This July 4 a new revolution begins!

By Larry Klayman

The incestuous legal and political establishment has struck again. Appointed by Republican “royal blue blood” President George W. Bush in yet another stupid and incompetent act, Chief Justice John Roberts has just cast the final straw toward and thus triggered a new American Revolution. Ironically, like King George III in the years leading up to the Declaration of Independence in 1776, Roberts has ” ruled” against and deep-sixed the rights and freedoms of the people and rubber stamped the legislation that came to be known as Obamacare. Roberts, casting his lot with the other leftist justices who sit on the Supreme Court, in his majority opinion upheld the constitutionality of Obamacare Thursday. To try to justify its “constitutionality,” Roberts recast the illegal health-care mandate – where Americans are forced to buy health insurance or be financially penalized with a stiff fine – as the equivalent of a new tax. King George III would have been proud!

I have said since his appointment by “W.” that Roberts was not a true conservative but instead a D.C. establishment figure. Indeed, while at his former law and lobbying firm, the Washington D.C. mega-enterprise named Hogan and Hartson, Roberts was active in supporting so-called homosexual rights. Given Obama’s recent endorsement of “gay marriage,” one can only wonder whether Roberts may have been influenced by the president’s political “gaydom.”

But there were other even more serious factors at play with this establishment hack. When earlier this year I moved and then filed an amicus brief to have Obama-appointed Democratic Justice Elena Kagan either recuse herself or be disqualified by Roberts for having a conflict of interest in sitting and ruling on the Obamacare case – as she had advised President Obama on Obamacare as his Justice Department solicitor general – the chief justice effectively threw our pleadings in the trash and instead issued an annual report that unabashedly declared that Supreme Court justices, in effect, are above the law and accountable only to themselves and not We the People. He wrote that he and his fellow justices like Kagan are unquestionably of stellar ethical character, incredibly claiming without any legal basis that the Canons of Judicial Ethics may be unconstitutional in any event – and that basically they may do as they please. Sure enough, Justice Kagan voted with Roberts and the other leftist justices in upholding Obamacare. Had Kagan properly been recused or disqualified, even with Robert’s defection Obamacare would have likely been shot down and relegated to the ash heap of legal history.

While destructive, outrageous and illegal, Roberts’ actions will prove to be historic in another important way. It confirms to the American people that we have no Supreme Court, much less a judiciary, that is willing to protect us from the tyranny of the other two branches of government. And, who will now protect us from the judiciary itself? It is now crystal clear that We the People need to take matters into our own legal hands and do what must be done, without fear, to protect and preserve the freedoms our Founding Fathers pledged their sacred honor and risked their lives and fortunes to win. The new revolution has begun in earnest!

In this regard, while the revolution must be won in the months ahead, there is one case concerning Obamacare pending that can immediately influence the direction this law ultimately takes. Previously reported by WND, my group Freedom Watch is pursuing a lawsuit before another judge named Roberts, Judge Richard Roberts of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, which seeks to pry the lid off of the can of corruption that led to Obamacare’s passage. Obama and his leftist comrades held secret meetings behind closed doors with lobbyists from Planned Parenthood, the pharmaceutical companies and others who sought to line their pockets with political favors. This helps explain why Obamacare not only contains an illegal mandate, but actually furthers the killing of unborn babies, reduces competition in the pharmaceutical industry to lower prices for consumers, and other atrocities against our freedoms and rights. If I am correct, this Judge Roberts is poised to order Obama to come clean on these illegal meetings and allow discovery into this sordid affair. By so doing, we will gather evidence I will then present to a Citizens Grand Jury in Ocala, Fla. I am implementing this Citizens Grand Jury to seek Obama’s indictment and ultimate trial and conviction for this and other criminal charges of bribery, ineligibility and treason. He and his enablers, like Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Elena Kagan, must be held to account to We the People before our nation is totally lost to us. To set an example and mete out justice, we will also seek the indictment of Chief Justice Roberts and Kagan for violation of their oaths of office.

Yes, the people’s revolution has begun. We cannot count on the Republican Party or its presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, to right the wrongs even in the unlikely event a miracle occurs and Romney is elected president. Indeed, Republicans effectively allowed Obamacare to be enacted (not coincidentally a clone of Romney’s equally infamous health-care legislation in Massachusetts), to provide a political wedge issue for the 2012 elections. Now their hollow promise to try repeal the legislation if they “win” in 2012 must be seen for what it is, largely a ruse to raise campaign funds and win votes. Their cries, given the dismal and cowardly Republican track record, must fall on our deaf ears.

Robert’s majority opinion and complicity with Justice Kagan, not to mention President Barack Hussein Obama himself, removes any vestige of doubt as to the state of the nation. We no longer have a republic, and We the People, just as our Founding Fathers were forced to do in 1776, must now take matters into our own legal hands!

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