In April of 1933, the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Nazi Party) in Germany began a nationwide boycott of Jewish businesses; this occurred shortly after Adolf Hitler became chancellor of that nation. The official program of discrimination was the first of many measures with which most Americans of my generation are familiar, and which ended with the Holocaust.

In keeping with the uncannily Orwellian tack American liberals have taken, the war on Christianity that has been in progress for decades (in earnest for the last several years) was denied with such vigor that even some conservative pundits questioned its existence. Lately, however, outrageously discriminatory, blatantly hypocritical campaigns against individuals and businesses professing Christian values have been initiated by those on the left. These have made it obvious to all but the profoundly dull that a war on Christianity is indeed in progress.

Efforts on the part of militant homosexual activists and the hard left to demonize Chick-fil-A, the Atlanta-based fast-food chain, are the most recent of this type. The company’s president, Dan T. Cathy, recently came under fire for allegedly coming down against gay “marriage” during a recent interview. Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colo., refused to bake a wedding cake for a local same-sex couple and is now facing protests and a boycott (although Phillips’ business has increased by nearly 100 percent since the story broke).

In actuality, Chick-fil-A’s Cathy did not specifically articulate an anti-gay-union stance, but it is fair to infer one from what he did say. In any case, he made it clear that this was his personal view, and while the company maintains a Christian business culture, it has never institutionally discriminated against homosexuals.

It ought to be no surprise at this juncture that what actually transpired doesn’t matter; to the left, which is in the business of worldview subversion, disapproval of homosexuality now equates with discrimination against homosexuals. Within days, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino vowed to block Chick-fil-A from opening stores in his city. Shortly afterward, the mayors of Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., announced similar intentions based on Cathy’s advocacy for “the biblical definition of a family.”

I’m not going to go into the immorality of the left’s political exploitation of homosexuals, or the fact that homosexuality is deviant behavior by any coherent, objective analysis. I won’t belabor the fact that homosexuals cannot truly marry, regardless of how many people accept their redefinition of the term, or what is ultimately legislated in this area. Neither do I intend to expound upon the double standard that exists with regard to the left harassing a religious group for the sake of a miniscule and hostile demographic, nor the hypocrisy of persecuting American Christians for their beliefs regarding homosexuality, while materially and politically supporting Muslim regimes that routinely execute homosexuals.

No, my grievance here is much more straightforward.

Considering the perilous position whereupon our economy currently teeters, President Obama’s dismal record and his administration’s quiet communist coup, I do believe there is a certain diversionary component to this chicken-chain debacle. As with much of the sycophantic press’ dubious reporting in general, their imperative of redirecting voters’ attention from Obama’s wretchedness as a president is painfully evident.

The advent of socialist totalitarianism – as evidenced by the incremental persecution of Christians and other recent events – is, without question, a far more serious matter than where chicken chain executives’ sentiments lie regarding homosexuality.

Arguments over homosexual unions, like so many contentious issues advanced by the left, are diversionary by nature, apart from their current implementation for this election cycle. This is because the goal here is absolute power, the primary objective to supplant God with government. To achieve this, religious doctrine must be eradicated, and the chief impediment to that is Christianity.

Leftists continue to carp about Republicans, Christians and conservatives in general wishing to oppress gays, disenfranchise minorities, deny women’s reproductive rights, outsource jobs, reduce wages and benefits, empower Wall Street and the rich and, of course, institute a Christian theocracy. These charges might have been amusing to conservatives 20 years ago, but now they illustrate that we are now witnessing the sifting of the evil, the dangerously deluded and the grotesquely stupid. While the dangerously deluded and the grotesquely stupid among liberals may be hapless pawns, it is the evil with whom we should be concerned.

Replacing normalcy with deviance and morality with immorality are simply methods toward disenfranchising Christians, resulting in the convenient byproduct of a populace that is governed by its basest instincts – and thus easily controlled. As we have seen, such populations become willing to tolerate – and even participate in – all manner of atrocities.

During the 2004 campaign season, I recall video of entertainer and celebrated fag hag* Chér telling a predominantly homosexual audience that George W. Bush would ship homosexuals off to death camps in cattle cars were he re-elected. I do know that this did not actually occur, but that vast numbers of European Jews did suffer that very fate once upon a time.

It began with a boycott of their businesses … and the rest is history.

*”Fag hag” is a term gay men have used for decades to describe glamorous women who enjoy associating with gay men. Use of the phrase is not intended to constitute an ad hominem attack.

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