WASHINGTON – WND, the oldest and largest independent Internet news agency with an audience of some 6 million, has been rejected by the Democratic National Committee Press Gallery for credentialed coverage of the convention in Charlotte, N.C., in September.

The DNC emailed WND this week blaming limited space and overwhelming requests.

“Unfortunately, due to limited space and an overwhelming number of requests for credentials through the DNCC Press Gallery, we are unable to grant your request for credentials to attend the 2012 Democratic National Convention,” explained the email.

“However, in order to provide an open and accessible convention experience to more Americans than ever before, there will be other opportunities to receive information.”

WND co-founder Joseph Farah, a veteran newsman who ran daily newspapers in major metropolitan markets for decades before launching WND, said he isn’t buying the space limitation excuse.

“This decision by the DNC is clearly a political one,” he said. “The Democrats know there are only a few media outlets in the country watchdogging them with a critical eye as to their frequent abuse of the Constitution. They don’t want any hard-hitting questions asked at their dog-and-pony show. They are only interested in presenting a well-staged, choreographed extravaganza without any controversy. That’s why WND was not invited to the party.”

Farah said he is certain many media outlets with far less reach will be credentialed by the Democrats. WND, he pointed out is one of the top 400 websites of any kind in the U.S. – far bigger, for instance, than MSNBC.com, which will certainly be represented in Charlotte.

The Republican Party provided WND with full accreditation for its convention in Tampa.

“WND has reported on the Republicans as critically as the Democrats over the last 15 years,” Farah pointed out. “It is to the credit of the GOP that it recognizes WND as a significant media player worthy of reporting from inside the convention.”

Farah pledged to redouble WND’s efforts at reporting on the activities of the Democrats – from inside or outside the tent.

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