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Michael Savage No. 2 in shows streamed on Web

Michael Savage

The new Talk Stream Live “Power 50,” which ranks the top talk-radio shows streaming on the Web, has Michael Savage in the No. 2 spot.

Talk Stream Live says it sampled more than 1.2 million listeners during the first six months of the year to produce “The Power 50 Report” – the 50 most influential talk show hosts on the Internet and on mobile devices.

“We are proud to report that Rush Limbaugh is No. 1 and Michael Savage is No. 2,” said TSL. “These are the most listened to talk show hosts in the world.”

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Savage has noted that he’s succeeded without appearances on major media and even Fox News.

Savage says that “when people listen to you online, through streaming, you don’t get credit for that in the traditional ratings system.”

“I’ve always known my audience was bigger than most people think, and this streaming radio study proves it now,” he said.

“You get the unvarnished truth from me. The way most people think is the way I talk.”

Savage said that “if America ever heard me in every major market, like Rush Limbaugh, they wouldn’t know what hit them.”

Savage’s show airs live Monday through Friday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern. Listeners can find stations that stream the show via Talk Stream Live.