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Look who's following superstition now

Have evolutionists admitted that their beliefs are based on superstition?

In a word, yes, according to Carl Gallups, author of the new “The Magic Man in the Sky.”

He cites selected paragraphs from the atheist website godisimaginary.com, an often-referenced site that states, “Where did the first cell come from? Many believers will argue that God magically created the first living cell. This, of course, is silly. The scientific principle that describes the origin of life is called abiogenesis. In the same way that there is no supernatural being involved in evolution, there is no supernatural being involved in abiogenesis. Both the creation of life and the evolution of species are completely natural processes.”

The article concludes, “There is no ‘supreme being’ in heaven who reached down to create life on Earth or human beings. Nor is that being answering prayers. There is no soul. There is no everlasting life. Science tells us all of these things with complete clarity. God is imaginary.”

But Gallups notes that as with any scientific proof, the terms and conditions need to be defined, and in the atheists’ version, the word “abiogenesis” is used.

That, according to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “the supposed spontaneous origination of living organisms directly from lifeless matter – also called spontaneous generation.”

“Well, there you have it – an admission by the evolutionist community that the core foundation of their pseudoscientific belief-system is abiogenesis. The article categorically declares this admission and hails abiogenesis as ‘the scientific principle that describes the origin of life.’ They have admitted that the basis for their entire declaration of ‘evolution fact’ is nothing more than mere superstition.”

Other online sources contain similar references to the “supposed” spontaneous beginning of life. And one of the questions addressed in “The Magic Man in the Sky: Effectively Defending the Christian Faith,” is whether God simply is imaginary.

“Here you have the categorical admission that evolution is grounded in mere superstition. Any true scientist who is using real scientific method knows life does not come from non-life. Aristotle proposed this preposterous theory almost 2,000 years ago. His theory held sway over the scientific community until just a little over a hundred years ago when Louis Pasteur, building on the work of others before him, scientifically proved that life cannot originate from non-life without intelligent input of some sort,” Gallups said.

“Now, real scientific knowledge of cellular composition and DNA/RNA structure has replaced the superstition that life somehow magically originates from previously non-living materials. It just cannot happen. Abiogenic origination of life has never been observed or demonstrated. Even with the intelligent input of scientists (which would only serve to prove Intelligent Design) we have not been able to create life from non-life. Again, I go to great lengths in my book to explain and document these facts.”

He cited an oft-referenced Wikipedia explanation about how “biological life could arise from inorganic matter through natural processes.”

“‘Inorganic’ means non-living and ‘natural processes’ means without intelligent design or input. So what the article is really saying is that abiogenesis is the new, spiffed up word for ‘spontaneous generation’ – the idea that life could arise, naturally, from non-life. Again – that idea is mere superstition and real science has proved it to be so. There it is – the godisimaginary.com article categorically claims, without realizing it, that the foundation for their entire belief system is nothing more than mere superstition disproved by real science more than a hundred years ago. Sadly, this pablum is still passed off as real and settled science in public education classrooms the world over,” he said.

But what of the atheist argument that believers in an intelligent designer are nothing more than silly and uninformed? Pastor Gallups had an answer for that as well.

“If you will recall, the article declared that ‘Many believers will argue that God magically created the first living cell. This, of course, is silly.’ Well, now that we know the truth of the matter – we can clearly see where the real ‘magic’ is located. The real magic is in believing that abiogenesis is the answer for how twenty million species of life, along with all their multiplicities of subsystems, arrived on this singular planet,” he said.