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BEIRUT, Lebanon – Israeli aid organizations are working with Western counterparts to provide humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey and Jordan. The assistance includes food and medicines, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

And discussions reportedly are under way to bring wounded Syrian refugees to Israel for more advanced medical treatment.

While the groups are non-governmental and are working under the auspices of European institutions, there are separate but unconfirmed reports that Syrian security forces confiscated Israeli weapons from armed groups in the Syrian city of Hama.

Sources tell WND/G2Bulletin that there are stacks of weapons which allegedly made their way to Syrian opposition members from Turkey.

While Turkey has serious differences with Israel, Ankara has taken the position of siding with the Syrian opposition to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

While photos have been produced and published on certain Middle East websites, there is no way to confirm the authenticity of the alleged Israeli weapons.

Nevertheless, a request has gone to Syrian authorities to allow for a viewing of the alleged cache of Israeli weapons, which are said to be included with other captured weapons from Western sources.

Informed sources say that the Syrian opposition is becoming increasingly well-armed, and is receiving its weapons principally from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with elements of Salafist Sunnis from Iraq joining the Syrian opposition, which also is predominantly Sunni.

Meantime, Lebanon has moved elements of its army to the northern border with Syria in an effort to stem what sources say are two principal smuggling routes of weapons into Syria on behalf of the opposition.

Syrian officials have threatened to occupy northern Lebanon in an effort to halt the flow of weapons.

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