Ever since its official release in May, “The Magic Man In The Sky: Effectively Defending The Christian Faith” by Pastor Carl Gallups consistently has been a No. 1-ranked best seller in the Science and Religion category for Amazon’s Hardcover and Kindle editions.

As of today, it was ranked No. 522 in books, No. 19 in books on Christian living and No. 1 in both books on science and religion and Christian reference books.

Gallups is an author, a long-time senior pastor, conservative radio talk show host, columnist, and founder of the world-famous Christian apologetic YouTube channel, PPSIMMONS.

Recently Washington Times columnist Jeff Kuhner gave the book a rave review proclaiming, “A must-read book. A muscular defense of the Christian faith. An arsenal of powerful weapons against Christian bashers.”

Kuhner’s comments include, “‘It’s central theme can be distilled to one seminal idea: the secular argument that Christianity is an outdated, primitive institution peddling a superstitious faith in God – the “magic man in the sky” – is false. In fact, Mr. Gallups shows it is atheism that requires much greater, almost blind faith. The Christian has no need to be intimidated by the atheist and/or the evolutionist who attempts to assert that evolution is settled science,’ Mr. Gallups says. ‘It is not. It is fascinating speculation, but it is not settled science.'”

Gallups’ book is resonating soundly with the Christian world. The book is a sweeping defense of the Christian faith using many of the latest documented, verifiable scientific facts, heavy doses of sound logic and even heavier documentation of contextually interpreted Scripture. “The Magic Man In The Sky” is endorsed by best selling authors, pastors, a Christian university president, seminary and university professors, a U.S. Navy chaplain commander, and several media notables.

Gallups told WND, “I have recently been approached by a microbiologist who works for the EPA. She told me that the book was spot-on in its scientific observations. She further related that she had just purchased several more copies to give as gifts to her co-workers.”

Gallups continued, “A week ago, I was teaching some of the material contained within my book to a large audience. After my presentation, a man identified himself to me as a long-time physics teacher. He told me that the information I presented was scientifically accurate and absolutely intriguing in its application to Scripture. These kinds of anecdotal endorsements are thrilling to me. I give all the glory to the Lord for revealing these truths to me – but, more importantly, for giving me the ability to express them in a way that so intimately connect with people.”

Gallups recently appeared on TBN (Praise The Lord with Dwight Thompson) and Atlanta Live in connection with his new book. Gallups consistently gives radio interviews, many of which are archived and can be heard at the PPSIMMONS YouTube channel. Most of these interviews are the result of the nationwide intrigue with his book and how the book is relating to current geo-political and scientific news events.

The book covers the scientific, theological and philosophical gambits of evolution, atheism, suffering, evil, the uniqueness of the Christian gospel message, the meaning and purpose of life, proving the existence of God and prophecy being fulfilled in our time.

The book is sprinkled with humor and laced with original illustrations that help the reader to easily conceptualize otherwise difficult topics.

Gallups said, “I think that when the reader is finished with the book, they will be much better equipped to speak intelligently and authoritatively to the defense of the Christian faith and several profound Biblical truths. I am amazed at the number of people who tell me that after reading the book they immediately purchased several more copies to give away or to use as witnessing tools. The Lord obviously has his hand on this book.”

Gallups said his book demonstrates the believer is far from doing homage to some mere “magic man in the sky.”

“In fact,” Gallups said, “I am convinced that the readers will sense the reality of the presence of God like they never have before as a result of reading this book. I have been preaching many of these truths for years. It has been amazing to watch the empowerment that the truths of this book bring to the person in the pew or to the one who is skeptically struggling with the message of God’s Word.”

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