Is a Paulian putsch being planned for the Republican National Convention?

Newt Gingrich has warned that Republican leaders have not thought through “how they’re going to handle the convention in Tampa, and how they’re going to handle the Ron Paul forces.” The New York Sun reported that “what Mr. Gingrich seems to be worried about is the delegates that Congressman Paul is winning through his strategy of dealing with state conventions. The former speaker had just come from the convention at Georgia, where … the ‘Ron Paul people’ were out in force.”

I have been receiving alarming emails concerning an underhanded, anti-American Ron Paul coup that is being plotted for the GOP convention.

From Virginia: “I’m running for delegate to the RNC convention in Tampa. There is a serious Paulbot infestation in the GOP here in Virginia. I’m spending a lot of time at GOP apparatchik meetings. I’ve gotten the endorsement of the Conservative Coalition (I was the top vote-getter), and usually that is enough but not this cycle.”

And this came in from a reader of my website out West: “There is a very interesting situation going on behind the scenes in the Republican Party state caucuses, and the MSM is not reporting it. Ron Paul’s followers have taken control of the Republican state committees in Nevada, Alaska, Iowa, Maine and Louisiana and working for more control in upcoming meetings. They have stolen delegates to the upcoming Republican National Convention away from Mitt Romney by following some technical rules.”

He went on to explain that “one of the regular newsmen on our local Fox station has been reporting that Ron Paul’s people have been infiltrating the state caucuses after the primaries and using technical rules to steal Romney delegates. The way that works is that after the primary, the state committee meets to appoint the actual delegates who will attend the national convention. Ron Paul’s people have been packing these meetings with majority crowds and getting many of Romney’s delegates with simple votes.”

Another Atlas reader wrote this from New Mexico: “I live in Las Cruces, which is the second-largest city in the state, and the Ron Paulers are taking over all the conservative groups, especially the Tea Parties. Most of them are college students, and their primary goal has been to get delegates, not to appeal to the general public. Our county just picked our delegates to go to state convention, and 52 of our 62 delegates went to Ron Paul. Their first goal was 75 in the state, so they are way ahead of schedule, and from what I can tell this is a nationwide trend.”

Yet another reader wrote this to me: “I can’t emphasize to you enough just how dangerous these Paulbots are. I witnessed their behavior firsthand at my district convention, and they are organized and single-minded in their desire to get Paul elected. They have infiltrated every state that has a caucus system. They took over Minnesota and won something like 22 of 25 districts, and they got their nominee voted in as the U.S. Senate candidate (Kurt Bills, a high school economics teacher with only 18 months experience as a state congressman [sic]).”

Even a Paulbot site admitted that the Paul campaign has a “‘guerrilla’ delegate strategy of focusing on acquiring delegates instead of making a bid for the popular preference vote in primary states.” It said that “the Paul campaign is more serious than ever about actually winning the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, especially as it comes on the heels of a month-long string of major delegate victories that have bolstered the Ron Paul campaign’s hopes of a brokered convention in Tampa and demonstrated the potential viability of its delegate-focused strategy.”

Paul is a dangerous, self-deluded man, and his followers behave like Occupy fascists. Whenever I write anything concerning Paul at, the Paulbots swarm the comment section en masse, attacking and deriding and fighting with Atlas Shrugs readers. The Paulbots have Ron Paul’s name plugged into their RSS feeds and are told to respond immediately to any negative Paul posts. It’s amazing, disquieting cult-like behavior.

I may not have been Romney’s first supporter, but I am his last supporter and fierce. I would have preferred someone more conservative, but Romney is going to be the GOP candidate, and next to Obama, Romney is Ronald Reagan. Obama and Ron Paul would split the freak vote. Paul’s putsch must be stopped. Ron Paul supports a nuclear Iran and the abandonment of Israel. What is the RNC doing?

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