Carl Gallups

The author of “The Magic Man in the Sky: Effectively Defending the Christian Faith,” one of the top-selling Christian books on Amazon since its release on May 15, will appear on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” on July 12 at 9 p.m. ET.

Pastor Carl Gallups will appear on the flagship show of the world’s biggest Christian network to discuss “The Magic Man in the Sky,” a book that was recently praised in the pages of The Washington Times as a “muscular defense of Christian faith.”

Jeffrey T. Kuhner praised the book by writing: “Its central theme can be distilled to one seminal idea: The secular argument that Christianity is an outdated, primitive institution peddling a superstitious faith in God – the ‘magic man in the sky’ – is false.”

“In fact, Mr. Gallups shows it is atheism that requires much greater, almost blind faith. The author demonstrates that modern science – contrary to myth – proves that the universe, human DNA and the solar system are so perfect and yet immensely complex that only a higher all-powerful being – God – could have created them. In short, Darwinian evolution or the Big Bang theory is a hoax.”

Joining Gallups on TBN’s “Praise the Lord” live telecast will be Dwight Thompson and Greg Laurie.

In “The Magic Man in the Sky,” Gallups boldly challenges both believers and non-believers to consider the consequences of either accepting or rejecting the countless and timeless truths he presents.

In Gallups’ fascinating work, you will discover that there is an Intelligent Designer behind all creation, and His existence can indeed be proven.

In this time of all-but-universal darkness, a bright ray of hope and confidence shines forth from the truths of this book. And in a time when lives are marked by a growing hunger for spiritual realities, Gallups reveals the truth that real science and Holy Scripture are inseparably linked.

Gallups is the long-time senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Fla. Additionally, he is a conference leader, evangelist and Christian media icon. Gallups is one of the founders of the world-famous PPSimmons YouTube ministry and biblical apologetics channel. A prominent conservative talk radio host and biblical/political media guest commentator, he is a graduate of Florida State University and the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

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