Maybe the 750 black people fighting early this morning in the Hamptons village of Riverhead, N. were upset at the light sentence handed out to the man who broke into rap mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs’ nearby home.

Or maybe they were exercising their right “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Or maybe that is just how they roll in Riverhead.

We may never know, because, except for the bare bones, the newspapers are not reporting it and the police are not saying.

We know this for sure: Local police had to call for “code 3” emergency assistance from five neighboring police agencies, who took two hours to quell the “disturbance.”

The Riverhead News-Review reported it was a “graduation party” that got out of hand.

Yet hundreds of people on the street after midnight refused to leave when told to do so. Fights were happening before, during and after the police arrived. Party-goers blocked traffic and acted disorderly.

According to the news reports, no one got hurt, no one got arrested and none of the “teens” involved in the incident were quoted.

Detailed accounts of the hubbub seem nonexistent … except for on Twitter, where in the hours following the riot, the tweets and retweets completed the picture: “didn’t know riverhead was poppin like thtt ; last nite qot real lol,” said Kwana, who goes by a Twitter handle too profane for print.

“Riverhead is deada– GHETTO ashamed too say i actually live here,” said @musicnmarijuana.

“was in riverhead actin h– of nice last night lol,” said @SelfMadeRozayy

“Puddin party all on the news & in riverhead local … s— was live,” said @bluewavesboy.

The urban dictionary says a “pudding party” is a boring gathering of old people talking about their homes and children.

Of roughly 20 people boasting to have been involved in the incident on Twitter, photos reveal them all to be black. Claimed eyewitnesses commenting on local news websites also note the race of the rioters.

Some residents of Riverhead, however, were unhappy that the culprits were identified by race in the newspapers’ comment sections.

“Why does race always have to play a part in any discussion in this newspaper?” Missi Brit asked the Riverhead News-Review. “If you had your info correct, the article said ‘youths.’ Meaning black, white and Latino youths.”

That response drew scorn from people who claim to have been there – as neighbors, not partiers: “I saw what happened last night,” said Resident User. “It was not the ‘diverse’ crowd you suggest.”

This gathering is just one of hundreds of examples of black mob violence and lawless in more than 60 cities throughout the country over the last three years, many of them caught on video.

Riverhead Local reported a similar brawl in the same neighborhood last year. It happened after the Fourth of July fireworks, with hundreds of people fighting and disturbing the peace. Two women were stabbed, two women were arrested, and all were black.

In September in nearby Southampton, police had to use pepper spray to break up a similar riot involving 300 black people – the largest such disturbance in the history of this village of 400 people.

As for the man who broken in Diddy’s home, he was sentenced to time served and is required to stay away from Riverhead for five years.

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