(PalWatch)Palestinian Authority television interviewed a Syrian journalist who claimed to have seen a top secret CIA memo from the Clinton administration. This CIA memo allegedly predicted that Israel would not survive beyond the year 2022. The PA TV host responded with a short prayer that this prediction should be fulfilled:

Syrian journalist, Al-Bujayrami: “What I’m going to say, no one has ever heard. A report was submitted by the American Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, to former US President Clinton. It was written on the report: ‘Eyes only.’ ‘Eyes only’ means for the President’s eyes only. No one else is allowed to see it.”

PA TV host: “Top secret.”

Al-Bujayrami: “It’s more classified than ‘top secret.’ … The CIA says [in this report]: ‘If things continue as they are, we don’t think that Israel will continue to exist after the year 2022…'”

PA TV host: “By Allah, from your mouth to Allah!”

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