In the midst of recent wildfires, deadly storms and a record-setting heatwave, many climate change proponents claimed these extreme events were further proof of man’s impact on our environment. They claim part of the human impact is greater volatility in our climate.

Dr. Tim Ball says that’s nonsense. Ball is a former professor of climatology at the University of Winnipeg and is one of the leading scientific voices challenging the climate-change movement. Ball says the events we’re seeing are cyclical and are actually the start of a cooling trend for our climate.

He explains how winds from the north and south are leading to the extreme temperatures and he says we will probably see them again for years to come as part of this trend.

“What you’ve had is the warm air pushing into the central Midwest but on the West Coast … you’ve had very strong north winds blowing very cold air down,” Ball told WND.

At the same time, Ball says Europe, Russia, Asia and parts of the western U.S. are seeing rather cold and rainy conditions – all part of the cooling cycle we’re witnessing. Ball gives us further insights into the factors causing these conditions and explains why all the talk of human activity causing these events is just a convenient political move and nothing based in actual science.

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