‘Entertainment equals control’

By WND Staff


Bradlee Dean – commentator, radio host and presenter of hard-charging school assemblies – in his acclaimed DVD series “My War,” points out what he says is rank hypocrisy in Hollywood when it comes to the content of popular movies.

“Did you know that in the mid-1900s preachers used to screen movies, and the Motion Picture Production Code banned even the smallest wrongdoing?” asks Dean. “For instance, words such as ‘nuts to you,’ ‘dang,’ ‘lousy’ and ‘jerk’ were not tolerated.”

Nowadays movie theaters place warning signs at the entrances of movies such as “The Passion of the Christ,” Dean points out, yet post no warning signs for movies in the same theater complex “that promote all sorts of immorality: sex, drugs, violence, cannibalism, you name it.”

Dean’s video above explains the warning-sign phenomenon he investigated at AMC theaters.

Bradlee Dean

Says Dean, “When G-rated films make 11 times more profit at the box office than R-rated films, why does Hollywood push an average of 93 R-rated films per year compared to only 10 G-rated films? One quickly begins to realize that Hollywood is not merely in it to make money; they are a tool that’s indoctrinating an entire generation.”

Said WND Editor Joseph Farah of Dean’s video series: “Bradlee Dean is an extraordinary American. He looks like a member of the current generation, which he is fighting for, bridging the gap between the old and new generations, while thinking and acting like one of the Founding Fathers. If you want to see what’s wrong and right with our country, watch Bradlee Dean’s ‘My War’ DVD series. It’s full of surprises.”

The video is excerpted from Dean’s multi-DVD series “My War” – a great resource for homeschooling parents, youth pastors and anyone who speaks into the lives of young Americans.

Watch audience reaction to viewing “My War”:


Dean, a weekly exclusive WND commentator, is the founder and CEO of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International Ministries, host of “Sons of Liberty Radio,” broadcasting in 53 countries, and drummer for the international band Junkyard Prophet. He has performed in over 335 high schools and colleges in 22 states.

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