PHOENIX, Ariz. – In response to a vicious verbal assault by comic George Lopez on Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mitt Romney during a live HBO special, Arpaio has issued a challenge he doubts Lopez will accept.

After joking Romney was a closeted Latino because his father was born in Mexico, Lopez ripped into Arpaio with a string of obscenities and insults.

And while we’re at it Sheriff Joe in Arizona – f— you you f—ing puto. How about that? F— you. You fat motherf—er. F— you. I said I was going to talk some s—. F— you Sheriff Joe you f—ing puto. F— you. F— you.

George Lopez

The special ran on HBO Saturday night – with no F-bombs censored.

In response, Arpaio told WND: “Lopez should quit hiding behind a microphone.”

The 80-year-old sheriff challenged Lopez to come to Phoenix and meet him at High Noon. He said he doubts Lopez has the courage to do so.

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