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Would Obama have supported aborting his own?

A thought popped into my mind immediately as I read the title of a recent WND column, “Obama uses daughters to lobby for abortion, again: ‘I want them to control their own health care choices.'”

He certainly wants “choices” for women in America. Unless I’m mistaken, his wife, Michelle, is a woman, and, might I add, a mother, the mother of his own two daughters.

If he truly wants his daughters to “have a choice,” then the same mode of thought must apply to his feelings/beliefs regarding his wife, right? So couldn’t it be argued that a man who sincerely believes this is faced with a dilemma: He would have supported his wife’s decision had she, for any reason whatsoever, decided to abort one, or both, of his own daughters?

How is it that a man – who purports to love his children – supports the “right” of the mother to abort them, whether she actually did or not, and for reasons that could include nothing more serious than a bad hair day?

Where is my thinking going wrong here?

John Babush