Medal of Honor recipient slams Supremes

By Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady

The Supreme Court recently opined (before they skipped town) on three issues important to America: immigration, health care and military honor (the Stolen Valor Act). I use the word opine because that is what we got – the opinions of nine politically appointed elites, political hacks if you will, as they tried to wrap the Constitution around their biases. Common-sense Americans believe they got most of the three decisions wrong and for good reason; they are not common-sense Americans.

We are in trouble. We have a professorial, rhetorical celebrity for president, a commander in chief who knows not the difference between a Corps and a corpse, who has a remarkable contempt for the law and the Constitution; a professorial elitist Supreme Court that rewrites laws and the Constitution to suit liberal agendas; and a Senate that has not passed a budget in three years. But of the three branches, the most dangerous to constitutional America is the Supreme Court.

As Thomas Jefferson said: “… the germ of dissolution of our Federal Government is in the constitution of the Federal Judiciary – an irresponsible body (for impeachment is scarcely a scare-crow), working like gravity by night and by day, gaining a little today and a little tomorrow, and advancing its noiseless step like a thief over the field of jurisdiction until all shall be usurped from the States and the government be consolidated into one.” President Lincoln warned about the dangers to a people ruled by courts.

They feared that the judiciary, the only unelected life-tenured branch of government, might weaken to the lust of power – which the Constitution was designed to prevent. In an effort to immunize the judiciary from the whims of the people, the founders immunized them from the will of the people, thus allowing usurpation of the governing power of the people. It is a common belief that the appointment of a justice of the Supreme Court is more important than the election of a president. This cannot stand.

After rampant false claims and fraudulent benefits from those claims, Congress, through the Stolen Valor Act, made it illegal to falsely wear, manufacture, sell or claim (written or oral) any military decoration. The high court struck down the SVA, mandating that valor is meaningless, as is honor. Most Americans condemned the court’s inane judgment that lying about military honors is what the founders wanted to protect in the First Amendment. This ranks with an earlier ruling that burning the American flag is protected “speech.”

Those who lie about military honors are not just thieves; they are the worst kind of thieves. They steal honor. This ruling insults all who ever served, serve now or will ever serve – and those who love them. It trivializes the honor, valor and dignity those medals represent and that of those who honestly earned them. And this does no harm? This is but another example of the ignorance of many elite about the soul of uniformed service to our country.

As a Medal of Honor recipient, I am not as concerned with what the lies do for the liar as I am with what the legalization of those lies does to our values. Veterans, of course, are America’s nobility; they understand honor. The Supreme Court apparently does not. Those medals and those who wear them are the vault for the values that made us great; the court’s decision is yet another attack on those values.

We could go on and on about “narrowness” and barroom braggadocio (which resulted in no prosecutions) and freedom of speech, but this issue is about values and honor, which should be at the foundation of our laws. Somehow the justices and their fellow travelers believe that if we lie about military honors it is OK; but if the law is rewritten to limit the lying to some benefit, e.g. financial, it will pass their august muster. Honor for them is tied to material gain.

We are told that Chief Justice John Roberts changed a word (mandate to tax) in the congressionally passed Obamacare law, to make it constitutional – ostensibly, so the court would not appear to be activist by overruling a law duly passed by Congress (and after veiled threats from the president on same). But Roberts would not do the same for the Stolen Valor Act, which the court said only needed a word or two (financial gain) to pass muster. Again, that speaks volumes about the court’s concern for the military and military honors, which are as hokey to them as is the flag.

I am amazed at the lemmings who revere these court jesters, who accept their decisions as if they should be the final word, who blame the Congress (ex post facto) for not writing a good law, who are willing to be ruled by pedantic sophists eager to satisfy their fellow pedants. The lemmings are eager to waste untold resources to satisfy their nutty decisions. The law was fine, it worked. In my experience with impostors, I know not of one who did not prosper in some way.

Check out these celebrated lawyers who are so spectacularly out of touch with Americans and America. One Supreme Court justice supported lowering the age of sexual consent to 12 years – and the legalization of prostitution. This judge is OK with 12-year-old prostitutes! Another judge banned the ROTC from her campus. None of these people have ever met a payroll, created a job or served in the military. A further mark of the quality of these folks is how often they turn on the hand that fed them, e.g., John Roberts and David Souter. As for the mental acuity of their decision on SVA, the majority repeatedly misidentified the Medal of Honor, as the Congressional Medal of Honor – which doesn’t exist.

It is hard to point out any social or moral malevolence, legally decided, that does not bear the fingerprints of some judicial decision. Where are the roots of pornography, homosexual “marriage,” the coddling of criminals, the attacks on God, Christianity, the Cross, the Decalogue and the Boy Scouts, etc. ad nauseam – but in the judiciary.

Something needs to be done about these constitutional miscreants. I would begin by stripping them of their robes, taking them off their thrones and putting them in working clothes at the same level of those they are supposed to serve. We left Europe to get away from elites in robes sitting on thrones.

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