Re: “Atheists claim Ground Zero cross sickens them”

This veteran’s response:

A group of atheists feels a memorial cross in New York at Ground Zero of the World Trade Center attack is making them violently ill at the sight of it. They are suing the governor, mayor, WTC Foundation, WTC Museum and the clergymen that blessed the cross.

First off, I am in total shock that in my lifetime I have to witness something so pathetic. I cannot comprehend the importance of a few who have such ill will toward the foundation upon which this country was built that they feel they have to disrespect the memory of those who perished either in the attack or trying to save the lives of so many Americans.

American Atheists President David Silverman, in my opinion, is an unworthy American and a fascist terrorist and has no reason to even speak.

Let me keep this short and sweet so my blood pressure doesn’t make my PTSD act up: I am an American veteran, a wounded warrior. I have served my beloved country side by side with soldiers of every creed, race, nationality and faith, to include atheists. Never once during pre-combat planning, when the chaplain gave prayer for safe return, did any one of the atheists interrupt, make fun of or get violently ill because of the prayer for those who held spiritual beliefs.

What we have here is a group that wants to exploit the judicial system to gain a fast dollar and disrupt the lives of those who have a compassionate link to the cross at Ground Zero. First, what they are doing goes against the constitutional rights of religious persons as stated in the First Amendment. What they are doing is using the judicial system and government to persecute religious freedoms.

I ask those atheists: Do you realize that constitutes you as a domestic terrorist?

The biggest aspect that makes this a direct constitutional violation is the lawsuit against the church that blessed the cross. This country was founded on, and still thrives on, the Judeo-Christian beliefs our forefathers instilled, and you want to come in with your anti-government and anti-religious views and extort money from people who suffered losses from this tragedy?

I am sick and tired of people – after being raised in this country with the freedoms that soldiers and public figures have fought and died for – causing such hate and discontent.

You don’t like how my country is? Leave! You want to complain about how the Constitution is written? Go back in time and do something about it. Otherwise, if your beef can’t be settled, get out of my country.

An American veteran

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