Relatively few self-identified homosexuals get “married,” even when same-sex unions become legal. But perhaps that was never the main point anyway.

Respectability is what they are seeking. But to achieve this goal for behaviors that never can be intrinsically respectable, the power to massage the truth and to silence opponents is critical. How do you gain power? Restrict the rights of your enemies to express an opinion opposing homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.”

The most destructive weapons deployed to this end are sexual-orientation and gender-identity “non-discrimination” laws. The Senate just held its first hearings on ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and many states and municipalities continue to be confronted with this unneeded legislation. As they hear the pleas about someone being fired “just for being ‘gay’ or ‘transgender,'” politicians would be wise to review the history.

Such policies routinely clobber people of faith who don’t agree with same-sex “marriage” or with the open expression of this behavior in the workplace, in schools and in public accommodations, by people who often lack good sense and good judgment. The cost of disagreement? Just your job, your reputation, your bank account and/or your religious liberty.

And we know where the “Gay”-Activist-in-Chief stands on religious freedom, right? Obama is leading the charge on restroom rights for radicals as well. June is once again “Pride” month, and the White House issued a glowing proclamation of support for this noble cause, which Obama thinks is “stronger than hate.” So there you have it.

Obama alludes in the proclamation to the Golden Rule as justification for his own “personal” view that same-sex “marriages” are needed for marriage equality. Never mind that we already have marriage equality, since people are free to marry a person of the opposite sex. (Obama is unfamiliar, apparently, with either Jesus’ description of authentic marriage in Matthew 19:4-6 or the freedoms guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution).

The desire for permission is morphing into a demand for punishment. “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” is becoming, “How dare you?” And they are enlisting legal, judicial, political and even spiritual muscle to make this point.

Homosexually driven non-discrimination policies on the local, state or national level, within school districts, or within companies, are the linchpins that allow sexual deviance to be exalted. These measures end up enabling exactly what they claim to be preventing – discrimination – only it’s against people of faith and conservative values.

Vindictive homosexuals and their allies feel free to mount one faith-based attack after another. The First Amendment now applies only to approved religious faith or faith that is kept indoors and on a leash. Homosexual rights now trump religious faith in head-to-head contests.

Examples are piling up. You can’t express objection to homosexuality-as-marriage on the job. You can’t even be a worker who has expressed that opinion elsewhere. Dr. Frank Turek was fired from a long-time consulting position at Cisco Systems because of his unrelated book supporting traditional marriage. Reason? The company’s “non-discrimination” policy (which, of course, didn’t apply to the rights of Dr. Turek).

An Ocean Grove, N.J., United Methodist facility said no to two lesbians and their commitment ceremony. A judge ruled that the center must comply with the request. Reason? The New Jersey state “non-discrimination” law.

The Hutchinson, Kan., City Council just decided, based on a “non-discrimination” policy, that all churches must make their facilities available for homosexual so-called marriage ceremonies if the facilities are generally available to the public. Since when does public use neutralize religious freedom? Rites to Wiccan goddesses and Muslim jihad training courses may be the next requirement for Christian churches to allow on their premises.

This proposal was brought to the city officials by the “gay” activist group Kansas Equality Coalition. Would the city council consider any proposal brought to them by a Christian pro-family group? Unlikely, yet their Human Relations Commission seal displays the motto, “A Rainbow of People.” Their rainbow deliberately mutes some of the colors, apparently.

A bed-and-breakfast owner in Illinois was sued for refusing to rent out his facility for a homosexual civil union ceremony and reception. Apparently, innkeeper Jim Walder did not get the memo detailing the only permitted viewpoint on this issue.

And let’s not forget the New Mexico Christian couple, owners of a photography studio, cited for sexual orientation non-discrimination violations and fined over $6,000 for refusing to photograph a lesbian couple’s commitment ceremony.

Homosexual agitators threatened to burn down a Catholic church in Acushnet, Mass., that had the nerve to display a sign out front: “Two men are friends, not spouses.” Them’s fightin’ words to the peace-spouting defenders of sodomy, and prompted a protest during Mass along with a barrage of hate calls to the church. Such sentiments could lead to bullying, claimed the tolerance advocates who proceeded to bully the church and parishioners.

And these are just the incidents arising over unwelcome marriage opinions. The list of abuses lengthens considerably when skirmishes over homosexual promotion to kids, homosexuality in counseling and open homosexuality in the workplace are included.

Teacher Viki Knox should not be able to keep her job, Garden State Equality in New Jersey believes, just because she expressed concerns on her Facebook page about the promotion of homosexuality to children at her school.

Dr. Scott Lively, pastor and pro-family author and speaker, is being hassled with a ridiculous intimidation suit filed by a homosexual activist group in Uganda just for giving a speech there expressing support for traditional morality about homosexuality.

New research shows the great chasm between the outcomes of mom/dad vs. lesbian parenting, with the children of homosexual households at much greater risk for sexual abuse, future public assistance and later identification as a homosexual. Will this groundbreaking research slow down the movement to legitimize these relationships?

Not unless our public servants are willing to look at history and facts vs. anecdotes and hysteria – and to use the good sense God gave them.

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