Considering recent developments in the Culture War, America’s success at the London Olympic Games and the presidential campaign season heating up, I thought it was about time for my annual treatise on American exceptionalism, particularly in the areas of our Judeo-Christian heritage and free-market economic principles. The unprecedented level of foam and froth emanating from the political left and Christophobes in recent weeks (which will only be augmented in the months to come) definitely merits a reminder that we still have a society and a culture that is superior to others around the world.

Yes … superior … I’ve said it before, and I will continue to articulate it.

While many conservatives made no secret of the fact that businessman and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was far from our first choice for the Republican nominee, this one is pleased that he chose Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, and even more pleased that Ryan is being allowed to take the fight to the Obama camp. In the few days since Romney announced his pick, Ryan has freely employed the rhetoric that gained him the support of conservatives, including tea-party patriots.

The fact that Paul Ryan is a man who intimidates President Obama on a personal level is also singularly satisfying, as is his readiness to use terms such as “free markets” and “from God.”

In particular, Christians in America have been cowed into tentativeness and timidity with regard to exercising their civil liberties and sometimes even discussing their faith. This has been the result of an elaborate ruse, liberal-socialists tugging at the First Amendment like a thread. Hopefully, we have not realized too late that this was how they planned to unravel the entire fabric of our society.

Via perversion of the “separation of Church and State” concept, Christians were admonished not to insinuate religion into politics and public discourse. At the very same time, socialists were busy tainting Christianity with the apostasy of social justice and Liberation Theology. Politicians and Marxist activists boldly and bodily befouled the sanctuaries of churches and the minds of clergy across America, advising pastors and their congregants whom to support politically and how to support them, while menacing unyielding pastors with threats to their tax-exempt status.

Over several decades, liberal-socialists wove a tale of Christian society and capitalism as having generally profaned everything they touched, when in fact it is their own ideology that has led to more economic and spiritual poverty, suffering and death than any in history. More recently, they have used this worldview to justify lenience toward the vilest of enemies at home and abroad, compromising our national identity, national security and domestic tranquility.

It rather smacks of clinical insanity when you think about it …

The great institutions Christians in America have founded over 200-plus years – a government, a system of law and order, schools, hospitals, charities that save millions of lives – stare us in the face on a daily basis. Most of these have also come about through the free-market system, by the way. What have liberal-socialist secular humanists done with their conceited intellectualism and government reliance? Tear down, undermine and traffic in lofty words without substance or positive action. These critics always purport to know better, but they have accomplished nothing, while Christians in America recognize need and go to meet those needs worldwide.

From a Christian perspective, the goals of the left and their attacks on Christianity make sense: The Enemy toiling to destroy one of the most wondrous works wrought by God (America) through his creation (humanity). From a secular conservative perspective, the left’s demonizing of Christianity still makes sense: Any organization, philosophy, or convention that kept Americans morally grounded and fixed upon positive creation would be coming under attack by the left right now, because such things stand in the way of socialist ascendancy. In this case, it just happens to be Christianity.

Contrary to the ramblings of Marxist Islamophile Barack Hussein Obama, America is indeed a fundamentally Christian nation, based on a long and well-developed tradition of Judeo-Christian philosophy, as well as Natural and English Common Law. When it comes to being humane, Christians have proven over time to be the ones who really love and care for others, while leftists merely talk brotherly love, but spew hate with abundant relish. While human beings are far from perfect in their execution of just about everything, the standard of Christ has accounted for 2,000 years of individuals, organizations and – in the case of the United States – nations striving toward good things in His name.

If you don’t like it, that’s too bad. If you don’t believe it, that’s fine – but attempting to convince 300 million Americans it’s not true is a deception that cannot be allowed to stand.

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