(Editor’s note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist. WND considers it racist not to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims.)

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An epidemic of black-on-white racial violence has swept across the United States, with cases so numerous they sometimes are not even reported.

But what has been confirmed is startling, with reports that people are taking to arming themselves for protection from the rampaging black mobs and a black blogger putting the question out there: Why don’t blacks behave?

The violence has stretched from affluent neighborhoods all across the states.

In Chicago, it’s even been called a race war.

Now a number of influential black leaders are sounding off on the epidemic.

Jesse Lee Peterson, syndicated talk-show host stated:

“I’ve been saying for years that white Americans need to get over their fear of being called racists. They need to get over this false guilt about what’s wrong with black people. Most black people are suffering not from racism from white folks but from lack of moral character.

“Black people have been encouraged to hate whites and to discriminate against them from the so-called civil rights leaders. And that is evil. The evil will get worse from generation to generation if you don’t deal with it.

“White Americans do not understand what they are doing about allowing this to happen. Generation to generation of black people had been trained or encouraged to hate white folks, and these kids are growing up without good parents in their homes and they’re angry about that. And they are taking it out on white folks because they had been told that it is white racism that is holding them back and it is absolutely not true.

“But it is out of control. In my speeches that I give around the country, I encourage white people to get over that fear. When I asked white people if they are afraid of being called racist when it come to dealing with black people, most of the people in the audience raise their hands, and say, yes, they are afraid.

“They gotta get past that. Otherwise we are headed for something in this country that we do not want to deal with between the races.”

James Harris – WTMJ Milwaukee

Harris spoke in response to a black mob that looted a convenience store, then beat up 10 to 15 white people at a nearby Fourth of July party:

“This was not a color-blind crime. We have this epidemic of black teenage mob violence happening all over the country.

“It is from a perfect storm of entitlements, political correctness and white guilt where people are afraid to identify who are doing the crimes and why they are doing it.

“(The mayor and police chief) were more worried about being accused of racial profiling that the fact that black mobs were roaming down the streets hurting people.

“This was a PC response because it was black mob violence. You guys (fellow panelists) are in denial. … We have a real problem. A real sickness in the (black) community, that until we address it, it will continue to explode.

“Milwaukee and other major cities in this country are facing a crisis of black teen mob violence this summer. And if the powers that be refuse to identify the problem, how can they expect to combat it?”

Abdul Hakim-Shabazz

Writing in Indiana Barrister, attorney Abdul Hakim-Shabazz is out of patience with people who have too much patience for black pathology:

“It’s time for some tough love in this town. There is a criminal element in this town that consists primarily of young black men. The recent attacks on the Monon; the perpetrators were young black men.

“The ‘Pop It Off Boys’ gang, young black men. The most high ridden crime areas of the city, who are the bad guys? Say it with me: They are usually young black men.

“This may be painful, but the truth hurts. … There is also something even more wrong when people will read this column and get mad at me and call me a ‘sellout’ or an ‘Uncle Tom’ because I was the guy who was brave enough to tell truth.

“Indianapolis, you have a problem. Your problem is young, black men who are out of control. It’s time to step up and start making examples out of people.

“Decent citizens black and white should not have to live in fear of urban terrorists. The elderly man who marched for civil rights in the 1950s and ’60s should not have to live in fear because some Robin Hoodlum doesn’t know how to honor the social contract.

“Young people who are trying to do the right thing, shouldn’t have to live in fear because a bunch of cast extras from a Spike Lee film don’t know how to behave. And I shouldn’t have to write blog posts like this because young black men act like social predators and terrorize the very neighborhoods they live in.”

Taleeb Starkes, co-executive producer and writer of ‘Mothers of No Tomorrow’

“During a 2009 speech commemorating Black History Month, U.S Attorney General Eric Holder took America to task for its inability ‘to have frank conversations about the racial matters that continue to divide us.’

“He professed, ‘in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards. We, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race.’

“While other African-Americans applauded Attorney General Holder’s interpretation of national affairs, I found it extremely hypocritical to expect a national, interracial dialogue when we (African-Americans) refuse to dialogue or even acknowledge the destructive subculture residing within our race!

“Understandably, other races typically avoid calls such as yours for honest, interracial discourse because of the assured accusations of racism. Statistics, facts, evidence witness testimony will all be dismissed as ‘racist,’ regardless of intent. As a result, no true dialogue can commence, especially when not-so-flattering facts (a.k.a., the truth) cannot be included into the discussion.

“Pertinent truths such as the disproportionate amounts of crime, murder and societal dysfunctional that is consistently perpetrated by an African-American subculture remains off limits.

“Consequently, Mr. Holder, instead of dialogues, the African-American community seems to prefer monologues; that way, the conversation is one-dimensional and heavily regulated. In other words, we bury our garbage (the subculture) in our backyard and get upset when others complain about the smell.

“Instead of using the BLACK history month platform to chastise America, Attorney General Holder should have emphasized the cleaning of our backyard. Three years and thousands of bodies later, the highest cop in the country remains committed to the code of silence that is doing so much damage to the true story of what is happening in our neighborhoods.”

Mychal Massie, The Daily Rant and WND columnist

“The solution is simple, but unpopular. We must stop explaining the problem away vis-à-vis blaming it on external sociologic problems. Every town, city, neighborhood and corner bar knows who the trouble makers are. It is up to them to police themselves by immediately identifying the source to the police department. It is not white people going into those neighborhoods shooting, looting, raping, establishing drug cartels and gangs; it is those who live within those neighborhoods. It is up to those residing within same to make it known those elements are not welcome.

“Without expanding further, it is necessary for the people living in these areas to understand they cannot condemn law enforcement, whites and those perceived to be better off on a daily basis and not have it define a person’s psyche. As I said, I’m not taking time to expand on these points, but they are ground zero for any attempt to change the culture of violence.”

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