During his 2008 campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama took off an American flag pin he had been wearing on his lapel.

The act was a metaphor for his utter contempt for everything American. But too many Americans didn’t get the message and voted him into office anyway.

As we get down to the final months of the 2012 election campaign, I think it’s a good time to revisit that telling episode of political history.

You can watch a quick local news account of it on YouTube.

Notice Obama took off the pin in a bid to “change political fashion” and because he didn’t like the way it was used to represent patriotism in America.

But the American flag is not a fashion statement.

It is a representation of a unique experiment in liberty and self-government in the history of the world. And I suggest to you that’s the real reason Obama was uncomfortable wearing it. Remember, he admitted his goal was to “fundamentally change America.” Unfortunately, that’s one promise he has kept.

You will notice that Obama has not worn that flag pin since that day he made a show of removing it.

“I decided I didn’t want that, ah, pin on my chest,” he said with contempt for a symbol too many Americans have died to defend. “Instead, I’m going to try to tell the American people what I believe will make this country great. Hopefully that will be a testimony to my patriotism.”

Obama admits right there America was not already great. We needed him to tell us how to make it great. Not only have we had lots of time to listen to his ideas, we’ve experienced four miserable years of living under his anti-American policies.

One great way to remind ourselves and others how important it is to ensure Obama doesn’t get another four years in office is to start wearing the same symbol he disdained in 2008 – and ever since.

That’s why I have ordered thousands of American flag lapel pins – just like the one Obama discarded – and am making them available to real Americans across the land to wear proudly leading up to Election Day in November.

Unlike Obama, I think it is an excellent, inexpensive and powerful way to demonstrate one’s patriotism. In the hopes of popularizing this campaign, the WND Superstore is making available at low cost and high volume these pins – made in America, by the way.

It’s a small act of defiance. It’s a small gesture. It’s a way to remind yourself all those with whom you come into contact in the coming months that Obama must go.

We must not get fooled again.

Obama may be embarrassed to wear it. He may think it is contrived. He may think it is inappropriate. He may think it is petty and silly. He may think the American flag is not worth saluting. He may not see it as a unifying symbol for all Americans.

But if you do, here’s your chance to start a little movement – to make a little statement.

Let Obama and the rest of America know you still think the U.S. flag is a very good symbol of patriotism.

I did my best to find quality die-struck jewelry pieces at very competitive prices so we could take advantage of this unique moment in American history and recapture the spirit of patriotism Obama wars with.

Wear it proudly and make a statement for America this election year.

Buy them in quantities to disseminate to your friends and family members.

It’s time to embarrass Obama for publicly shunning the symbol of freedom in a world in which it is scarce and getting scarcer.

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