PALM BEACH, Fla. – Though he usually focuses criticism on Democrats, top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh is scorching Republicans as “clueless” in their efforts to stop President Obama and his health-care agenda, and what he expects to be its “disastrous” impact on everyday life in America.

“We’re left with Obamacare, and we are left with a damaged Constitution, and we have a Republican leadership that’s clueless in how to slow any of this down,” Limbaugh said this afternoon.

“If this keeps going this way, we’re going to lose it all, folks. Unless some people get their heads in the game and focus on what really happened here and what really is happening, we’re going to go down the tubes.”

Limbaugh says last week’s 5-4 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court upholding President Obama’s signature legislation is disastrous, severely harming the Constitution.

“And apparently it hasn’t sunk in yet in the Republican establishment how outrageously bad this is,” he explained.

“This is why Republicans and conservatives make no progress in pushing back massive government. We don’t live in Realville. Well, they don’t live in Realville. They refuse to accept the reality of what’s going on. And so they try to dress it up. They look for silver linings.

“We’re so used to defeat that we try to find a morsel somewhere in the defeat that will make us feel somewhat comfortable and secure, in the midst of huge defeat. What we need to do and what everybody in that town needs to do is get fired up and furious even, and push back and find ways to win and beat this thing back into submission.”

Limbaugh says Republicans and those on the political right truly need to realize, “We lost a huge case in the Supreme Court. There is no silver lining. What now has to happen is we regroup. We have to inform as many fellow citizens as possible what is in store for them, their freedom, their health care, their lives, the lives of their children or grandchildren, if this stands.

“We have to stop deluding ourselves if we are to beat this back. We can fight to repeal Obamacare, and we must, but we have to win the next election big. We can’t tolerate any Republican capitulating in advance of this fight or accepting any aspect of Obama.”

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