While most of Washington was focused on the drama of a House committee finding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, the full House passed a sweeping energy bill Thursday.

The larger package contained seven smaller measures ranging from greater access to domestic supply of energy or fully reviewing new environmental regulations that most Republicans deem harmful to the energy industry in particular and to the economy as a whole.

Ohio Rep. Bill Johnson is a member of the House Natural Resources Committee and represents a coal-rich district in eastern and southeastern Ohio. He walks us through the seven components of the bill and why he thinks they have the ingredients to spark the creation of a million new jobs – and at least 600,000 in the oil and gas industries alone.

Johnson details how proposed regulations would be reviewed and he responds to allegations from Democrats that such a process would lead to dirtier air and more cases of lung cancer. Rep. Johnson also explains why he’s not optimistic about the bill’s fate in the Senate. He unloads on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, saying if Reid were in the military he’d be in Ft. Leavenworth for failing to do his job.

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