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BEIRUT, Lebanon – U.S. intelligence officials tell WND/G2Bulletin that they are “extremely worried” about North Korea’s ability to jam global positioning systems, or GPS, on U.S. fighters, helicopters and Tomahawk missiles, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

This concern comes as separate reports are surfacing from South Korea that North Korea has been jamming the GPS signals of “hundreds” of civilian aircraft. In one brief period last May, the South Korean Transport Ministry said that some 500 aircraft had reported GPS signal failure.

The jamming affected flights by South Korean airlines and some nine foreign air carriers.

A former South Korean defense minister, Kim Tae-Young, said two years ago that the North Koreans had obtained a vehicle-mounted GPS jamming device which could potentially be used against weapons and other military equipment.

The device apparently was used against GPS units in various naval and civilian craft.

“The North has been piling data and training itself through these jamming attacks,” according to Yang Uk of the Korea Defense and Security Forum.

“Our guys are extremely worried about North Korea’s ability to jam GPS,” the U.S. intelligence source told WND/G2Bulletin. “Everything runs on that now from fighters, to helicopters to Tomahawk missiles.

“They (U.S. officials) seem to think our MLRS (multiple launch rocket system) can still get to their targets, although I suppose pinpoint accuracy isn’t required when the mission is to decimate an entire 1km x 1 km grid square,” the source said.

The source also reported on another disturbing development – namely, local North Korean commanders now have chemical weapons at their disposal.

“The norks have pushed down their chemical weapons to their commanders on the DMZ (demilitarized zone), so if that goes up, that will be a problem,” he added

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