When the Washington Post broke the story Monday that the senior adviser to President Barack Hussein Obama, David Plouffe, had accepted a whopping $100,000 speaking fee just days before joining the president’s executive staff in January 2011 – from MTN Group, which has a joint venture relationship with Irancell, a front company for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard – regrettably this came as no surprise.

I was also not surprised to learn from a subsequent story published in the New York Times, by award-winning former Washington Post reporter Peter Baker, that “(a)ccording to a nonpartisan group called United Against Nuclear Iran, MTN (and Irancell) ‘carried out orders from the (Islamic Iranian) regime to shut off text messaging and Skype during times of political protest, and reportedly has a floor in its Tehran headquarters where Iranian military officials compile and access tracking data. That data has been used to track, apprehend, torture and kill regime opponents.’ ‘Simply put,’ the group said in a statement, ‘MTN has blood on its hands.”

I have been saying and writing for the last year that President Barack Hussein Obama and his minions have likely been taking money from the Islamic Republic of Iran as bribes to influence – to put it mildly – the administration’s policies toward this neo-Nazi Muslim terrorist state. How else can one explain Obama’s hostility toward taking military action with Israel to extinguish Iran’s nuclear bomb program before it is used to annihilate Israel, our nation and their European allies? And, how else can one explain the administration’s refusal to back the Iranian freedom movement (while backing the Muslim Brotherhood’s successful efforts to overthrow former U.S. ally President Mubarak of Egypt), which if successful could have removed the radical mullahs from power and installed a government friendly to the United States and its allies – thereby also eliminating the nuclear threat?

What is also troubling is that the revelations concerning David Plouffe are likely not just the tip of the iceberg, but that Plouffe (also Obama’s widely acclaimed presidential election campaign manager in 2008 and who replaced David Axelrod as the senior adviser to the president) is Jewish. As I am myself Jewish (I am also a Christian), Plouffe’s involvement simply blows my mind. But then again, President Barack Hussein Obama, “proudly” born to a Muslim, anti-American, Kenyan father, has systematically surrounded himself with leftist and self-hating Marxist Jews who will do his bidding for him and serve as his cover with the Democrat Jewish community, whose votes he cherishes. This reality is not just simply revolting, but more than dangerous to the survival of our nation and Israel.

However, the blame does not all fall on Obama and the leftist Jewish minions in his administration for our allowing Iran to go nuclear and for our failure to support human rights among its people. The Republican Party, while crying foul a lot, has been a paper tiger – simply using the Islamic threat as a political tool. Where have influential Republicans like Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others been while the Iranian freedom movement has been largely extinguished by the mullahs and the nuclear cancer has metastasized and grown to cataclysmic proportions? Have they and other Republicans also benefitted by Islamic Iranian largesse and bribes?

Likewise, it came as no surprise to me when Peter Baker also reported, “Mr. Plouffe’s allies defended him by pointing to examples of Republicans who gave paid speeches for firms with business in Iran before going to work for President George W. Bush. They also noted that Mitt Romney, the putative Republican nominee, was an investor in a competing firm that originally won the Iranian contract that later went to MTN. … The Turkish firm Mr. Romney invested in, Turkcell, sued this year for $4.2 billion, accusing MTN of winning the Iranian contract by bribing officials and promising Iran weapons and United Nations votes, according to news accounts distributed by Plouffe’s allies. While it might seem odd for Mr. Plouffe’s defenders to note that the company that he took money from is accused of trying to bribe and arm Iran, they argued that what mattered was that Mr. Romney stood to gain if the lawsuit succeeded.”

So there you have it. As was true of the Chinagate bribery scandal, which I was instrumental in exposing at Judicial Watch during the Clinton era, both political parties have again had their pockets lined by a terrorist state bent on our destruction. And, this is why, as in 1776, “We the People” have to again stand up for ourselves and the nation and hold these traitorous crooks legally accountable for sowing the seeds of our collective destruction.

In this regard, I have not only filed several lawsuits to obtain additional proof of Iranian bribery of our government officials – which cases are now active in federal court in Washington, D.C. –  but I’m also empanelling a citizens’ grand jury in Ocala, Fla., to seek indictments, and then try the likes of Obama, Plouffe and their accomplices. And, if the evidence also leads to Republicans, as Plouffe’s leftist defenders were quick to point out, then they too will be held to account to the American people.

The cockroaches now infesting the Washington, D.C., establishment must be quickly and legally exterminated if our nation is to get up off of the ground, regroup and preserve the vision of our Founding Fathers. With God’s grace we must save the republic!

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