By Wayne Allyn Root

I was President Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. Almost every one of my classmates were openly socialist or Marxist, with many of these leftist radicals calling for an end to capitalism and “bringing down the system” by destroying the U.S. economy with entitlements, debt, and crisis.

That’s why I have predicted in thousands of media interviews from the first days of Obama’s presidency that Obama is a radical, with a deep-seated hatred of business owners, a desire to demonize us and destroy America’s faith in capitalism, and a plan to bring down the system by overwhelming our economy with debt and crisis — just as we all learned and discussed at Columbia in our college days.

Well, it’s no longer a theory. Obama has decided to come clean with his plans for a second term. In a matter of 48 hours he gave us two hints so big you couldn’t miss his intentions.

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