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Up yours, Michael Bloomberg!

“I can name a man’s poison at 50 paces,” writes F. Paul Wilson. “I take one look at this guy as he walks in and say to myself, ‘Butter.'”

The line comes from a short story called “Lipidleggin’,” which probably seemed ridiculous when it was published in 1978. Imagine that: A future dystopia in which the government can tell you what to eat and what you can’t, hauling you off to federal prison for dealing in banned food products like butter and eggs.

The future is now. New York City, which is coming so closely to resemble the walled prison of the Kurt Russell movie, “Escape From New York,” banned trans fats years ago. No one was happier about that than Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor.

Bloomberg is a liberal. If he were at all intellectually honest he would revert, officially, to being a Democrat. His personal website portrays him as a “philanthropist” and “entrepreneur.” International graffiti board Wikipedia says he is the 11th-richest person in the world. He was, in fact, a Democrat before he ran for office, riding the coattails of Rudy Giuliani’s popularity.

Bloomberg quickly proved that he was no Guliani. While neither man was particularly conservative, Bloomberg made it his mission in life to be Mayor to America, telling every other state in the nation just what that state’s firearms laws should be. Mr. Bloomberg has never met a portion of the Bill of Rights he could not rip out, crumple up and grind under his heel. The Second Amendment was the most frequent target of his vile attacks on Americans’ liberties even as he was discovering his love for telling you what you may have for lunch. He wildly overstepped his authority in running a “sting” operation at an Arizona gun show. Since taking office, he has been among the most vocal government opponents of your right to own a gun.

His desire to see you and your family raped and murdered, helpless and unarmed, is not his latest offense. More recently, Bloomberg has been in the news for proposing, to his city’s health board, that New York City ban “sugary drinks” (such as soda) larger than 16 ounces. That’s right: Michael Bloomberg wants to tell you how large a Coke you can buy in a New York City bodega. More disturbing than the fact that any elected official in the United States would attempt to enact such petty regulations on the mundane details of Americans’ lives is the fact that Bloomberg has only proposed the ban. Its enaction has been taken for granted in popular media. Michael Bloomberg’s authority to police New Yorkers’ mouths has been presumed unlimited.

Like every lib, Bloomberg hates being confronted with the realities of his despotism. He told CBS News yesterday that “if government’s purpose isn’t to improve the health and longevity of its citizens, I don’t know what its purpose is.” Well, that’s the point, Mr. Bloomberg: You don’t know what the government’s purpose is. You believe, wrongly, that it is the government’s role to micromanage the day-to-day personal decisions of the teeming masses over whom you believe you wield unquestionable and unquestioned autocratic authority. That’s why, in a city that experienced over 200 murders last year, Bloomberg is more concerned with legislating what the benighted citizens living in his fiefdom choose to eat and drink.

Bloomberg, a man who epitomizes the term RINO (Republican In Name Only), went on, laughably, to claim his city government is “not here to tell anybody what to do.” Of course, that’s exactly what Bloomberg, and other liberals just like him, believe governments are tasked to achieve. In his interview Wednesday he fretted about obesity, the new “epidemic” used by governments at federal, state and local levels to tell Americans how to live.

Liberals adore appeals to public health. Claiming that how you live your life costs society money, somehow, is the means whereby they justify virtually any invasion of your day to day existence. The current war on “obesity” and the vilification of restaurant chains like McDonald’s are good examples of where this is taking us. We’re a few short steps away from living in Wilson’s dystopia, where the government has total say over what you can and cannot do, say, think, eat and drink. “Lipidleggin'” even predicts this will come to pass:

“I also hear talk about a coming federal campaign against being overweight,” writes Wilson. “Bad health risk, they say. Rumor has it they’re going to outlaw clothes over a certain size. That’s just rumor, of course. …”

Banning clothes over a certain size to prevent obesity sounds a lot like banning sodas and “sugary drinks” over a certain size, doesn’t it? We’ll reach that point. We’re hurtling over that precipice already. We’re being dragged, pushed and shoved into the abyss of totalitarianism by Democrats and liberals of every stripe, who cannot tolerate the possibility that somebody, somewhere, is doing something of which they do not approve.

Up yours, Michael Bloomberg. To hell with you. To hell with every grasping, tyrannical lib who struts and squawks and demands that Americans live in chains. To hell with you for trying to control every waking moment of American citizens’ lives. To hell with you for believing it is the place of our government to oversee every last morsel of food and drop of drink that might pass our lips. We are not your slaves, Bloomberg. We are not your serfs. You are not our feudal lord.

To hell with you, liberals, for the yoke of government you seek always to place on our necks. Each minute that passes sees some new “liberal” infringement on personal freedom in the United States. Democrats, libs and left-leaning Republicans are all birds of the same oily feather. Their every breath is taken for the purpose of forcing others to toe the lines drawn by Democrats. They are all little Michael Bloombergs, desperate to tell other people what to do.

To hell with you, Michael Bloomberg. No American should answer to you and your ilk.