Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Va., is a busy man.

The freshman Republican is introducing a critical new bill for gun owners, battling Medicare fraud and trying to roll back what he sees as environmental regulations that will cripple the economy in his district.

First, Griffith is sponsoring a new bill designed to end lots of headaches for law-abiding gun owners. The resolution would allow transportation of a firearm from one state where a gun is legally possessed to another where it is also legal. That means states traveled through between the two states would not be able to charge the gun owner with a crime.

“Some cities and a couple of states have not been paying attention to what we believe the federal law is pretty clear on,” Griffith told WND. “If  you’re traveling from one state to another and each of the states on either end allow you to have a gun, that you can transport that gun through the other territory.”

Griffith says a number of responsible gun owners have been hassled for no good reason and at great legal expense. In addition to protecting the transportation rights of gun owners, any jurisdiction that improperly files charges will be responsible for the legal fees of the citizen involved.

Griffith also takes us inside two other fights. He is actively involved in investigating Medicare fraud and discusses hearings into how the government and insurance companies are impacted by this illegal activities. And Griffith takes us inside the fight to push back against new environmental regulations that threaten the existence of the coal industry, the surrounding economy and your electricity rates.

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