Affordable health care: Usually when you want something to be affordable, you shop for the best price. We arrive at hospitals, and there is no price list offered. This would automatically cut costs if people saw what things cost and could choose or go elsewhere for a better price. We have brand-name and generic drugs, but brand-names are given, when much money could be saved with generics. If we returned to normal consumer behavior based on a price list, I think we would see amazing changes.

We currently have people on 20 medicines a day that are outrageously expensive, and all this is being paid for mainly by our tax dollars, through Medicare/Medicaid programs, with no government bargaining with companies. Our tax coffers are being emptied by the pharmaceutical companies with no limits. This is preposterous.

Where is the investigative reporting on this type of activity? Hospitals and clinics are limited by government regulations, reducing competition. Competition is what brings down prices; people are pushed to efficiency and lowest cost for best treatment.

Government is taking our taxes, paying pharmaceutical agencies and leaving us with no options. Captive buyers.

If we have a one-source medical provider, the government, they will cut costs by reducing treatment and eliminating people through abortion and euthanasia – anybody who is not a taxpayer.

This is not health care. Any health care that includes dismembering babies (abortion), or harming elderly (limiting treatment) is not health care. It is a death camp.

You need to go after the health care czars and the drug companies. The abortion clinics are not even regulated, and this is promoted as health care for women. They are being raped of their own children, and nobody is crying out, except the Catholic Church.

How can anybody claim to be Christian and let babies in their neighborhoods be dismembered in their neighbors’ wombs?

Where is WND? Babies are being killed by the millions. The same people behind Obama are behind baby killing.

Please, do something!

Carol Hugenberg

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