Retired Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, whose fiery exhortations to protect America from encroaching Shariah law and other dangers have highlight headlines in recent months, has been named executive vice president of Family Research Council.

According to today’s announcement, he will be tasked with the responsibility of overseeing day-to-day operations including policy, church ministries, finance, development, communications, human resources, facilities, information technology, constituent communications and customer service.

An original member of the U.S. Army’s Delta Force, he ultimately commanded the elite team in combat operations, and later led the Army’s Green Berets as well as the Special Warfare Center and School.

He spent 36 years in the army, the last four as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

Since then, he was ordained as a Christian minister by Vision for the World and will now will be taking on the goals of championing FRC’s major goals: Life, marriage and family, religious liberty and education.

FRC President Tony Perkins, a Marine veteran, said, “The depth of his leadership skills, forged under the most demanding circumstances, combined with his passion for faith, family and freedom will greatly enhance FRC’s effectiveness and impact in Washington and beyond.”

Boykin said, “I am honored to join the country’s premier Christian public policy organization dedicated to strengthening the family, defending life and advancing freedom. As I ponder the future that my six grandchildren will grow up in, I realize how important it is that I do my part to restore the values that made America a great nation. This is why I am honored to help advance Family Research Council’s mission of faith, family and freedom.”

He already has been involved with the FRC for three years through speaking engagements and said while his appointment will provide some controversy, he will be focused on the long term strategy for the FRC and provide continuing leadership when Perkins is away.

His military experience likely will bring him into contact with the social issues affecting the military today, too, such as the social experiment led by Barack Obama that allows open homosexuality in the ranks, as well as the potential conflict for members of the military who are dedicated Muslims and put Islamic Shariah law above the Constitution.

“The Obama administration has undermined our nation’s security and increased the risk to those who serve by systematically using our nation’s military to advance a liberal social agenda. There is no one better equipped to speak on behalf of those who serve our nation in uniform and advocate for policies that uphold our national security than General Boykin,” said Perkins.

The FRC was founded in 1983 and has worked to advance “faith, family and freedom in public policy and public opinion.”

The organization reviews legislation, meets with policymakers, publishes books, builds coalitions, testifies before Congress and maintains a presence in print and broadcast worlds.

Led by Perkins, a former state lawmaker from Louisiana who pioneered measures like the nation’s first Covenant Marriage law, FRC also features the work of Robert Schwarzwalder, Tom McClusky, Connie Mackey, Kenyn Cureton, JP Duffy, Paul Fitzpatrick, Doug Gillquist and Paul Tripodi.

Fellows include Ken Blackwell, Pat Fagan, Ken Klukowski, Robert Morrison, Cathy Ruse and Peter Sprigg.

Boykin, the author of “Never Surrender: A Soldier’s Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom,” spent his military career “bringing down warlords and war criminals, despots, and dictators.”

“In Colombia, his task force hunted the notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. In Panama, he helped capture the brutal dictator Manuel Noriega, liberating a nation. From Vietnam to Iran to Mogadishu, Lt. General Jerry Boykin’s life reads like an action-adventure novel,” he book explains.

He repeatedly has warned audiences in speeches that Islamic Shariah law already is in the United States, and is forming a cloud over the future of the nation.

Just this week he addressed a packed house at a synagogue in Stoughton, Mass., and said, “There is a threat to this country from Shariah and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

He said Shariah law has deep ramifications for the United States.

“People say that Shariah isn’t going to be a threat in the United States. Fifty-three cases in 28 states have been decided by Shariah law at the appellate level,” Boykin said.

“There are groups and websites in the United States pushing for Shariah law. They’re dedicated to spreading it and Mark Steyn has said that’s what’s happened in Europe.”

He continued, “The Europeans didn’t take the threat seriously and now Steyn has said that it’s not going to be more than a generation before Europe is overcome.”

Boykin told the crowd of the Muslim Brotherhood’s master plan for the United States.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is working to control the dialogue in the United States, ensuring that people don’t talk about Shariah or its objectives for the country,” he said.

“It’s gone into the deepest halls of our government too. It was no less than FBI Director [Robert] Mueller that had a March meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood. The leader of the Brotherhood complained about the counterterrorism training manual,” Boykin said.

“In response, Mueller allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to expunge over 1,000 documents from the training manual,” Boykin said. “So please don’t say it can’t happen here. You’ve been told a lot of lies and you’ve been told it’s a religion of peace. You’ve been told that Islam and democracy are compatible and that’s a lie.”

Read Gen. Boykin’s own tales of heroism, in “Never Surrender: A Soldier’s Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom.


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