Michael Savage

Ever the independent thinker, Savage’s analysis of the Aurora, Colo., massacre was bound to provoke listeners on both sides of the aisle.

First he called upon the president to call for a temporary ban on the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” – then quickly explained why Obama would never dare to do such a thing (FREE audio).

“The one to blame are the ones who did this movie,” he said, “that conglomeration of Hollywood moguls who are the new czars of America. The ones who gave us Obama.”

No doubt some were surprised by Savage’s other target for blame: the NRA.

Savage insisted that the National Rifle Association was guilty of “demanding no control for any weapon or ammunition. It’s insanity.” (FREE audio)

He explained, “We’re not at war. You’re never going to go to war with your government, because you’re going to lose. Don’t be stupid already. I don’t want to hear it anymore. I’m tired of this cracker stuff. … And I’m a gun owner.”

Rush Limbaugh

Talk radio pioneer Rush Limbaugh was also an “early adopter” in another medium. While debunking Obama’s talking point that the Defense Department invented the Internet, Limbaugh delivered a fascinating history lesson that demonstrated his passion for home computers and the web, long before they became staples of modern life (FREE audio).

Part of Obama’s trouble, Limbaugh added, was that his background isn’t one the average American can relate to (FREE audio).

“Where’s the hardscrabble life?” Rush asked listeners rhetorically. “Where’s the growin’ up in the Midwest? … There’s no life story that Obama has that has much in common with anybody in this country. Obama had a communist, bigamist, absentee father from Kenya. How many people in America can lay claim to that?”

Aaron Klein

Will Obama use the mass murder in Aurora to usher in United Nations-sanctioned gun control? Aaron Klein raised that troubling possibility this week.

He also talked to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lead investigator to discuss this latest findings related to the president’s controversial birth certificate (FREE audio).

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton offered his insider perspective on whether or not Israel is poised to strike Iran. Meanwhile, Klein investigates persistent reports that Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mark Levin

“You go around without armed bodyguards, and then I’ll think about turning in my weapons!” – That was Mark Levin’s defiant challenge to New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg, after the latter’s bizarre call on police to go on strike to protest in favor of more gun control (FREE audio).

Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.com came on to talk to Levin about Obama’s reluctance to denounce the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence at home and abroad, and the internal Republican Party battle about the same subject (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Laura’s listeners enjoyed a rare treat: an interview with the legendary Phyllis Schlafly, one of the most important and powerful conservative woman in America. The veteran grassroots activist, author, military expert and debater extraordinaire talked about the Obama administration’s hostility towards religious freedom.

Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel is running for Senate. He talked to Ingraham about his plan to expand oil and gas drilling across the state – and to fire union bosses! He also reminded listeners that Ohio is a swing state, so its leadership is a national issue.

Laura and William Kristol talked about Romney’s approach to foreign policy. He praised the candidate’s decision to travel abroad, because it will help establish Romney as knowledgeable about foreign policy (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

This week, Glenn Beck held his “Restoring Love” gathering in his new home of Dallas, Texas.

The third in a series of mass gatherings that have previously drawn thousands of conservatives to Washington, D.C., and Israel, “Restoring Love” is not intended to be a political event.

Beck explained to listeners before the rally, “It’s important to reach across all boundaries that normally separate us. Christians, Jews, atheists – I don’t care. I really don’t. Time to put our differences aside just like Thomas Payne and John Adams did. I’ll meet with anybody. I’ll stand with anybody.”

And now, from the left side of the dial …

CBS Radio recently sponsored a forum called “Showdown 2012: Recapturing Democracy.” This highly partisan gathering featured CBS Radio on-air talent like Randi Rhodes, Ron Reagan Jr. and other low-rated “progressive talkers,” all brainstorming about how to help Obama win reelection.

Since these “talkers” have little real world influence anyway, the event in and of itself will have little impact on November’s results.

However, it does raise a question: Can you imagine one of the “Big Three” networks sponsoring a “conservative talk radio forum”? It’s impossible, isn’t it?

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