Romney: Don’t miss the Israel opportunity

By Jack Abramoff

I hope Dick Morris is right that the 2012 presidential election will be a Romney landslide, but like most prognosticators and psephologists, I fear we’re in for a close call.

Recently, I wrote a column noting that Obama’s treatment of the state of Israel could have a significant impact on the final results of the election. Although, the lion’s share of pro-Israel voters in America attend church on the weekends, and not synagogues, the erosion of even 15 percent of Jewish support for Obama in 2012 could very well tip the scales in close battleground states such as Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Colorado.

Nestled within the almost incomprehensible 87 percent of the Jews who voted to send Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s parishioner to the White House are a core of ardently pro-Israel Jewish voters who resent the supercilious attitude displayed by our 44th president toward America’s only reliable ally in the Middle East. If a portion of these voters vote Romney, Obama’s difficult re-election hurdle becomes almost insurmountable.

One would think that Obama, a politico adroitly adept at pandering to his constituent groups, would have no problem truckling to the children of Abraham, just as he has to the gay and Latino communities. For those constituencies he truly walked the political plank, keeping his eyes on the electoral bounty they offer. In contrast, the Jews, it seems, must settle for hackneyed clichés such as “I got your back.” One is left to wonder who has their front? Reverend Wright? Bill Ayers?

Indeed, instead of a grand, even meaningless gesture for Jewish Americans, Obama is accelerating his efforts to get Israel to yield security and land for ephemeral promises of peace. At the very moment undecided Jewish voters in battleground states are trying – often for the first time in their lives – to find a reason to vote Republican, Obama is reaffirming that his is the most anti-Israel administration in American history.

With the same zeal that led him to sanction state recognition of gay marriage, and to circumvent the legislative process in order to ease the deportation pressure on innocent children born to illegal aliens, Obama could have renounced the relentless anti-Semitism of the Palestinian Authority and its minions and declared any notion of a two-state solution in articulo mortis. But, rather than give his Jewish myrmidons even crumbs from the table, he has redoubled his efforts to force Israel into negotiations sure to empower Islamist terrorists aiming to dismember the Jewish state.

Romney and the Republicans have been given a glorious opportunity to pluck Jewish votes from the Democratic vine. Now would be the perfect time to channel Newt Gingrich and deliver a similarly sapient analysis of the real problem in the Middle East: scelestious Muslim support for murder and mayhem makes peace impossible. Instead, to paraphrase legendary Israeli diplomat Abba Eban’s aphorism describing the Palestinians, the Romney campaign has not missed the opportunity … to miss an opportunity.

Instead of coming out hard against the wrongheaded plan to give Islamic terrorists – who openly plan a new Holocaust – a sovereign territory from which to execute their hecatomb, the Romney forces had the audacity to breathe life into the bootless Oslo Accords.

It was in Oslo that the Israeli government led by Yitzchak Rabin agreed to convert the terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization into a legitimate government, on the condition that these brigands recognize Israel as a Jewish state with the right to exist – the so-called two state solution. Almost 20 years later, their former ring leader, Yasser Arafat, is gone, but the Palestinians are no less hostile to their neighbors. Indeed, at every turn, they have unleashed violence and destruction on the Jewish state. The notion that these feral marauders are worthy of sovereign territory is pathologically naïve. The Palestinians failed to attain any measure of progress required in the Oslo Accords within the five year negotiations phase or since. If anything, they have become more calcified in their obstreperous Jew-hatred.

Given this reality, it is shocking that Romney’s foreign policy team would endorse the Oslo Accords, a process that has eroded Israel’s security, sovereignty and legitimacy. The policy implications are chilling. If Romney is taking his foreign-policy cues from the same appeasers who have populated Republican administrations since Ronald Reagan rode into the sunset, what are we to expect as he surveys the world through their prism? The political implications are perhaps even more troubling. Is he so politically ambisinister as to miss the great opportunity before him? A position solidly supporting Israel and a firm rejection of the two-state solution would win him votes – and respect.

It’s time for Romney to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, and to show the world that he is the right choice to lead our nation and the free world.

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