It has been said that a picture says a thousand words, and in this election year, it may say even more.

A photograph is now being circulated through emails that shows a political banner on someone’s front lawn with the simple message: “Vote for the American.”

The photo is said to be taken in front of a home in Longview, Texas, but there’s no other information included.

Is it a poke at Barack Obama, whose constitutional eligibility to be president has been a subject of controversy since before he even took office?

Is it a jab at Mitt Romney, whose American father was born in Mexico in the Mormon colonies?

Or is it a message for citizens to vote for any and all candidates who hold to American values?

Or perhaps the owner meant to say “Vote for the American Idol.”

Dianne Voisin, a resident of Longview, Texas, contacted WND when she saw this news article to fill in the gaps about the owner.

Voisin says, “The man’s name is Bill Mayfield. He grew up in Longview and had lots of friends here. My husband and I were fortunate enough to spend the last few years getting to know him. He died the end of March, but had ordered this sign just prior to his death. He never even got to see it, but when he told me about it and what it said, I died laughing! … Seeing his sign posted on your website would have been a real thrill to him …

“He was well known for having politically charged signs in his yard and had to go to great lengths to protect them. People would steal them or tear them up every chance they got, so he had to bolt the signs to the frames and bring them into the house before he would go to bed. One of his signs read: ‘Impeach Obama.’ Another referenced Democrats and their stupidity in large numbers. This newest sign was placed in Bill’s yard by his brother who was in town to settle Bill’s estate.”

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