Consequences of America’s ‘1st Muslim president’

By Larry Klayman

If Newsweek can dub President Barack Hussein Obama, as it did on a recent cover, “the first gay president” because of his affinity for gays and their agenda, he deserves even more the mantle of “the first Muslim president” for the same reason.

Obama has spent the better part of the last week mercilessly attacking Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney over his ties to the investment firm Bain Capital, which Obama and his enablers in the mainstream media claim helped export American jobs overseas. Coupled with this is an even more despicable campaign to discredit Romney’s Mormon religious faith, with the New York Times and other leftist publications painting Mormonism as the equivalent of Tom Cruise’s Church of Scientology. Indeed, Obama – who is the master of lies, whether it is over his birth certificate or just writing about his white college girlfriends in his fraudulent book “Dreams of My Father” – has his socialist smear machine in full battle mode, so desperate he and his comrades are to retain the White House.

This vicious attack on Romney is not simply a matter of deflecting attention away from the poor state of the economy, as most establishment pundits have said, but also to serve as a buffer over what should be the national focus during this election season. The simple and hard fact, as even semi-conscious Americans have come to realize, is that Obama’s actions and loyalties suggest much more affinity for Islam than Christianity. As the old adage goes, “If it walks like a duck and quacks liked a duck, it is a duck!”

First, Obama was born to a Muslim father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., who he came to idolize if not worship for his father’s faith and his blackness. Under Islamic law, Obama is considered a Muslim – and who can forget his “my Muslim faith” comment to interviewer George Stephanopoulos during the run-up to the 2008 presidential election?

Then, of course, after the election and inauguration came Obama’s Cairo University speech, where he proudly touted his middle name and his Muslim roots to his Egyptian admirers, his cancellation of the National Day of Prayer event in the White House, instead choosing to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, his endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque, his disrespectful behavior toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and antipathy toward Israel in general, revelations about his associations with ardent anti-Semitic so-called clergy and law professors … you name it, Obama has revealed exactly where he stands and who is really is. He holds a deep-seated disdain for this country’s and Israel’s Judeo-Christian heritage, which flows from his crystal clear Muslim sympathies.

As if the recent national security breaches of classified information about American cyber-warfare methods and sources, our war plans should a conflict break out in the Middle East and other acts of treason by Obama are not enough, this week we learned for the first time from his sleazy secretary of defense, Leon Panetta (Panetta, while chief of staff in the Clinton White House attempted to cover up the Clintons’ illegal dealings with China, giving rise to the Chinagate scandal I helped to uncover at Judicial Watch), that the Islamic Republic of Iran has and will develop even greater missile capabilities to strike the United States with nuclear warheads by 2015, only two and a half years from now. Of course, Panetta and his minions did not disclose this willingly; they held this information back from the American people for so long that the nation’s military brass finally forced them to come clean in a report to Congress last week.

Putting two and two together to equal four, those Americans who have not paid attention to Obama’s “Muslimness” can now understand the consequences of having such a traitor as commander in chief. His failure and refusal to support the overthrow of the neo-Nazi Muslim regime in Tehran by even Iranians themselves, his meaningless so-called push for ineffective economic sanctions concerning Iran’s nuclear program and his refusal to back – but instead undermine – an eventual Israeli strike to eliminate the Islamic state’s nuclear capabilities can all be seen for what they are: a desire to further a Muslim revolution against the United States, Israel and the Western world. Obama is clearly a “Manchurian Candidate,” in effect a mole who, along with his accomplices, has lied and deceived his way into our government at the highest of levels.

Of course, neither Romney nor any other Republican leader, congressman or senator – without exception – has the guts to say this, much more use this line of valid attack against our “mullah in chief.” The Republicans don’t even have the guts to question whether Obama is a natural born citizen eligible to be president of the United States, despite legal proof that he is not. This cowardice is why the GOP is favored to lose this presidential election and why the nation’s true conservatives, libertarians and others now despise them almost as much as they do the Democrats for having allowed our beloved nation to sink into the abyss.

Citizen soldiers such as myself must rise up to fill this void. Notwithstanding my Citizens’ Grand Jury Project to indict, try and convict Obama on charges of treason and lying about his presidential eligibility, as well as a host of other atrocities, it is time for all patriotic Americans to unite and help to legally remove this scourge from the White House. More than even the Iranian nuclear missile threat, allowing this traitor to rule and preside over this nation and the world for another four years will mark our collective end. It is that simple.

And that is why it is now clearer than ever what the consequences are of America’s “first Muslim president.”

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