Indict Obama, Biden and Holder

By Craige McMillan

“I don’t know. No comment. Executive privilege. I’m late for my golf game.”

The most transparent administration in American history has turned out to be … well, entirely transparent. Once assuming power, the Obama administration has governed as has every pack of leftist do-gooders and nanny statists who have ever come to power in the world.

Lies and deceit are only the beginning of the leftist takeover. “We have to pass the legislation to see what’s in it” comes next. “Oh look! Their are death panels. Who knew? And you can’t opt out.” The entire leftist substructure is and always has been built upon a foundation of lies and deceit, with leftists themselves the first victims. Lies about who will be subject to the law. Deceit about how the government will enforce the law. And why.

Next comes selective enforcement of existing laws. The Defense of Marriage Act comes to mind. “I do solemnly swear …” means nothing to a leftist, except it can be used as one more method of deceit targeting the innocent.

Then comes the usurpation of the entire legislative process. Illegal immigration comes to mind. Executive orders, signed in darkness and silence, but openly enforced by equally corrupt and lawless underlings.

Finally there is no law at all. Anybody can enter the country. Anybody can vote. As often as they like. It’s illegal to enforce the law and the Constitution. Anarchy becomes the law of the land. Survival and prosperity are dependent upon political connections. Enforcement is carried out with an illegal federal police force, politicized intelligence agencies and a corrupt military hierarchy.

Federal agencies make their own laws, “crucify” opponents to their over-reach and make enforcement dependent upon political connections and contributions. Contracts are awarded to funnel campaign contributions back to those in power. Working stiffs are stiffed with the bill three generations out. Think Solyndra.

Law “enforcement” becomes entrapment of one’s political enemies, as in Fast and Furious. Gunrunning by the Justice Department, for the purpose of setting up political enemies (gun dealers and gun owners) in phony prosecutions. All to achieve the left’s goal of eliminating the individual’s capacity for resistance to their utopian hell.

End the madness. All those who think this corrupt crowd is going to leave office voluntarily in January 2013 have never recovered from the drug-induced stupor of their youth. The election will be litigated, and they will stay in power during the interim, which will go on forever. Voting anomalies (i.e. voting other than Democrat) will be “investigated” by Eric Holder.

Just end it. Indict Obama, Biden and Holder for treason, sedition, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Lock them in the congressional bathroom during the interim. The exact charges can be determined by acting President John Boehner and his new Justice Department during the investigation that follows.

Holder’s violation of gun-trafficking legislation in pursuit of political ends resulted in the death of a federal agent. Charge him with the murder of agent Terry. Let the Senate Democrats stand before the voters on the eve of the election, in the midst of a televised trial, and fail to convict when the evidence is presented to the voters.

The world wants freedom. Why does the left insist upon implementing the tyranny of a utopia they alone can see?

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