Obama’s armor of evil

By Erik Rush

For quite a while now, I’ve referred to President Barack Obama as a communist – not a progressive (which he has said he is), a liberal or a socialist – but a communist. It only made sense, given that the man was bred, raised and mentored by communists, employed and was employed by communists, eagerly fraternized with communists and diligently studied communism throughout his entire adult life. Even if one ignores his life before political office, there’s certainly enough remaining evidence of Obama’s communistic bent, most notably his “crowning achievement” of Obamacare and his administration’s insinuation into American industry. I believe in telling it like it is, and I see no reason to soft pedal communism for the sake of professional decorum – and certainly not for political correctness.

Liberals have a very pat, sophisticated response to the charge of Obama being a communist; so pat and sophisticated, in fact, that one might think each and every one had received a memo on the appropriate response.

  1. Roll your eyes and smirk.
  2. State “no, he’s not.”

Unfortunately, many otherwise rational Americans’ assessments of Obama have been predicated upon what he says he is, as opposed to what he demonstrates he is. To this day, they hold those of us who are willing to employ “the c-word” as completely delusional.

If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen …

–       Barack Obama, July 13, 2012

Every now and then, however the dirty little secret slips out. Obama’s speech to supporters in Roanoke, Va., last week evidenced his communist sympathies, when he maintained that business owners owe everything to others: workers and, of course, the government. It was more of the Eternal Con; communists pitting workers against businesses to enslave both, and it has been seen in every nation that has gone this route. Last August, Massachusetts representative and erstwhile Native American Elizabeth Warren caused a stir when video portraying her expressing the same sentiments hit the airwaves.

Their reasoning is clear, though patently immoral: If business owners owe their success to others, then it ostensibly justifies confiscating their wealth.

In the practical sense, of course, it is true that few feats are accomplished by solitary souls acting completely autonomously, with no contribution whatsoever from so much as one other human being. Certainly, parents, teachers, mentors, friends, workers and benefactors of varying kinds contribute to great individual success. But business owners, whether they’re running a hot dog cart or a multi-billion-dollar corporation, are the catalysts, the visionaries, the ones who assume all of the risk and responsibility, and who lose all if an enterprise fails. Without them, there would be no products, services, nor jobs for workers, period.

In the context to which Obama referred, however, this painfully evident conclusion is scarcely the point. The point is that the sentiments and the rationale expressed by Obama are more than illogical, they are unvarnished communist propaganda.

The most dangerous of the “dirty little secrets” isn’t so much that Obama’s a communist, or that his sympathies are shared by key players in his administration and countless surrogates. Though few, enough of us have been willing to point out his true political leanings that they can no longer be considered secret. The real mystery lies in there being so few on the conservative side – and certainly among Republican Party leaders – willing to address the matter. Obama’s recent anti-business rant did yield a measured response from presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, but one wonders how far a naked communist has to go before he’s called a naked communist.

Why has Obama gotten away with this for so long?

Some pundits have postulated that in shielding Obama from the ignominy of discovery, establishment politicians are preserving the vast system of cronyism and elitist lordship in which both parties participate. This may be a valid assessment to some degree, but less so when considered in light of what is at stake. Others suspect that Obama’s offenses are so gross that if they truly came to light, he would be driven from office in short order – and this prospect makes both Republicans and Democrats shudder, given the full-blown howls of “racism” that would ensue from sea to shining sea. Why, it might even lead to race riots, and they’d far rather risk the republic than have that occur.

These reservations, as well as other factors (such as the cooperation of the establishment press), have contributed to Obama’s armor of evil. Obviously, yielding under the threat of being excoriated for labeling Obama a communist is nothing less than capitulation, as is fear of being called racist. This is what Obama counted on through his ascendancy, and it has given him the opportunity to commit every constitutional atrocity he has committed while remaining in the good graces of the general public.

Silence on the part of those who would have reinforced their credibility by addressing Obama’s communism has instead diminished their credibility. For my part, I pray that should we survive Barack Hussein Obama, Americans remember those among them who abdicated their civic responsibility and violated their oaths of office in this complicity.

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