Radio giant Rush Limbaugh is scorching the national media for their lack of coverage of problems in America directly tied to Barack Obama and his administration.

“The media doesn’t report this stuff and they think as a result nobody knows about it,” Limbaugh said today on his top-rated program.

“They continue to live in a state of denial, that there is an alternative media that is just as penetrating. They can pretend that by not covering a story, the story doesn’t happen. They can pretend by not covering a story, or not condemning an action, that nobody hears about it.”

Limbaugh said President Richard Nixon was hounded out of office 40 years ago “for a second-rate burglary that even to this day nobody can figure out.”

“We have got Watergate-type scandals in three different spots in this administration, and what’s the media writing about? Forty-year-old Watergate,” he said.

“For crying out loud, we have a regime which ignores federal judges on drilling moratoriums. We have a regime that is running an open money-laundering operation with union dues. We have an administration that is knowingly bankrolling losing industries, crony capitalism out the wazoo. Whatever Nixon did, it pales in comparison.”

He also noted the Justice Department declining to prosecute the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia “as was said because we’re not going after black defendants,” the president’s lawsuit against Arizona to stop the state from enforcing laws that protect their citizens, and the Fast and Furious gunrunning operation.

“For crying out loud, nobody died in Watergate! A federal agent died in Fast and Furious,” Limbaugh said. “We had [Attorney General Eric] Holder taunting members of the Senate yesterday: ‘I’m gonna stick to my guns.'”

Limbaugh says there have been several recent reports by journalists who say Democrats are coming to the sudden realization Obama’s re-election in November is not a lock.

“Make no mistake about it: Democrats are panicking,” Limbaugh said. “They’re all writing stories now that Democrats are waking up in the morning now and for the first time confronting the real possibility – in fact, some are even calling it a likelihood – that Obama could lose. And they’re contemplating this for the first time.”

While some headlines have said that Obama has experienced a “bad week,” Limbaugh preferred to look at events through a different prism.

“It has been not just a bad week, it has been a bad three-and-a-half years – not for Obama, but for us. Every week is a bad week for America, with Barack Hussein Kardashian in the White House,” he explained, referring to Obama’s jet-setting lifestyle reminiscent of the celebrity Kardashian family.

“On his worst week, President Kardashian has had it better than the richest man on the planet in recorded and unrecorded history,” he said.

“I’m growing weary hearing about Barack Obama having a bad week. The people who make this country work are suffering every day he’s in office. And we have to hear about a bad week that Obama had? Really, it is so out of proportion. It’s insulting.

“You know, the scary thing to contemplate is, what would a good week for Obama be? What would it take for the media to report that he had a good week? Let that scare you, because it should. A bad week for Obama is having to sit next to a movie star that he doesn’t particularly like.”

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