story has ‘Swiss cheese holes’
‘He’s probably been videotaped millions of times, yet we don’t know anything about him’


Rocket to No. 1! Drudge ponders ‘Obama’s true identity’
Definitive book on presidential eligibility hits top spot on Amazon


1 guv vetoes eligibility bill, another promises to sign it
Verification measures heating up as legislatures start to take action


Arizona could override eligibility veto
Governor: ‘One could anticipate that because certainly they have the numbers’


CPAC dumps director who ridiculed eligibility issue
Last year birth certificate was a joke, this year group raises money on it


Bachmann: Obama has neglected to prove eligibility
‘All he had to do is just answer some questions and show his document’


Social Security claim vanishes from O’Reilly podcast
Fox host said Obama’s Connecticut number resulted from father living there


O’Reilly falsely claims Conn. residence for Obama Sr.
Tries to explain anomaly in president’s Social Security number


Arizona legislature OKs eligibility proof demand
Guv’s signature would make state 1st to call for candidates’ documentation


Trump popularity skyrockets as he questions eligibility
CNN puts him even with Huckabee for lead among Republican hopefuls


‘I am absolutely correct on Obama,’ Trump says
‘I cannot imagine the constitutional implications if he is proven not eligible’


States advance eligibility laws
Status of 13 legislatures’ demands for presidential candidates’ documentation


Rush Limbaugh slammed for ‘avoiding’ eligibility
‘Not 1 high Republican or you has ever really tried to nail’ Obama


Hawaii elections clerk: Obama ‘caught fibbing’
But will president be ‘frog-marched from office’ over eligibility issue?


Hey L.A.! Where’s that birth certificate?
Billboard campaign hits the mean streets of Compton


‘The Case of the Missing Birth Certificate’
Has bestselling author Jerome Corsi cracked it wide open?


Did Obama ‘miss’ 1 year of Columbia classes?
Discrepancy appears in sparse records documenting attendance


Hawaii senator wonders what Obama’s concealing
‘Why would anyone spend millions not to make that information public?’


Another presidential hopeful wants Obama eligibility proof
Says during interview: ‘I’d produce birth certificate. End of discussion’


So whatever became of Lt. Col. Lakin?
Army doctor half done with prison term for questioning Obama eligibility


How to make Obama eligibility No. 1 issue
‘We’re very close to tipping point on challenging his legitimacy’


TV commercials to bust Obama’s eligibility wide open
See the ad designed to go over the heads of media establishment


Trump on tour: Something ‘fishy’ about Obama
Possible GOP contender takes eligibility questions to Ingraham, O’Reilly


Now look who’s getting grilled over eligibility
‘Natural born’ citizenship questions go beyond Obama to GOP potential


9th Circuit Court to hear eligibility questions
‘Natural born’ citizenship questions go beyond Obama to GOP potential


Pawlenty’s solution to eligibility question: Trust CNN
‘I saw a newscast where they reported’ seeing Obama’s birth certificate


Maryland up to bat in Obama’s eligibility matchup
Newest billboard in Frederick asks ‘Where’s The Birth Certificate?’


Rush: Trump’s questions a service to Obama
‘He’s giving him chance to establish credibility by producing birth certificate’


Donald Trump: Obama presidency possibly illegal
‘To be honest with you, I want him to have a birth certificate’


Trump: Obama spending millions to hide his past
‘I didn’t think it was such a big deal, but I tell you it’s turning out to be a very big deal’


Obama’s ‘birth hospital’ hides White House letter
Facility officials refuse to disclose document to inquiring state senator


Rush: Trump’s questions a service to Obama
‘He’s giving him chance to establish credibility by producing birth certificate’


Hannity flings open doors to birth-certificate questions
Cites Trump comments, says ‘can’t they just produce it and we move on?’


Donald wars with Whoopi over Obama’s eligibility
Trump: ‘There’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like’


Mad magazine dishes on Obama’s birthplace
Lampoons eligibility, Teleprompters, middle name, busted lip, Jeremiah Wright


Shocking scientific poll on Obama’s eligibility
You won’t believe how few Americans think president has shown qualification


Hey, West Virginia, ‘Where’s The Birth Certificate?’
Newest billboard in nationwide campaign erected near Inwood


Donald Trump wonders about Obama eligibility
Tells ABC: ‘The reason is because he grew up and nobody knew him’


Cajun country gets turn at ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’
Newest billboard in nationwide campaign erected near Lake Charles


Obama keeps eligibility dispute in news
Raises subject, again, at Gridiron Club event


Pennsylvania, check out latest billboard
‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ sign near another historic site


Will Obama take up Bachmann challenge?
Prospective candidate says, ‘1st thing I would do is offer birth certificate’


5th billboard company rejects birth certificate question
Adams Outdoor Advertising fears having ‘permits pulled’ by politicians


Obama can’t leave birth certificate jokes alone
Quips about ‘fact’ of Hawaiian birth during Boston fundraiser


Undercover sting catches NPR talking about Obama birth
‘To run for president you have to be born in the U.S.’


Supremes’ ‘avoidance behavior’ on eligibility ‘appalling’
Kagan, Sotomayor apparently in on Obama conference even though he gave them jobs


Bills demanding eligibility evidence hit 13th state
New Hampshire proposal would have called for birth certificate


See Hawaii guv’s terse letter about firing of health chief
Unexplained actions stir controversy after birth-certificate guardian yanked


Huckabee: Cut out this birth-certificate business
Possible presidential candidate thinks media will do adequate job of vetting


And then there were 12
Iowa lawmaker’s bill makes dozen states viewing eligibility


Denver Post publisher: Eligibility questions ‘valid’
But Dean Singleton says it’s not something he wants to argue about


Momentum builds in eligibility push
Just voting for unapproved candidate could soon become criminal action


ClearChannel: You can question God, not Obama
Banned ‘birth certificate’ message, welcomes atheists national billboard campaign


Huckabee: No doubts about Obama’s U.S. birth
Republican tells Bill O’Reilly why he said president brought up in Kenya


Whoops! Huckabee says Obama grew up in Kenya …
‘I would love to know more, but what I know is troubling enough’


Law prof calls on House to investigate eligibility
‘Citizens whom the media and pundits dismiss as ‘birthers’ have raised legitimate questions’


Alabama: ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’
Billboard campaign hits the heart of Dixie


‘No evidence’ of problems with Hawaii health chief
Explanation sought for governor’s removal of department director


Hawaii controversy over birth certificate guardian
Senator challenges governor on firing of state’s health department director


Become an eligibility activist
10 easy steps to getting Obama’s birth certificate


Battle for birth certificate gets Gettysburg address
Billboard question challenging Obama eligibility returns to Pennsylvania


Supremes to give eligibility case another look
Challenge to Obama getting 2nd conference before court


Americans’ questions about Obama eligibility surge
Coming book rockets up Amazon rankings on Drudge Report posting


Shock poll: ‘Birthers’ rule
Astonishing number of citizens don’t believe president’s story


Despite egging on by NBC, Boehner won’t slam birthers
House speaker: ‘It’s not my job to tell the American people what to think’


Presidential candidates: Better find those birth certificates!
Another state joins stampede to create eligibility ballot tests


Bill O’Reilly bashes ‘nutty’ birthers
Fox News anchor responds to e-mail by criticizing those seeking eligibility proof


Supreme Court told: Don’t avoid eligibility
Attorney warns justices real problem getting judges to take oath ‘seriously’


Obama’s Social Security number goes to court
Complaint in federal district seeks evidence of suspected fraud


Gibbs brushes off state eligibility requirements
Department press secretary skips answering question


As Eldridge Cleaver went, so goes President Obama?
Eligibility challenge says precedents exist for removing unconstitutional


Chris Matthews: Obama doesn’t have long-form B.C.
MSNBC anchor suggests computer-generated online document is all there is


Gibbs misses chance to explain eligibility move
Doesn’t let reporter ask question


Why Hawaii now wants to sell ‘birth certificate’
State plans to create new document in bid to raise money for state coffers


10 states developing eligibility-proof demands
107 Electoral College votes controlled by Arizona, Texas, Connecticut, others


Abercrombie’s pal promises to grill guv on birth certificate
‘I am going to call him,’ radio personality confirms


Game-changer! Arizona to pass 2012 eligibility law
Obama will have to produce birth certificate to run again


Obama birth certificate ‘egg on face’ for guv
‘He’s searched everywhere using his powers … there is no proof he was born in Hawaii’


Kagan, Sotomayor blew chance to stop eligibility challenge?
Lawyers say Supremes broke rule, failed to respond to recusal motion


Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate
Signs affidavit declaring long-form, hospital-generated document absent


Questions raised over Obama birth date
Was claim he was 3 months old during ‘Bay of Pigs’ a slip?


Promises of Obama birth hospital trip vanish
Authors admit no one given tour of president’s ‘birthplace’ in Hawaii


Oprah’s half-sister ‘has Obama’s birth certificate’
Rush Limbaugh clowns about Winfrey’s family secret


Add Rush Limbaugh to big list of ‘birthers’
Asks why Hawaii governor seems to be alone in quest to resolve issue


Old media now curious: Where’s birth certificate?
WND report on guv’s interview grabbing attention of skeptics


Memo to Congress: It’s called freedom of speech
Defense counsel takes on case of woman arrested for gallery comment


Hawaii governor can’t find Obama birth certificate
Suggests controversy could hurt president’s re-election chances


Birth-certificate billboards inch closer to D.C.
Campaign question appears on Route 40 at Elkton


Resolving Obama’s eligibility: Dollars-and-sense plan
Lawmaker stepping beyond all others in trying to end controversy


Ineligible president cited as reason to kill Obamacare
Lawsuit says it’s not law because ‘the one’ is only ‘statutory citizen’


Well, somebody has to rule, right?
Supremes consider stopping courts from passing the buck on eligibility


Revealed: Hawaii governor’s own hidden past
Democrat who wants to end ‘birther’ issue tied to socialist group


Hawaii guv suddenly ‘mum’ on Obama birth ‘certificate’
After blizzard of attacks on ‘birthers,’ Abercrombie now avoids interviews


New eligibility challenge reaches Supreme Court
Attorney calls for recusal of Obama judicial appointees


Chris Matthews: Release Obama’s birth certificate
‘Why doesn’t the president just say, send me a copy right now


Eligibility campaign confronts state lawmakers
Newest sign in Austin, where plan includes demand for documentation


Supremes facing eligibility challenge to Obama, again
Taitz’s case distributed for conference among justices on Jan. 7


Waters muddied over Wikipedia eligibility spat
Attorney says he discussed removing Lakin page, but didn’t make decision


Court asked to enforce Constitution on eligibility
No ‘other option’ for making sure candidates qualified


Lakin sentenced: Dismissal, 6 months
Doubts about Obama’s eligibility no excuse for disobeying orders


Lt. Col. Lakin pleads guilty to 1 of 2 counts
Army doctor who questioned eligibility of Obama accused of missing assignments


Lakin: ‘I chose the wrong path’
Army doctor questioning Obama’s eligibility convicted on all counts


Court martial convicts Lakin on 4th count
Jury panel returns guilty verdict on most serious charge


Billboard cartel crumbling on eligibility issue?
CBS now woos WND’s ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’


Today’s trial: What’s Lakin defense strategy?
Attorney hopeful Army officer can avoid prison, support family


Watch even ‘Barack Obama’ doubt his birthplace!
‘Saturday Night Live’ character says he’s beginning to wonder


McInerney: Congress will review Lakin case
3-star general warns: Physician ‘is not going to get a fair trial’


It’s no joke! Where is the birth certificate?
Another billboard has more Texans asking key question of Obama era


Obama’s birth-certificate guardian out of job
Hawaiian health-department chief key player in eligibility saga


Orioles slugger says Obama has ‘no documentation’
‘He doesn’t answer anything. And why? Because he’s hiding something’


Rush on WikiLeaks: Where’s Obama’s birth certificate?
Limbaugh asking for ‘the real good stuff’ to be released


Lakin’s attorney: Conviction ‘certain’
‘He’s very disappointed in military justice system’


Investigator: Gov’t fogging Obama’s Connecticut ties
Agency announces plan to begin random assignment of Social Security numbers


Supremes again punt on Obama eligibility
Decision ‘doesn’t mean that this issue goes away’


Supremes challenged to put Constitution above Twitter
Case questioning eligibility says facts don’t support Obama story


U.S. Supreme Court confers on Obama eligibility
Is president a ‘natural-born citizen’ as Constitution requires?


Rush Limbaugh: ‘Impostor’ is serving in White House
Radio host again questions constitutional eligibility of Obama


‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’ hits breadbasket
Kansas joins L.A., Dallas, Houston, Arizona, Nashville, San Antonio, others


State GOP leaders grab issue of Obama eligibility
Republican lawmakers, governors poised to demand documentation


1962 Obama articles don’t mention wife, son
Newspaper features on father present more evidence president’s story false


Old papers tell different tales about Obama’s mystery past
News articles from 1990 cast new doubt on president’s ‘official’ childhood story


Obama falsely bragged about JFK connection
President’s Selma claim challenged by historical records


Show birth certificate, or don’t get on ballot
Eligibility storm clouds on horizon for Obama


Purged: Guess what Wikipedia found unpublishable
Online encyclopedia scrubs key challenge to Obama eligibility


How Congress was prepped to dismiss ‘birthers’
Research office memo includes attack


’62 letter from father ignores Obama, mom
‘My wife is in Nairobi and I would really appreciate any help you may give her’


Congress report concedes Obama eligibility unvetted
‘There is no specific federal agency’ to review candidates for federal office


Obama introduced as ‘fellow Kenyan’
ABC newsman Jake Tapper says president is ‘obviously’ not from there


Conan makes joke of Obama’s eligibility
‘I guess he is qualified to drive a cab in New York City’


Has Arizona seen the birth certificate?
Expanding billboard campaign moves to Kingman


‘Liberal birthers’ to demand Rubio’s birth certificate?
Rush: ‘The news media doesn’t care where our presidents are born’


Hey Pennsylvania! ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’
Newest in billboard campaign seen by drivers near Cabela’s


Eligibility attorney asks to join case before Supremes
‘There remains a question as to whether absurd results may occur’


Hey L.A., ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’
Eligibility question hits drivers on Long Beach Freeway


Supremes more likely to rule on substance of eligibility case
Lawyer: ‘Environment is more favorable for judges to decide on the merits without fear’


Whistleblower jailed by judges, cops he’s accusing
Retired naval officer allegedly beaten and tasered


Judges: Court could review eligibility after Congress
State ruling suggests intervention, if any, after ‘processes have run their course’


‘Saturday Night Live’ demands to see Obama’s birth certificate
NBC comedy opens with ‘Harry Reid’ making plea: ‘Is that too much to ask?’


D.C. eligibility rally boldly blasts Obama as ‘fraud’
Attorney Berg motivates crowd to ask, ‘Where’s birth certificate?’


Another big talker says: Release birth certificate
‘In the interest of full disclosure sir, could we please have those records?’


Candidate on birth certificate: Let Rush Limbaugh see
‘Executive has an awful lot of power to keep from showing certain things’


Gingrich sounds off on Obama eligibility
Says prez has ‘obligation’ to determine why people don’t believe his life story


U.S. attorney: Nothing Americans can do about eligibility
‘Fitness of a president is political question for a very good reason’


Army officer’s supporters warn of ‘greatest fraud ever’
Group joins doctor’s campaign to challenge Obama’s eligibility


New Mexico candidate ready for ‘fight’ about eligibility
Congressional contender says Obama raised ‘most significant questions himself’


New strategy for officer testing Obama’s eligibility
Army doctor wants simple question answered: Are orders legal?


Lt. Col. Lakin backers clash over eligibility strategy
Retired officers weigh in on case challenging Obama’s authority to give orders


Battle-scarred judge says Lakin decision ignores Constitution
‘Highest law in this country is not Supreme Court, not commander in chief’


Supremes get case against ‘putative’ President Obama
Petition: ‘There exists possibility that he could be an illegal alien’


Rush charges Obama ‘foreigner’ in loyalties
‘We don’t need birth certificate to know’


Army judge to officer: Shut up and be punished!
Defense counsel warns ‘fair trial’ impossible under military rulings


Hey, Dallas! ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’
Billboard campaign moves into heart of Texas


Eligibility a flashpoint in state House election
Dem politician says racism reason Obama’s birth documentation questioned


Glenn Beck fans doubt his take on eligibility
Fox host faces torrent of ‘Where’s birth certificate’ on his own website


Key Dem: GOP majority will issue ‘birther’ subpoenas
Warns Republicans will investigate Obama’s birthplace


Hawaii Dems button-lipped on Obama eligibility status
Doc missing statement candidate ‘qualified’ under U.S. Constitution


Look what’s on horizon in San Antonio
‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ billboard posted deep in the heart of Texas


‘Birther in chief’ invited to dinner by Harry Reid
‘I have no fear of anything. I’ll ask him about eligibility on camera’


Military judge to Lakin: Find another defense
Rules that officer challenging Obama’s eligibility can’t see evidence


General: Obama records ‘critical’ to ‘our republic’
Eligibility issue ‘of such magnitude significance can scarcely be imagined’


Best-seller: Obama has not proved birthplace
Sole document released leaves open possibility he was born outside Hawaii


Obama slams ‘lies’ about his background, beliefs
‘I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead’


House candidate drops bid so she can expose Obama
Calls president ‘fraud,’ promotes gatherings like Glenn Beck’s 8/28 rally


Woman convicted in Obama student-loan case
Among 9 employees charged for looking up president’s records


Hey Nashville! Where’s the birth certificate?
Latest eligibility billboard goes up in country music capital


Judges told they should resolve eligibility dispute
Provision of Constitution ‘may not be disregarded by means of a popular vote’


Congressman targeted for befriending ‘birthers’
Calls for defeat of ‘Tea Party Republican’ who backs ‘conspiracy theorists’


How many names does the president have?
White House passport image raises further questions


Officer’s case over Obama’s eligibility already tainted?
Retired expert says treatment of Army flight surgeon needs to be addressed


CNN retracts blast against officer challenging Obama
Says ‘bigots,’ ‘racists,’ ‘freaks’ intended to criticize ‘birthers’ generally


Previously unknown Obama stepsister dies
Raises question of whether president adopted by Indonesian stepfather


Retired general to Congress: Give Obama ultimatum
Message should be he needs to clear up cloud of doubt about eligibility


Obama ‘enjoying’ eligibility dispute
Lawmaker: ‘You don’t have to be born in the U.S. to be president’


Yes, Obama’s eligible for president, in Kenya!
New law approved after Barack spends $23 million U.S. tax money supporting it


No Obama birth certificate among passport documents
Conspicuously missing from file stating prez born in Hawaii


Another Obama puzzle: 3rd grade in 2 countries?
Photo at Hawaii school doesn’t line up with State Department info, registration


New documents point to Indonesian citizenship
Mother dropped Obama from U.S. passport when being American dangerous


Obama on MySpace: I’m now 4 years younger!
On his purported birthday, president actually subtracts from his age


CNN shock for Obama
Astonishing number of Americans refusing to accept prez’s eligibility


Rush Limbaugh: It’s Obama’s birthday, without evidence
Radio host quips: ‘Not that we’ve seen any proof of that’


Oops! Obama mama passport ‘destroyed’
State Department claims records gone for Stanley Ann Dunham prior to 1968


Candidate for Congress: ‘Usurper’ holds Oval Office
But impeachment not solution, since ‘that would imply he held seat in valid manner’


Eligibility challenger: Bring on the evidence
Officer who refused orders from Obama chain of command seeking birth records


Hawaiian birth? Still ineligible
Best-selling book cites Founders, numerous Supreme Court rulings


Judges evade Obama birth-certificate query
Abandon plans to penalize attorney whose clients challenged eligibility


Candidate: Those asking eligibility questions ‘dumba-ses’
Colorado’s Buck admits he shouldn’t have used word


Obama pal slams WND for eligibility reporting
Guv candidate declared president’s birth was at Hawaii’s Kapiolani Hospital


Obama ‘citizenship papers’ arrive from remote village
Author: ‘This brings new proof he is American just like everyone else’


Eligibility challenger: Army convicted me without trial
Lakin: ‘Derogatory remarks come from charges still under investigation’


Florida asked, ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’
Latest billboard erected in Lake City, ‘gateway’ to the state


Black candidate wonders if Obama ‘entitled’ to office
Indiana’s Scott joins list of public figures asking eligibility questions


Obama student-loan mystery shrouded by ‘politics’
Attorney representing 9 federal employees slams Justice Department


Senator: Resolve eligibility in court
‘I support organizations’ that raise birth challenge


Next stop for ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ campaign
Dallas fans have opportunity to help fund billboards in their hometown


Senate-seeker wants Obama birth-certificate treatment
‘If I didn’t prove citizenship, I’d be removed from the ballot’


Has ‘standing’ been created in hunt for Obama birth doc?
Appellate judges threaten penalties for seeking president’s information


Guess who’s covering sensational claim on Obama’s birth
National magazine publishes story about alleged White House cover-up


Appeals panel considers whether Obama even American
Case challenges eligibility for failure to provide proof of citizenship


Not even 4 in 10 believe Obama birth story
Magazine boasts 63% think president born somewhere in the states


Hawaii elections official victim of vicious smears
Honolulu clerk alleging cover-up: ‘They have failed quite miserably’


Brand-new billboard keeps pressure on Obama
Pennsylvania gets another taste of ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’


GOP’s King on birth certificate: ‘There’s 1 we haven’t seen’
Speech on babies’ share of national debt references presidential eligibility dispute


Obama’s not alone with birth-certificate problem …
Inspector general: Even certificates in doubt because of fraud potential


Elections official hits TV to affirm no Hawaii birth
Tells network affiliate hospital certificate non-existent, cites racism for controversy


Congressman says Obama birthplace ‘not in Hawaii’
Inglis spars with Colbert over race in South Carolina district


Hawaiian elections clerk has eligibility ‘solution’
Official who says Obama has no birth certificate thinks idea would ‘solve entire controversy’


1 Obama record-hunter pleads guilty
Admits unauthorized computer access to president’s student loan docs


Army disses officer challenging Obama
‘Extremely talented’ evaluation altered to ‘does not possess sound judgment’


Election official: I’d testify Obama not born in Hawaii
Clerk willing to swear in court about no hospital birth record


Hawaii elections clerk hits YouTube
Features WND story exposing allegations Obama birth certificate doesn’t exist


Officer to Army: See you in court
Waives initial hearing on charges of failing to obey chain of command


Gibbs sidesteps Social Security question
Asked about affidavits that Obama’s ID was assigned to Connecticut address


Hawaii elections clerk: Obama not born here
Official who oversaw ballots in 2008 race says hospital birth certificate non-existent


Michael Savage: Obama may be foreign ‘usurper’
Radio host decries ‘extreme dangers’ of president with ‘dual allegiances’


Army slams door on Obama details
‘Items pertaining to the president’s credentials are not relevant’


Recusal sought for ‘Twitter’ judge in eligibility case
Court accused of ‘operating with a strong bias’


Poll shocker! Majority wants Obama records
Maintain president should be chased from office if he doesn’t come clean


Obama history-hunters: We plead ‘not guilty’
Prosecutors: Defendants trying to access president’s college-year records


U.S. Selective Service in Obama cover-up?
Mysterious Social Security Number now wreaks havoc in online search


Harlem ‘trial’ finds Obama ‘guilty’
Pastor says incriminating information to be given to ‘authorities’


Google hides Obama’s Social Sec. # story
Searches for WND report diverted to Kagan, oil, Tampa stories


Investigators: Obama uses Connecticut Soc. Sec. #
3 experts insist White House answer new questions about documentation


Obama eligibility ‘trial’ set to launch
Academics, citizenship to be investigated


Hearing set for officer challenging eligibility
Army doctor’s investigation scheduled for June 11


Eligibility lawyer to become election favorite?
Taitz seeking position as secretary of state to audit Obama’s credentials


Elections chief: Constitution ‘important’
Ineligible candidate would be ‘biggest scam ever perpetuated on American people’


Obama waives ethics rules for eligibility lawyer
White House: Restrictions on top attorney ‘not in public interest’


NASCAR connection to Obama’s birth certificate
Drivers near famed racetrack confronted with president’s eligibility


See Michelle call Barack a ‘Kenyan’
Video includes comments about Obama at fundraiser


Hawaii governor announces ‘exact’ place of Obama birth
‘Question has been asked and answered, and I think we should all move on now’


Army officer to tell CNN about challenge to Obama
Lakin facing Article 32 hearing that starts court-martial process


The question that just won’t go away
Bethel, Pa., sign asks ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’


Rush: Obama ‘afraid’ of eligibility question?
Talk-radio icon suggests prez ‘touchy on the subject of producing your papers’


‘New eligibility strategy working’
Petition drive spurs action in half a dozen states


Eligibility sponsor fears GOP protecting Obama
Vote approaching on demand candidates prove ‘natural born’ status


Is billboard campaign working?
‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ slogan bringing issue home


Another state considers Arizona eligibility plan
Georgia lawmaker says when Congress won’t act, ‘states have a duty to step up’


Army to ‘inquire’ into charges against Lakin
Will seek ‘disposition … in the interest of justice and discipline’


Retired Army general: Lt. Col. Lakin has ‘valid point’
‘He has right to discovery. Producing birth certificate is very important’


Army charges Lt. Col. Lakin
Officer demanding proof of eligibility accused of failing to report for duty


Approaching apocalypse: Will Obama docs surface?
Attorney hints proof of eligibility will come up in officer’s defense


Army officer ‘flagged’ for challenging Obama
‘It means there can be no favorable actions taken for me’


Eligibility challenger to go public
Army officer hits airwaves to answer questions


Justice Clarence Thomas: We’re ‘evading’ eligibility
Does testimony hint at division behind Supreme Court’s doors?


Officer challenging Obama ‘reassigned’
No charges yet for surgeon demanding eligibility proof


NPR changes archive regarding president’s birth
Claims correction proper ‘since Obama was born in Hawaii’


Officer challenging Obama ‘reassigned’
No charges yet for surgeon demanding eligibility docs


Kenyan officials affirm: Obama ‘son of this soil’
In partying mood, did African lawmakers say too much?


Officer to Army: Bring it on!
Refusing to deploy without eligibility answers, misses due date at Fort Campbell


FBI destroyed file on Obama’s grandfather
Dunham befriended communist mentor of future president


Kenyan official: Obama born here
In debate over constitution, minister urges African nation to emulate U.S.


NPR archive describes Obama as ‘Kenyan-born’
Description accompanies interview about ‘son of Africa’


Drive to demand birth certificate hits major milestone
Question over Obama’s eligibility to Oval Office appears to be growing


Obama critic hit with charges
Facing April 20 hearing over ‘disorderly conduct’ in Tennessee


Officer questioning eligibility faces new threats
Army: ‘You could be sentenced to dismissal, confinement’


Did Michelle say Barack born in Kenya?
Video clip of reference in speech goes viral on Internet


Eligibility challenger: Don’t touch my brain!
Flight surgeon questioning Obama rejects Army’s suggestion of ‘help’


New strategy unveiled to force Obama on eligibility
Petition calls on state election officials to verify qualifications in 2012


Army suggests brain scan for eligibility challenger
Flight surgeon questions Obama’s right to be commander in chief


Army ‘showdown’ at eligibility corral
Top doctor refuses orders, urges Obama to show birth certificate


Obama: Tea party based on eligibility issue
‘There are some folks who just weren’t sure whether I was born in the U.S.’


California ‘had duty’ to examine Obama eligibility
Brief cites Supreme Court determination candidates can be removed from ballot


Attorney links eligibility, health care challenges
Motion says new law invalid because of Obama’s missing documentation


Court told ‘citizen’ Obama actually may be alien
‘Under British Nationality Act … he was a British subject’


Elections official frets over eligibility attorney’s run
Secretary of state’s campaign worries over ‘right-wing’ influences


Eligibility lawyer says ‘standing’ a no-brainer
‘How can you deny he’s affecting me?’


Glenn Beck: Eligibility ‘not winnable argument’
Tells Denver radio host Peter Boyles ‘I haven’t looked into it at all’


Now a government questions eligibility
‘It’s not law if qualified president isn’t signing it’


McCain ‘birthers’: ABC, CBS, NBC, others
Eligibility issue huge in 2008 when focus on Obama opponent


Look up! Obama’s eligibility issue sizzling again
‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ campaign finds new location


Rep. Broun wonders if Obama ‘citizen’
‘I don’t know,’ is his response to radio host’s question


Arizona lawmakers a joke to prez?
Gibbs: Obama not paying attention to push for eligibility document


New move cancels even valid birth certificates
Native Puerto Ricans left wondering what to do now


Eligibility lawyer: I’ll demand proof
Activist may seek public office to resolve questions over Obama’s birth


‘Where’s the Birth Certificate?’ billboards are back!
Pennsylvania travelers being asked eligibility question


Does this sign reveal Obama’s birthplace?
Man who posted original photo goes public with mystery’s truth


Lawyer vs. Obama: Ineligibility could prove costly
USJF chief: ‘This is completely uncharted territory’


Canadian citizenship hurdle to be U.S. president?
Michigan governor pooh-poohs concern over dual allegiances


Oops! Obama tells another nativity fib?
Records indicate father not part of Kenyan airlift, as prez said


Attorney facing penalties wants birth docs for defense
‘Hardship on plaintiff greatly outweighs hardship on defendant’


Oklahoma firecracker takes on Obama eligibility
Candidate: ‘If he claims he was born at Kapi’olani, I want him to show proof’


‘I don’t know whether Obama’s a U.S. citizen’
Growing list of lawmakers, talker questioning eligibility of president


Obama’s prayer: ‘Don’t question my citizenship’
Raises issue of eligibility in speech at annual breakfast gathering


Chrysler bankruptcy lawyers raise eligibility question
Defense of dealer dismissals cites question of Obama’s birth


Courts can remove ineligible chief executive
Precedent cited in appeal of California challenge to president’s tenure


D.C. court case demands Obama explain eligibility
Contends president’s allegiance is to Britain, Kenya, Indonesia


Democrats suddenly interested in Obama birth certificate
Senate campaign director has plan to harm Republicans running for offices


Even Californians doubt president’s eligibility
Survey says 1 in 3 have unanswered questions


Birth certificate ‘baloney’: ‘Official’ doesn’t mean real
Investigation shows how terrorists, fakers could pass as U.S. citizens


Hawaii launches defense to Obama birth queries
Posts ‘vital records’ Web page saying responses ‘not’ required


Appeals court told Obama ‘security risk’
Eligibility case says ‘usurper’ lacks ‘constitutional authority’


Obama’s eligibility becomes war between the states
Lawmakers jump into fray, seek answer to constitutional question


3 dozen lawmakers want proof of Obama eligibility
Proposal would demand state officials independently verify information


Birthers, is Secret Service watching you?
Agents pay visits to those who question Obama’s eligibility


White House mum on eligibility demand
Congressman’s question to president confirmed


Newspapers’ birth announcements: So what?
Critics rely on routine published statements in Honolulu


Report: Congressman challenges Obama eligibility
‘This forever changes the public discourse’


Glenn Beck on birther issue: ‘Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard’
Claims controversy is political ‘dream come true’ for Obama

Guess how ‘the One’ will be honored next
Obama Day, Park, High School, Birthplace – if only they can figure exactly where that is

Guess what AOL users say about eligibility questions
67% polled support Palin’s remarks about Obama birth

Palin: OK to press Obama’s eligibility
Voters ‘rightfully’ making doubt about birth certificate an issue

Appeals brief scheduled in Obama eligibility challenge
‘We look forward to moving ahead with this very important constitutional case’

Judge dismisses California eligibility challenge
Plaintiffs promise appeal of ruling protecting Obama

Does eligibility court clerk have ties to Obama?
Wikipedia editors scrub page over ‘fears that some birther might go nuts’


Michelle contradicts Obama nativity story
Divulges Ann Dunham was ‘very young and very single’ at birth of U.S. president

Appeal filed in Obama eligibility argument
‘Court cannot refuse to hear a case because it prefers not’

Obama law tab up to $1.7 million
‘Grass-roots army’ contributions used to crush eligibility lawsuits?

Judge accused of ‘intimidation’
Eligibility lawyer takes $20,000 penalty to next level

Judge tosses eligibility case against Congress
‘We’ve lost a skirmish. Now on with the war in the higher courts!’

Obama from Kenya, archived report says
Revives worry about president’s eligibility for office

Plaintiff: Courts must hear eligibility arguments
Cites Marshall opinion that to refuse is treason

Judge sets ‘final’ calendar for eligibility challenge
Ruling suggests there will be a trial, but doesn’t confirm it

Judge: Eligibility dispute is ‘serious’
Says case will be expedited when representation lined up

Obama eligibility case survives 1st court test
Judge hears arguments, refuses immediate dismissal demand

Obama eligibility to see its day in court?
Pivotal hearing decides whether ‘birther’ case will be trashed, heard on merits

Obama from Kenya, archived report says
Revives worry about president’s eligibility for office

Eligibility attorney mocked, fined $20,000
Judge: Perhaps ‘eccentric citizen’ convinced president ‘alien from Mars’

Senator says Obama’s birth location doesn’t matter
Tim Johnson: He’s natural-born citizen ‘regardless’ of place

Was Obama’s birth out of wedlock?
Book rekindles speculation parents never married

Congressman: Obama has something to hide
It’s not citizenship, but ‘there’s some other issue there’

Judge stalls access to Obama birth data
Says he’ll adjust trial date if plaintiffs need time for researching prez records

Motion: Judge follows ‘illegitimate chain of command’
Document alleged evidence ‘courts are subject to external control’

Judge threatens eligibility lawyer with $10,000 fine
Says case, appeal of dismissal frivolous

Feminist Camille Paglia: Birthers have a point
Tells radio audience ‘there are legitimate questions about the documentation’

Eligibility lawyer urges focus on the goal
Taitz says ‘attacks’ need to be directed at Obama

Judge ridicules eligibility case
Trashes soldier’s complaint, compares merits to ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Legislator takes eligibility question to election officials
‘I expect somebody to come up with some answers; so far that hasn’t happened’


President’s lawyers say eligibility question over
Argue for dismissal of lawsuit over Obama’s qualifications

Legislator takes eligibility question to election officials
‘I expect somebody to come up with answers; so far that hasn’t happened’

Soldier ordered not to challenge Obama’s eligibility?
Army doctor claims she was barred from answering judge’s call to court

Eye-popper: Is Nancy Pelosi in on eligibility cover-up?
Online images for certification of nomination raise questions

Birth-certificate seller surfaces as witness
Testifying in case challenging President Obama’s eligibility

Obama presents ‘nativity myth’ to schoolkids
Evidence shows mother actually left days after president born

‘Birth certificate’ billboards on the Net
Ads reach targeted audience, extend campaign reaching millions a day

Shocker! Judge orders trial on eligibility issue
Arguments planned Jan. 11 for major Obama challenge

Panic in D.C.? Justice urges birth suit tossed
Late motion filed by feds as case ready for hearing

Billboard campaign hits San Antonio
‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ Still no answers

Arguments for eBay birth certificate fall short
Jerome Corsi responds to seller of purported Kenyan document

Official Obama nativity story continues to unravel
Girlfriend places mother in Seattle in August 1961

Guess who’s latest player in birth-certificate billboards
Huge signs by interstate will be seen by 300,000 per day in Denver alone

eBay birth certificate called fraud
Hospital refuses to authenticate document

Did Obama’s grandmother say he was born in Kenya?
Audio! Witnesses contend interpreter tried to change her answer to ‘Hawaii’

County grills pastor over ‘Where’s birth certificate?’
Democrats want church service as polling place terminated

Franks joins demand for eligibility proof
Gives Obama 2008 pass, but would require papers in 2012

Congressman eyes lawsuit over president’s eligibility
Republican finds birth certificate sizzling topic at Arizona town hall

eBay seller releases video of ‘Obama birth certificate’
Barack’s dad had bachelor pad, mother left Hawaii with baby

Tom Delay – proud ‘birther’
‘Constitution specifically says you have to be natural born citizen’

Obama’s parents didn’t live at newspaper birth address
Barack’s dad had bachelor pad, mother left Hawaii with baby

Eligibility billboard campaign goes viral
Americans make homemade ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ signs

Obama’s MySpace page: I’m 52 years old, not 48
Would place president’s birth during time Hawaii was a territory

Birth certificate fraud: It’s been done before
FBI, Department of Justice have record of bribe scandal

Obama mama: 6 lost months
No documented record of whereabouts, activity leading up to baby’s birth in ’61

‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ Vegas, baby!
Eligibility billboard campaign hits jackpot in heart of the Strip

CNN gives boot to talk radio hosts
Described as ‘all noise’ and too predictable

Gibbs stumbles explaining Obama’s birthplace
‘The president was born … uhm … in … uhh, uhh … was born’

‘Doonesbury’ pokes fun at constitutional question
Cartoonist Trudeau suggests Hitler would want documentation of eligibility, too

Federal judge calls soldier’s Obama challenge ‘frivolous’
Stunned warrior: ‘I might get crushed in the wheels of the Chicago machine’

Evidence challenges claim over Obama’s birth address
Father in bachelor pad while mom left islands

Globe: Obama’s Hawaiian birth document fake
Cover story in tabloid suggests Canadian connection

Blogger: I created Kenya document
Posts images of document, says ‘You’ve been punk’d’

‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ The movie
‘A Question of Eligibility’ lays foundation for understanding hot issue

Obama law tab up to $1.4 million
‘Grass-roots army’ contributions being used to crush eligibility lawsuits?


Bill would force Obama to reveal birth documents
Hawaii senator: ‘Why wouldn’t they be available to the public?’

Obama birth doc update: Kenya sources weigh in
Comparison with similar certificates suggests fakery, WND probe reveals

Dig this: Media actually probed other candidates
Divulged personal documents on arrests, surgeries, colleges

Obama ‘mama’: 15 days from birth to Seattle class
Dunham signed up for assignments just 2 weeks out of delivery room

Timeline surrounding Barack Obama’s purported birth

Kenyan document ignites firestorm over authenticity
Online Aussie paperwork cited for ‘striking similarities’

1,200 send Obama request for records
‘American people are becoming more aware of this obstinacy on your part’

What does ‘natural born citizen’ legally mean?
Debate whether British dad’s baby meets constitutional requirement for president

Now Glenn Beck slams Obama birth issue
‘What, are you going to take him out of office? You can’t do that’

Harry Reid: Not 1 minute for ‘phony issue’ of birth
Senate floor criticisms make sure dispute is in Congressional Record

Farah’s birthday challenge: A $10,000 gift to hospital
WND editor says he will make donation if Obama releases long-form document

HuffPost blogger, college prof: Release birth certificate
‘It’s so easy. I think most of us have ours in our important papers at home’

Hawaii refuses to verify president’s online COLBs
Officials mum on images released by Obama’s campaign,

Andrew Sullivan: Release the birth certificate
Influential columnist, blogger joins, then unjoins call for official ‘transparency’

Is this really smoking gun of Obama’s Kenyan birth?
Attorney files motion for authentication of alleged 1960s certificate from Africa

New poll shows birthers growing
Majority of GOP, Southerners question president’s birthplace

Join more than 500,000 others in seeking citizenship proof

Petition demands verification of Obama’s eligibility

Expert: Watch loyalty, not certificate of birth
Cites Obama’s references to Islam, denial of America’s Christianity

Where’s monument for Obama’s birthplace?
Most presidents have parks, plaques, but No. 44 could be left out

Farah: ‘White House wants to silence dissent’
WND chief tells radio listeners why birth certificate story still alive

No. 11 signs onto demand for eligibility proof
Former judge now cosponsor for Posey plan

Vanished: Obama exposer disappears off Net
Owner vows: ‘This guy is coming down, there’s nothing anybody can do about it’

Guess how many ways to get Hawaii ‘birth certificate’
Some required nothing more than assertion from an adult

Photostat of Susan Nordyke’s 1961 Hawaii birth certificate (Courtesy Honolulu Advertiser)

Will Hawaii destroy Obama’s birth certificate?
Investigator cites procedural changes that could allow it

Unveiled! Hawaii’s 1961 long-form birth certificates
Real documents include name of doctor, hospital

Lou Dobbs: Just produce birth certificate
CNN anchor says Obama’s presidential actions could be ‘illegal’

New doubts revealed in Obama’s nativity story
School documents show mother left father within weeks of birth

The latest on ‘Certification of Live Birth’
Officials confirm ‘Obama document’ not necessarily accurate

Congressional support for proof of eligibility grows
10th congressman now supports election law change

$100,000 offered for proof of eligibility
Businessman asks how president can issue orders ‘if he is not qualified’

Left rises to squash CNN’s Lou Dobbs
E-mail campaign to get ‘stupid, overpaid, racist wingnut off air once and for all’

Hawaii’s statement on Obama birth record breaks law?
Health spokeswoman has pointed to statute that bars her from comment

Hawaii health official: Trust me
‘Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen’

CNN wrong once again – birth record not destroyed
Hawaii contradicts network boss’ claim that Obama certificate no longer exists

Fax blast asking states to investigate eligibility
Campaign seeks audit by attorneys general of election documentation

Gibbs: 10,000 more important issues than eligibility
But he admits at news briefing questions won’t go away

Soldier’s case against Obama to be class-action?
Army major challenged orders based on questions about president’s eligibility

Why eligibility story is still alive
Public awareness triggered by Farah’s billboard campaign

Passport seeker has no sympathy for Obama
Says he can’t cross river to visit family without showing birth certificate

AOL poll from July 2009

AOL poll: 81% want Obama to release it
Say president should show American people birth certificate

‘Shut up Lou Dobbs’ campaign hits stride
CNN anchor simply wants birth certificate revealed

WND being censored from search engines?
Obama birth certificate links buried on Google News site

White House stonewalling on ‘birth letter’
Ignores repeated requests to authenticate Obama message declaring exact hospital

Hawaiian newspapers don’t prove birthplace
Announcements published in 1961 not solid evidence of U.S. location

Obama’s online ‘birth cert’ misses ‘proving’ eligibility
‘There are some documents that say things that aren’t true’

Limbaugh: ‘Obama has yet to prove he’s a citizen’
Radio giant blasts president’s refusal to show long-form birth certificate

Birth records get murky when adoption involved
Dual citizenship can result, parents names changed

Demand soars for eligibility postcards
Birth certificate issue remains uppermost in readers concerns

‘Birth certificate’ seller vanishes into thin air
Dubious eBay character dodges agent, lawyer, verification team

Another paper changes ‘Obama’s origin’
Deletes reference to continent of president’s birth

‘Birth hospital’: Letter for real
New images of ‘Obama document’ at center of eligibility controversy

Barack Obama states in this
purported letter from him on what appears to be White House stationery
that he was born at the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and
Children in Honolulu.

Lib talker, Lou Dobbs now asking eligibility questions
Radio, television, newspapers taking note of long-running dispute

‘Begone!’ Georgia judge orders fired reservist
Officer’s orders to Afghanistan jerked after challenge to Obama’s eligibility

Pentagon orders soldier fired for challenging prez
Army warrior terminated from job after questioning Obama eligibility


Bombshell: Orders revoked for soldier challenging prez
Major victory for Army warrior questioning Obama’s birthplace

‘Documents’ show Obama birthplace in Hawaii?
News site claims unidentified records reveal president’s U.S. roots

Americans go crazy for birth certificate post cards
Hilarious gift with important message strikes chord with patriots

Eligibility arguments to get court hearing
‘For 1st time, we have a judge who’s listening’

Now White House joins ‘birth hospital’ cover-up
Spokesman belittles WND reporter, asks ‘what reporting’ has been done

U.S. officer demands answer: Is Army ‘corps of chattel slaves?’
Court challenge demands conscientious objector status unless evidence provided 

Wikipedia says Obama born in Kenya
Online encyclopedia can’t make up its mind on president’s birthplace

Just who delivered baby Barack Obama?
Physician who attended birth remains shrouded in mystery


Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii

Obama’s ‘birth hospital’ in astonishing cover-up
Hospital once proudly celebrated president, now in active mode to hide ‘proof’

News reports: Obama born in Africa
Ghana paper calls Africa ‘continent of his birth’

Obama ‘smear’ site vanishes from Web
Statements scrubbed on birth certificate

Obama birth letter: Is this thing for real?
See what hospital posted on website, then pulled down hour after story

Hawaii Supremes asked to take ‘action’ on WND report
Story documented conflicting Obama birthplace claims

Hawaii upgrades ‘certification of live birth’
State dumps exclusion on document for home lands program

Eligibility claims attracting high-level interest
Joint Chiefs counsel, Justice Department now involved

Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii

U.S. hospitals ‘wouldn’t have to disclose Hitler’
Whether Obama or anyone else, facilities keep their lips sealed

News sites swap Obama’s birthplace like magic
UPI, Snopes change location within hours of WND report

Obama calls Jakarta his ‘old hometown’
Was president citizen of world’s most populous Muslim nation?

Obama birth mystery: More than 1 hospital
Myth-busting website, news articles say president not born in location he claims

Hospital won’t back Obama birth claim
Honolulu’s Kapi’olani Medical Center refuses to confirm White House letter

Holder ‘conflict’ cited in eligibility case
Lawyer says attorney general must enforce Constitution

Want to send Barack Obama a message?
‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ postcards available now

eBay seller claims certified Kenya birth certificate
Says copy sports embossed seal, signature of physician

For 6th time, eBay ‘birth certificate’ seller erased
Doubts grow as document, video, contact missing

Screenshot of eBay auction claiming to have Obama’s ‘Kenyan birth certificate’

‘Citizen grand jury’ organizers deliver accusations
‘Presentments’ against Obama given to White House, FBI

The latest on eBay’s ‘Kenyan birth certificate’
Now it’s an autographed photograph for sale

Check out latest eligibility billboard location
See ‘birth certificate’ campaign that revived debate nationwide

eBay warns buyers off $1 mil ‘Kenyan birth certificate’
Administrators tell members who contacted seller not to respond again

President Obama (White House photo)

Lawyer notifying president of lawsuit
California case challenges Obama’s eligibility

Obama secrecy could prevent recognition of birthplace
Most presidents’ homes provided federal designation

Will ‘truth about Obama’ be sold on eBay?
Bids soar past $15,000 for alleged proof of president’s Kenyan birth

The ad campaign that revived eligibility debate
See the impact of ‘birth certificate’ billboards nationwide

Hawaiian newspaper to WND: Drop dead
Star-Bulletin rejects full-page ad asking for help on Obama’s birth

‘Kenyan birth certificate’ remains eBay mystery
Investigator who traveled to Africa ‘skeptical’ document is real deal

‘Proof’ of Kenyan birth scrubbed twice on eBay
But seller of ‘Obama’s birth certificate’ dodges administrators to post 3rd time

For sale on eBay: Obama’s ‘Kenyan birth certificate’
Seller claims Mombasa document ‘certified copy’

Judge: Eligibility dispute is ‘serious’
Says case will be expedited when representation lined up

Billboard on I-35 in Waco, Texas

Eligibility issue hits local news
Radio anchor: ‘Most still very much in doubt’

Question on everyone’s mind
Bumper stickers highlight eligibility doubts

Hearing set on default in Obama eligibility case
Judge asks for 2nd confirmation that president notified of case

$10,000 bounty for any witness to Obama’s birth
Editor encourages readers to help him up the ante

Billboard cartel says no to questioning Obama
Trade group headed by Democrat donor discouraged acceptance of eligibility

What’s the difference?
Compare ‘long-form’ Hawaiian birth certificate with Obama’s

Shocker! Most Americans know of Obama eligibility questions
Despite near media blackout on coverage, 49.3% ‘troubled,’ think he should release birth certificate

Gibbs gets 2nd shot at eligibility question
But he doesn’t answer attorney’s query about piles of sealed records

Grass roots sign onto eligibility billboard campaign
Washington state ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate’ sign appears

Appeal promised of eligibility lawsuit
Accuses Obama of fraudulently serving as senator

Trifecta: 3rd media outfit bans Obama eligibility ads
Clear Channel joins CBS, Lamar in dissing constitutional question

Businessman boots Lamar over eligibility issue
Billboard company disses birth certificate question, now losing business

Rush LImbaugh

Shep Smith attacks right-wing ‘crazies’
Rips people questioning eligibility as being ‘out there in a scary place’

Rush Limbaugh pummels Obama on birth certificate
Radio giant clowns about president’s similarities, differences with God

Question that won’t go away
So what’s the problem with an ordinary piece of paperwork?

Obama: Where have all his records gone?
Footprints of president’s own history either vanish or remain covered up

Door slams on Hawaiian hospital records
Is Obama eligible? ‘We cannot respond to your inquiries’

2nd major billboard company rejects eligibility campaign
Lamar Outdoor: ‘misleading to indicate there’s question about president’s birth certificate’

Obama ‘birth certificate’ not acceptable in Hawaii
Even state requires long-form document for some eligibility, identification

All topics open to discuss – except Obama eligibility
100% of posts scrubbed from White House transparency site ask about birth certificate

‘Birthers’ battle on – eligibility battle at next level
White House can’t avoid questions about citizenship in ‘open government dialogue’

Eligibility billboards dubbed ‘misleading’
Trade association defends CBS ban on ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’

‘Transparent’ White House blacklists ‘birthers’
Obama eligibility topic missing from plans for next phase of dialogue

White House ‘Open Government Dialogue’ website overrun with concerns about president’s eligibility

Cover-up: CBS bans eligibility billboards
Industry signange leader rejects campaign asking ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’

Surrounding Obama with eligibility question
Websites, billboards, press briefing — and bumper stickers

White House dialogue site scrubbed of eligibility posts
Many Obama birth certificate queries yanked from ‘transparency’ debate

Eligibility explodes on White House ‘dialogue’ site
77% of voters demand Obama release long-form birth certificate

Obama asks which public records you want to see
On White House site, most answer establishing his eligibility to serve

Appeals court dumps eligibility arguments
‘I am totally disappointed that there has been this delay’

Birth certificate issue No. 1 at Fox News
Obama eligibility most talked about topic on news website

‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ billboard in Ball, La.

If that’s a birth certificate, I’ll …
New campaign helps people creatively express ‘flushtration’ over eligibility

New bid to unseal Obama’s birth certificate
Challenge claims Hawaii waived privacy by talking about document

Obama flack laughs off birth certificate question
‘It’s on the Internet, Lester,’ claims Gibbs at White House briefing

Media find eligibility billboard campaign irresistible
Effort to see Obama’s document covered by the London Times

Birth certificate campaign tops $45,000
‘This is the way the truth will win in the end,’ says organizer

Americans vote with wallets to see Obama documents
$75K already given to ‘truth and transparency’ billboard campaign

Grand juries cite Obama for ineligibility, treason
Hundreds of ‘presentments’ being handed to prosecutors

Unwrapped! Birth certificate billboard No. 1
First sign erected in ‘truth and transparency’ campaign

Obama eligibility lawyer cites dangers from delays
‘Every passing day impacts lives of Americans’

U.S. bonkers for Obama birth certificate billboards
Campaign strikes chord on presidential eligibility issue

U.S. Supreme Court

The ‘Where’s the birth certificate?’ campaign
Would you like to see this billboard in your town?

How to get eligibility ruling from Supremes
Lawyer outlines strategy to prompt court decision

2nd congressman: Prove eligibility
Virginia representative signs onto plan to demand evidence

Eligibility attorney plans return to Supreme Court
Says, ‘I will be filing until I get an answer’

Eligibility case defendants don’t want to answer now
Lawyer for Obama, Congress says representation decision unmade

Is Obama campaign cash quashing eligibility suits?
FEC shows more than $1 million paid to top law firm since election

Orly Taitz announces new blog
California attorney behind Obama eligibility lawsuits moves battle to fresh website

Did state election papers include eligibility perjury?
Campaign seeks investigation by attorneys general of documentation

Kentucky elections officer wants eligibility investigated
Refers matter to state attorney general for review

See where ‘’ takes you on Internet
What does website using president’s childhood moniker mean?

‘Twittered’ eligibility case lawyer faces threat of sanctions
Team defending Obama, Biden warns of ‘costs, expenses, fees’

Orly Taitz (WND photo / Chelsea Schilling)


Meet fierce blonde behind Obama eligibility lawsuits
Soviet Union survivor: President spits in face of every U.S. citizen

Doubt about Obama eligibility spreads
Writer concedes ‘ambiguities’ weren’t ‘satisfactorily resolved’

What about the hospital of his ‘birth’?
Hawaii moves to make Obama childhood home national landmark

Analyst warns eligibility could become flashpoint
‘It is morphing now to include members of the armed forces’

Supreme Court asked to cooperate with FBI
Attorney investigating Obama’s eligibility reports cyber attacks

The ultimate special report on eligibility
Why millions still demand proof Obama is constitutionally fit for office

Eligibility judge backs off sanctions threat
Instead ‘reprimands’ attorney representing military officer

Citizen grand jury indicts Obama
Groups in 20 more states reviewing eligibility claims

Keyes to appeal case on Obama’s eligibility
Lawyer says dismissal ‘eviscerates’ Constitution’s rules for president

Federal criminal complaint contends Obama ineligible
Ex-officer alleges prez used ‘contrivance, concealment, dissembling and deceit’

Eligibility lawyer says Homeland Security shadowing him
Reports incidents involving county, federal agents

Obama open for questions from you today
Farah urges readers ask most obvious: Where’s the birth certificate?

Justice, Supremes confirm getting eligibility challenge
Taitz documents demanding proof of Obama’s birthplace to be reviewed

Suggesting eligibility proof gets congressman scorned
Faces comments including, ‘Take the Reynolds Wrap off your head’

Vice President Joe Biden

Biden jokes about Obama’s birth certificate at dinner
Says Cheney left copy of document in vice presidential desk

Supremes read Kansas blog?
Focused on page dealing with claims of ineligibility

Taitz to FBI: Investigate ‘tampering’ at Supremes
‘305 million Americans need to know if foreign national is usurping presidency’

Man critical of Obama case judge visited by marshals
‘I told your Gestapo goons we had nothing to talk about’

Judge ripped for using blog eligibility hearsay
Obama case lawyer says he’s entitled to birth certificate discovery hearing

Chief justice accepts ‘eligibility’ petition
Roberts agrees to read Obama docs, consider WND’s 330,000 signers

U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla.

Eligibility bill hits Congress
Representative files law requiring candidates show birth certificate

Court: No need for state to check prez’ eligibility
Judge throws out complaint brought on behalf of Keyes

Did Supreme Court clerk torpedo eligibility cases?
Taitz submits motion for rehearing in case challenging Obama’s citizenship


Why are there still questions about qualifications?
Arguments of president’s defenders never actually addressed eligibility

What congressmen say about eligibility
Lawmakers’ letters insist ‘president was born in Hawaii’

Antonin Scalia

Scalia: You need 4 votes for Obama eligibility case
Lawyer confronts justice about prez’s qualifications

Is infallible?
If website calls Obama eligible, then he must be, right?

Eligibility issue sparks ‘edit war’
Wikipedia blocks users from posting criticism of Obama

Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility
Mention of citizenship issues deleted in minutes, ‘offending’ users banned

Judge James Robertson

Judge: Eligibility issue thoroughly ‘twittered’
Dismisses case brought by retired military officer

Republican senator says Snopes settled ‘eligibility’
Arizona’s Kyl cites website that assumes Hawaiian birth

Senator: Eligibility is up to the voters
Republican Martinez implies constitutional requirement for presidency can be bypassed


U.S. soldier gagged on prez’s eligibility
Military member seeking documentation silenced

More military officers demand eligibility proof
Plaintiff: ‘In the worst case … it’s going to be revolution in the streets’

Obama eligibility tops AOL News
Internet reports mock ‘Birthers’ who want constitutional proof

California used to check prez candidates’ eligibility
Lawsuit seeks school records to verify citizenship status

Retired Maj. Gen. Carroll Childers

Major General says president’s eligibility needs proof
‘Most important, what I really want is the truth’

Eligibility lawyer argues for president’s deportation
Berg seeks proper treatment for ‘illegal alien’

2nd U.S. soldier in Iraq challenges eligibility
Says issue could decide if ‘we are a Constitutional Republic’


Soldier questions eligibility, doubts president’s authority
‘As an officer, my sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution requires this’

Senator questions Obama eligibility
Shelby: ‘They said he was born in Hawaii, but I haven’t seen any birth certificate’

Eligibility petition hits quarter-million mark
Nearly 3,000 a day question Obama’s constitutional suitability

Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist
Claims ‘communist usurper’ plunges country into chaos

States reviewing ‘eligibility’ challenges
Montana tables plan while Oklahoma’s gets committee approval

Keyes: President ‘has something to hide’ about eligibility
Says Dem ‘asked to be chosen, therefore must answer’

‘Sanctions’ sought in eligibility case
President’s attorneys file motion demanding birth, college records be withheld from public

State lawmakers: Prove you’re president, Mr. Obama
Case being assembled to demand eligibility documentation

Eligibility issue: McCain checked but not Obama
Lawsuit contends Congress failed to qualify Democrat for Oval Office

Congress sued to remove prez from White House
‘Defendants had to ensure the Constitution is upheld’

What did president tell Supreme Court?
Lawyer in eligibility case seeks records of secret discussions

Has newspaper really solved eligibility question?
Retired teacher cited as proof but she claims no first-hand knowledge

President’s meeting with judges questioned
Lawyer challenging eligibility raises issue of secret conference

Eligibility battle rages on 3 fronts
Court, Congress and college challenged on constitutionality


Please check eligibility, thousands ask Supremes

Another round of urgent requests delivered to high court

Latest eligibility challenge rejected
Justices’ conference results in no action on constitutional questions

Eligibility issue to follow Obama into Oval Office
Supreme Court sets ‘natural born’ conference to follow inauguration

Watch Obama commercial they don’t want you to see
Fox, CNN, MSNBC refuse ads questioning Barack’s eligibility

Supreme Court to take up eligibility question again
Conference to evaluate claims president-elect isn’t qualified

FedEx Supreme Court on Obama’s eligibility
WND makes it easy, cheaper to ask justices to resolve questions

AOL: Growing majority worried over eligibility
Even half in Illinois say issue should be reviewed, resolved

Berg files new challenge to eligibility
‘There is nothing more important than our U.S. Constitution’

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon

Eligibility case finds ‘standing’?
New suit claims unique state law enables citizens to demand proof

Most covered-up of 2008: Natural-born citizen
WND editors join with readers to determine the year’s top 10

Message to Congress: Protect Constitution
Effort seeks volunteers to challenge eligibility

Eligibility remains focus of Supremes’ conferences
Dispute posted on docket twice after Electoral College votes in

Supreme Court to talk about Obama 3rd time
Berg eligibility case set for conference Jan. 9

More challenges fail in Supreme Court
Kennedy turns back cases based on eligibility questions

Investigator casts doubt on Obama’s birth residence
Neighbor believes family didn’t live at address in newspaper announcement

Obama citizenship issue has merit, AOL poll says
Nation seeks answers to questions about president-elect’s eligibility

Supreme Court refuses 2nd challenge to eligibility
Case alleges dual citizenship disqualifies Obama for office

Status report: The eligibility issue
Several cases still challenge whether senator can become president

Thousands advise electors to check eligibility
But 1 who teaches ‘Marxist theory’ ridicules concerns

Democrat’s eligibility ‘facts’ knocked down
‘If a guy ain’t natural born, he can’t be president’

Electors challenged to investigate birth dispute
‘Only reasonable explanation’ is he wasn’t born in the U.S.

Supremes turn down request to stop Electoral vote
But Friday, high court will consider another case in flood of eligibility challenges

Keyes’ lawyers invite public to ‘join the fight’
High-profile eligibility lawsuit may succeed where others have failed

Eligibility question? FedEx Electoral College members
WND follows up Supreme Court letter campaign with historic 1st

Join exploding demand for citizenship documentation
230,000 already have signed petition

Eligibility dispute, Part 2, scheduled by Supremes
Court rejects claim challenging candidacy, schedules another for Friday conference

Supreme Court denies 1st eligibility challenge
Justices won’t give questions about qualifications full hearing

Demonstrators protesting Obama’s eligibility and praying before the U.S. Supreme Court

Will Supremes review citizenship arguments?
Lawsuit: Even with a valid birth certificate, ‘he still wouldn’t be eligible to be president’

Eligibility dispute story spreads
Now National Press Club event scheduled on challenge to Oval Office occupant

More than 60,000 letters sent to U.S. Supreme Court
WND readers deliver urgent requests to review Obama citizenship

‘Natural-born’ requirement called ‘stupidest provision’
Also ‘discriminates, outdated, undemocratic and assumes birthplace a proxy for loyalty’

Pravda raises Obama eligibility issue
Other media outlets begin reporting concerns over president-elect’s citizenship status

Document posted on Barack Obama’s “Fight the Smears” website.


Hawaii hospitals: Obama not born here
Blog claims calls, visits to medical facilities reveal no birthplace of president-elect

Electoral College scam: Where dead people vote
Lawyer challenging eligibility seeks investigation of process

Democrat asks Supreme Court to halt electors
Obama lets deadline slip by without responding to petition, so attorney takes next step

Print, TV ads demand citizenship proof from Obama
Concerned Americans look to media to compel president-elect to release documents

Imaging guru: ‘Certification’ of birth time, location is fake
‘It would be hard to perform as president from behind jail cell door at Leavenworth’

Obama, DNC elude citizenship lawsuit deadline
Solicitor general’s office dodges questions about birth certificate complaint

FedEx the Supremes about Obama’s eligibility
WND makes it easy, cheaper to ask justices to resolve questions

Chasm dividing Americans over birth certificate widens
Opinions include, ‘Constitution means what we say’

Ambassador Peter Ogego

Embassy: Obama not born in Kenya
Office claims ambassador was speaking about president-elect’s father in radio interview

Orders from new president to spark lawsuit every time
Lawyer lining up plaintiff groups until citizenship dispute addressed

Proofin’ the prez: Who’s in charge?
Constitutional lawyer says electors have duty to investigate citizenship

Prez passes on Obama’s eligibility
‘I don’t think I have anything to say on that,’ says spokesman

100,000 petitioners: If you’re eligible, show us the proof!
Throngs sign online demand, reveal frustration over secrecy

Shades of Florida in 2000! Could Supremes decide ’08?
‘Justices free to make their own determination regarding the specifics of the general election’

Petition to see the birth certificate
Join WND to help answer eligibility question

Is he or isn’t he? The debate over Obama’s eligibility
New feature focuses on birth certificate, the U.S. Constitution and doubts

Supremes to review citizenship arguments
Case challenging candidacy set for ‘conference’ of justices

We’re in ‘good shape’ over Obama’s birthplace
Presidential spokeswoman suggests there’s no controversy

Supremes to review citizenship arguments
Case challenging candidacy set for ‘conference’ of justices

Alan Keyes
Alan Keyes

‘Constitutional crisis’ looming over Obama’s birth location
Alan Keyes lawsuit warns America may see ‘usurper’ in Oval Office

Obama camp: Lawsuits by citizens are ‘garbage’
Legal challenges spring up across U.S., demand proof of eligibility for office

Will Supreme Court have say in presidency?
Schedule includes campaign response to questions on Obama birthplace

Doubts persist about Obama birth certificate
Considerable evidence still points to candidate’s birth in Kenya

Supremes asked to halt Tuesday’s vote
Constitutional crisis feared over Obama’s ‘qualifications’

Gov. Linda Lingle, R-Hawaii

Obama’s birth certificate sealed by Hawaii governor
Says Democratic senator must make request to obtain original document

Judge dismisses Obama birth certificate lawsuit
Rules voters don’t have standing to ‘police’ constitutional requirements for president

Democrat: Obama’s grandma confirms Kenyan birth
‘This has been a real sham he’s pulled off for the last 20 months’

Obama ‘admits’ Kenyan birth?
Campaign doesn’t respond to claims in lawsuit over birth certificate

DNC steps in to silence lawsuit over Obama birth certificate
Democrat suing his own party says it’s ‘like they’re in cahoots’

Philip J. Berg, one of the first to take Obama eligibility question to court

Democrat sues Sen. Obama over ‘fraudulent candidacy’
Lawsuit disputing U.S. citizenship based in part on discredited claims

2 campaigns seek ‘truth’ about Obama’s birth
Eligibility for presidency hinges on American citizenship

Obama birth certificate: Real or phony baloney?
Authenticity of crucial document staked on Daily Kos-derived image

Blogger reveals Obama birth certificate
‘All information is what we have been told before’

Is Obama’s candidacy constitutional?
Secrecy over birth certificate, demand for ‘natural-born’ citizenship cited




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