Obama is bad. Not in the reverse meaning of the term, by which one indicates that an individual is actually cool or intimidating or otherwise superlative in some manner, but in the simple and straightforward negative sense. He is a bad president. He is a bad black man. He is a bad socialist. He is a bad peacemaker. He is a bad American. And most of all, he is bad for America and the world.

Even many of those who supported Obama and who voted for him in 2008 will agree that he has been a bad president. Contrary to his grandiose claims during his successful presidential campaign, the oceans have not begun to recede and the planet has not begun to heal despite the fact that we have entered the fourth year of his presidency. Of perhaps more interest to Americans is that the national debt has not begun to recede and the U.S. economy has not begun to heal, either.

Obama is also a bad black man. While I am not qualified to pronounce judgment on these matters, here we can rely upon the considered opinion of Chris Rock. The black comedian recently declared that “we ignore the president’s whiteness, but it’s there, it’s there.” And let’s face it, despite Obama’s well-known love for basketball, the man dances with all the urban smoothness of the average white girl attending one of the Seven Sisters.

He is more than merely a bad socialist; he is so subservient to the interests of the financial institutions, particularly Goldman Sachs, that he makes rabid capitalists like Max Keiser and Peter Schiff look like red flag-waving Jacobins in comparison. Four years after the start of the financial crisis that he has repeatedly attempted to blame on the Bush administration, neither he nor any of the agencies that report to him have found a single banker whose crimes merit prosecution, despite the massive amount of mortgage fraud, financial fraud, money laundering for Mexican drug gangs and now interest-rate manipulation.

Despite winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama is a bad peacemaker. He has started several new wars, openly assassinated foreigners and U.S. citizens alike, and now appears to have the U.S. on the verge of war with either Iran or Syria, or quite possibly both. It is easy to forget that it was his running on an anti-war platform that allowed him to upset Hillary Clinton, as that was possibly the biggest pre-election deception since George W. Bush’s claim that his administration would pursue “a humble foreign policy.”

To say that Obama is a bad American is not to cast doubt upon either his citizenship or his birthplace. While the inept forgery that the White House attempted to pass off as his birth certificate does tend to raise questions, the larger problem is that the erstwhile eater of dogs appears to have a more tenuous grasp on America and what it means to be an American than the average European whose only exposure to the country was MTV and re-runs of “Dallas.” Americans are born rebels, a people born in violent rebellion, who view authority with a suspicious and jaundiced eye. Obama, on the other hand, instinctively bows to it and appears to be genuinely surprised when the American public don’t show an inclination to follow suit.

And finally, Obama is bad for both America and the world. The biggest problem presently facing the world is the tremendous amount of debt hanging over all of the major industrial economies, which as a ratio of debt/GDP is more than 50 percent higher than during the Great Depression. And yet, Obama not only hasn’t attempted to do anything about reducing this debt, he has repeatedly chosen to support the very individuals and organizations responsible for creating the perilous situation in the first place. While he wasn’t responsible for creating the problem, he has knowingly exacerbated it with his landmark federal health-care regime and his refusal to confront the Federal Reserve and hold it responsible for its gargantuan failures.

In three months, Obama will stand before the American people, seeking their stamp of approval for four years of bad governance. If they grant it, they will have no cause for complaint that they did not know what they were getting.


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