California child-protection proposal falls short

By Bob Unruh

Even though some 450,000 Californians signed a petition to vote on a proposal that would counter a sex indoctrination law adopted by the legislature last year, the effort has fallen short of what would have been needed to put it on the 2012 election ballot.

That’s according to officials with Pacific Justice Institute, which worked on the campaign.

“Placing a measure on the ballot through grassroots efforts alone has not been done in California in recent memory. Although history was against us, our conscience compelled the coalition to fight this battle rather than doing nothing,” said Kevin Snider, chief counsel to the organization, yesterday.

The proposed “Children Learning Accurate Social Science (CLASS) Act” was intended to counter the effects of SB 48 that was signed into law last year. It “requires that social science classes beginning at kindergarten add curriculum that is positive toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other minority figures.”

It also banishes from schools and their curriculum anything that “reflects adversely” on those groups.

Randy Thomasson, president of, a leading California-based family issues policy center, said the war is not lost, however.

He issued a statement that it would be a good idea for “even more parents and grandparents” to take action to protect their vulnerable children by removing them from the “state government school system.”

He noted that SB 48 requires children from kindergarten through 12th grade, “in all ‘instruction in social sciences, ‘admire ‘the role and contributions of … lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans.'”

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“Parents and grandparents who don’t want their children and grandchildren sexually indoctrinated with unnatural and unhealthy ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender’ role models must decide now to exit the immoral, imploding, dysfunctional government school system and place their children in church schools or home schools,” Thomasson said.

“This is no time to be indecisive, since you only have one chance with your child’s education. Because of SB 48 and … other homosexual-bisexual-transsexual indoctrination laws, California K-12 government schools have become radical sexual indoctrination agencies,” he added.

Pacific Justice said the CLASS Act “was designed to strike a balance in what is taught in social science classes. CLASS provided that no person could be excluded from the history books merely because of membership in a ‘protected class,’ but no person would be included in the history books merely because of their sexual preference.”

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice, added, “This campaign was a struggle to protect the children of our state. While the failure to gather the necessary signatures may be a disappointment, giving up on the most vulnerable members of our society would be unforgivable.”

Among the groups that worked on the campaign were Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Faith and Public Policy, Capitol Resource Institute, Advocates for Faith and Freedom, Pacific Justice Institute, Western Center for Law and Policy, Traditional Values Coalition, Korean Gospel Broadcast Company, Organization for Justice and Equality, United Families International, Alliance Defense Fund, Family Research Council, and Concerned Women for America.

Thomasson earlier reported that state education officials were softening the language they use to describe the harsh requirements of SB 48.

“In an apparent attempt to keep children enrolled for the purpose of sexual indoctrination and average daily attendance funding, the California Department of Education is deceiving parents about the mandate of SB 48, which requires, through supplement instructional materials right now, and new textbooks in three years, that children admire ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans,'” he said.

He cited the explanations that the state Department of Education has posted online regarding Senate Bill 48, adopted last year by the legislature and signed into law.

The law says teachers and schools “shall” teach only positive aspects of such sexual alternatives. It states instruction in social sciences “shall include … a study of the role and contributions of … lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans … with particular emphasis on portraying the role of these groups in contemporary society.”

It also forbids any negative portrayal of such lifestyle choices.

But Thomasson contended that the state agency makes SB 48, just one of many sexual indoctrination laws in the state, sound innocuous.

“On its website, the CDE refuses to use the word ‘shall,’ which is the operative command in SB 48,” he explains.

Instead, the state agency states, “The bill added language to Education Code Section 51204.5, which prescribes the inclusion of the contributions of various groups in the history of California and the United States.”

Thomasson argued that the word “prescribe” is “widely understood to be a recommendation, like a doctor’s prescription.”

“Using ‘prescribe’ instead of ‘require’ is deceptive to many readers,” he said. “And to not highlight that the main emphasis of SB 48 is the positive promotion of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality is serpentine and misleading.”

Further, the state explains the law “added some requirements with regard to instruction materials.”

The state agency says: “Education Code Section 51501 outlines prohibitions on materials included in textbooks or other instructional materials. This section already included prohibitions on matter ‘reflecting adversely upon persons because of their race, sex, color, creed, handicap, national origin, or ancestry’; this bill added ‘sexual orientation’ to the list.”

Thomasson’s analysis said: “How lightly and vaguely the new homosexual-bisexual-transsexual indoctrination is described! Writing that SB 48 ‘added some requirements … this bill added ‘sexual orientation’ to the list’ is an attempt to hide the promotion of homosexuality and bisexuality within an acceptable list of immutable or unchangeable characteristics. And the CDE forgets to inform parents that the legislature’s definition of the word ‘sex’ includes transsexuality, cross-dressing, and ‘sex-change’ procedures.”

A video explains the problem students will face:

Thomasson’s recommendation is for parents to visit, his website that urges parents to remove their children from the control of the public school system and turn to homeschooling, parochial schools or other options.

In addition to SB 48, Thomasson’s organization cites the following problematic laws for California schools:

  • SB 543, signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010, “allows school staff to remove children ages 12 and up from government schools and taken off-campus for counseling sessions, without parental permission or involvement. The purpose is to permit pro-homosexuality teachers and administrators to remove sexually confused children in 6th grade and up from campus and take them to pro-homosexuality counselors who will encourage them to embrace the homosexual lifestyle.”
  • ACR 82, approved by the California Legislature in 2010, “creates de facto ‘morality-free zones’ at participating schools (pre-kindergarten through public universities). Schools that become official ‘Discrimination-Free Zones’ will ‘enact procedures’ (including mandatory counseling) against students from pre-kindergarten on up who are accused of ‘hate,’ ‘intolerance,’ or ‘discrimination’.” What is the hate? Peacefully speaking or writing against the unnatural lifestyles choices of homosexuality and bisexuality.
  • SB 572, signed by Schwarzenegger in 2009, establishes “Harvey Milk Day” in K-12 California public schools and community colleges. In classrooms, schools and school districts that participate, children will now be taught to admire the life and values of late homosexual activist and teen predator Harvey Milk of San Francisco the month of May.
  • SB 777, signed by Schwarzenegger in 2007, prohibits all public school instruction and every school activity from “promoting a discriminatory bias” against (effectively requiring positive depictions of) transsexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality to schoolchildren as young as five years old. SB 777 means children will be taught their “gender” is a matter of choice.
  • AB 394, signed by Schwarzenegger in 2007, effectively promotes transsexual, bisexual and homosexual indoctrination of students, parents and teachers via “anti-harassment” and “anti-discrimination” materials, to be publicized in classrooms and assemblies, posted on walls, incorporated into curricula on school websites, and distributed in handouts to take home.
  • SB 71, signed by Gov. Gray Davis in 2003 and implemented in 2008 through the new “sexual health” standards approved by appointees of Schwarzenegger and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell, teaches children as young as 5th grade that any consensual sexual behavior is “safe” as long as you “protect” yourself with a condom, and teaches children that homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality is “normal.”
  • AB 1785, signed by Davis in 2000, required the California State Board of Education to alter the state curriculum frameworks to include and require “human relations education” for children in K-12 public schools, with the aim of “fostering an appreciation of the diversity of California’s population and discouraging the development of discriminatory attitudes and practices,” according to the state legislative counsel’s digest.
  • AB 537, signed by Davis in 1999, permits teachers and students to openly proclaim and display their homosexuality, bisexuality or transsexuality, even permitting cross-dressing teachers, school employees and student on campus, in classrooms, and in restrooms.

SB 48 takes the state even a step beyond its demand that students in public schools every year honor Harvey Milk, a homosexual activist and reported sexual predator, as well as an advocate for Jim Jones, leader of the massacred hundreds in Jonestown, Guyana.

In honoring Milk, schools are advocating for the acceptance of what Milk sought: the entire homosexual, bisexual and cross-dressing agenda; a refusal to acknowledge sexually transmitted diseases spread by the behavior; his behavior as “a sexual predator of teenage boys, most of them runaways with drug problems”; advocacy for multiple sexual relationships at one time; and “lying to get ahead”; according to, the leading statewide pro-family organization promoting moral virtues for the common good.

A 1982 biography of Milk tells of a 16-year-old named McKinley, who “was looking for some kind of father figure.”

“At 33, Milk was launching a new life, though he could hardly have imagined the unlikely direction toward which his new lover would pull him,” the book says.

It also states, “It would be to boyish-looking men in their late teens and early 20s that Milk would be attracted for the rest of his life.”

The consequences of refusing to accept the state’s beliefs about homosexuality can be devastating, SaveCalifornia documents.

Thomasson said in a report that he received an email from a parent whose daughter had objected to attending a “gay straight alliance rally to honor Harvey Milk at Moreno Valley High School.”

Said the email, according to Thomasson, “You were right: Our daughter was told she had to attend a gay straight alliance rally to honor Harvey Milk. … She shared she was a Christian with the teacher and only after she saw Lauren was clearly upset about going to this rally did she issue her a hall pass. She was persecuted by another student but made it out of the class. I picked up her and she was very upset. How many other Christians were forced to go to this rally?”

The account from 16-year-old Lauren provided more details, Thomasson reported.

“When she walked into her U.S. History class Monday, May 23, she saw the words ‘Gay-Straight Alliance Assembly – Harvey Milk’ on the blackboard. Her teacher, obviously a pro-homosexuality agenda sympathizer, told Lauren and every other student walking in to go to the assembly. Lauren protested, but the teacher didn’t listen to her at first. Lauren again said she didn’t want to go, and finally the teacher exempted her, but only her,” he said.

“Lauren got out of that one, but her fellow students were corralled into the brainwashing assembly, like cattle going to slaughter, where the homosexual sponsor of the on-campus Gay-Straight Alliance told them how they must support the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda of Harvey Milk. Later, a Muslim classmate told Lauren she wished she had refused to go to the assembly, too.”

The report described how the teacher, several days earlier, had “played several minutes of the R-rated ‘Milk’ film, which showed two homosexual men in bed together.”

“Parents, realize there was NO advance parental notification of this happening or the opportunity to opt out your children. Even more, realize there was no parent permission sought, no opt-in form to sign. No, Harvey Milk sexual indoctrination, and other sexual indoctrination implemented, because of other perverse laws are being done behind parents’ backs and despite parents’ objections,” Thomasson’s report said.

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