It was just days ago, on June 15, when a CBS News report was headlined: “Panetta celebrates gay pride month by saluting LGBT military members.”

Said the report, “Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Friday thanked gay and lesbian military members for their service, as the Pentagon prepares to mark June as gay pride month with an official salute. In a remarkable sign of a cultural change in the U.S. military, Panetta said that with the repeal last year of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law that prohibited gays from serving openly in the military, gays and lesbians can now be proud to be in uniform. ‘Now you can be proud of serving your country, and be proud of who you are,’ Panetta said.”

Best-selling author and longtime pastor Carl Gallups told WND, “Listen carefully to Secretary Panetta’s words, he says this event is a ‘remarkable sign of a cultural change in the U.S. military.'”

“Yes,” Gallups said, “This is exactly what it is – a cultural change – a paradigm shift of worldviews. The reason that it is remarkable is that the change goes completely against the grain of the Judeo/Christian pillars and heritage of our nation’s founding.

“While our Founding Fathers never intended for the U.S. to be a theocracy (they had escaped just such a system in Europe), they did intend for it to be a constitutional republic based on the Judeo/Christian principles found in the Bible. This fact cannot be intelligently denied. From the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution itself and the very first amendment – this foundational underpinning is blatantly obvious.”

Gallups’ new book is titled: “The Magic Man In The Sky: Effectively Defending The Christian Faith.” It is published by WND Books. His book has reached No. 1 best-seller status on Amazon in Science and Religion.

Gallups told WND, “About 60 years ago, our culture decided it didn’t need God or the mention of His Word anymore. So, we have raised several generations of children to believe that they are the ‘me’ generation. They were taught that there is no God, there is no ‘higher authority,’ there are no moral absolutes, and that they are nothing more than a cosmic happenstance based upon sheer random luck. I have an entire chapter about this phenomenon in my new book.”

He said, “With such a worldview thoroughly ingrained within the institutions of our culture we now reap what we have sown. The abortion holocaust could not happen without first convincing the nation to believe that we are nothing more than a mere animal. The radical homosexual movement could have never risen to its current level without first persuading the nation that there is no standard of right and wrong concerning our sexuality. Homosexual marriage would have never been considered until first the nation became convinced that marriage is nothing special or divinely ordained, and that marriage can be defined anyway in which man finds pleasing to his flesh and lust.”

When WND asked Gallups what his specific observations were concerning the celebration of “Gay” Pride Month in the military, he had this to say, “A few years back on my talk radio program, I observed that if open homosexuality was ever fully allowed in the military that we would be opening Pandora’s Box on all manner of perversion. I told my audience that if that day ever came that the military would actually be celebrating Gay Pride Month openly. I had listeners call in who were outraged with my predictions. They called me a ‘reactionary,’ an ‘exaggerator,’ and ‘out of touch with reality,’ in this matter.

“Well, here we are,” Gallups said. “Open homosexuality has been enacted and in less than a year the military is celebrating Gay Pride Month. This downward progression was easy to forecast and I fear the worst is yet to be seen in this matter.”

When asked why Gallups refers to homosexuality as a perversion, Gallups responded, “First and foremost because the word of God describes it that way. Secondly, our own medical journals, just a few decades ago, described it in those terms (mental illness), and thirdly – just think about it! The military is actually going to celebrate the fact that two men have sex as though one of them is a woman! The U.S. military is actually going to openly celebrate that one man is going to have physiologically illogical sex with another man! And, to top it all off, the secretary of defense actually said, ‘Now you can be proud of serving your country, and be proud of who you are.‘”

Gallups said, “A person who is a homosexual can always be proud of serving his country, I have no problem with that. But neither the U.S. military, nor the U.S. government has any business declaring that a person can be proud of having perverted sex and that we will help them celebrate it with military and government sanction. For those of us who come from a Biblical worldview – we know that this is simply inviting the judgment of God upon us. May God have mercy upon us.”

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